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Sheryl Adair VanVleck ~~~~ Astrological Sign: Aquarius ~~~~ Occupation: Taking a break from painting and sculpting, but still writing ~~~~ Location: In the woods of central Indiana-United States of America ~~~~ About Me=== My writing career started in high school when I was Quill & Scroll on the newspaper staff. Although, I did write very long, bad poems when I was in grade school. I began writing mysteries, childrens books and now a Young Adult novel. This time, I'm sending my novel out for success. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have been an artist since I found it more interesting to draw parishioners’ portraits on the church bulletin, than to listen to the sermon. I received my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have painted professionally for twenty-five years. I have done a lot of teaching of art and currently, I have a pottery and painting studio in Indiana. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay????? Clay is mud pies, mud fights, dishes and fanciful sculptures. It is theraputic, entertaining, frustrating and educational. Technically, it is 40% aluminum oxide, 46% silicon oxide, and 14% water. I am also a potter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interests:::: My favorite things in life include=== My Uncle's violin (I inherited and I am learning), Books, trees, faces, stars, drawing and painting, raspberries, the Ocean, Hawaii, The Dunes State Park, The Grand Tetons, the Northern Lights, dark chocolate truffles and Aztec Hot Chocolate from South Bend Chocolate Company, freecycle, Halloween, camping on the ground and under the stars (not on a concrete pad over wheels), dogs, my camera ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Favorite Movies==== Memoirs of a Geisha, Schindlers List, Lord of War, City of Angels, Amadeus, Captain Corellis's Mandolin, Tortilla Soup, 40 First Dates ~~~~~ Favorite Music==== Perlman playing Mozart, Jalan Crossland, Miles Davis, Spencer Bohren, George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass", Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon's "Graceland," Cannonball Adderley, most blues and jazz. I love the sound of flat notes ~~~~~ Favorite Books==== The Autobiography of Henry VIII by Margaret George, The Gulag Archipelgo, Harry Potter, Tell Me Lies by Jenny Crusie, Diana Gabaldon, Mysteries especially by: Janet Evanovich, Sarah Paretsky, Steve Allen, M. C. Beaton's- Hamish Macbeth, The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett, Nevada Barr, Sue Grafton, and Picture books by Audrey & Don Woods, Matthew’s Dragon by Susan Cooper, and Jos. A. Smith

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