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As it turns out

When elderly adults get sudden onset dimentia, the first thing the doctors look for is infection. Mom had some severe infections a recently and then she started talking in another language. Not exactly, but she would say something like, “Do you see that bobdikinba whoosfasee?” and then she would point to the window. We were already in the doctor’s office and they called him out to the waiting room right away, so off to the ICU she went (I think she has her own room over there.) Turns out, after proding and poking and EEGing, she has developed a seizure disorder. With medication, she is back to normal. She is living on her own again, and out of rehab.

She still doesn’t remember what year, month, day it is, but she is not any further off than she was before. At 90, that’s doing pretty well.

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