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Okay, I know that is supposed to be twelve but I am tired.

On the first day of Christmas , blah! blah! blah! a busted computer for me.
On the second day of Christmas, (insert) two dead cell phones
On the third day of Christmas —- A cough, a Dr. visit, and Whooping cough, Oh Joy!
On the fourth day of Christmas –Four medications
On the fifth day of Christmas — WINDOWS SEVEN
On the sixth day of Christmas — Husband with pneumonia and five medications
On the seventh day of Christmas — seven repeated tries using external modem

Okay, this is really lame, but all soooo true.

Hope your week is wonderful, warm and illness free.

I mean, who the heck gets whooping cough? Apparently, Me!

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JCountry was excited about World War I history on Friday. He had seen Flyboys in class and wanted us to see it.  Movie was rented and Saturday night was family movie night. 

It is rare anymore to get all five of us at home at the same time, so it was really nice.  Well, it was nice once we got JCountry to stop talking about all the stuff he thought was neat in the film.

This was the 2006 Flyboys, directed by Tony Bill.  Flyboys (2006).  It is a tale of the adventures of the Lafayette Escadrille.  These were young Americans who volunteered to enter the French military before the U.S. entered World War I.  They became the country’s first fighter pilots. 

We are talking bi and tri-planes and the Red Barron here.   I had never seen Flyboys before and, once we got JCountry to shut up about all the things he was excited about in the movie, we really enjoyed it.

These young men were trained so crudely and quickly that the average life expectancy of a fighter-pilot was three to six weeks.  The Germans had better planes, weapons and trained pilots. 

I highly recommend this movie.  The violence is sad more than gruesome.  Planes do explode and there is some blood but, compared to a lot of movies of today, it is pretty tame and it is an excellend character study of people who are idealistic and have values and who learn and grow.

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I have never made a New Year’s Resolutions.  I figure, if I cannot get myself to do “whatever it is” during the year, then I am not going to follow through just because it is January 1st.  I have not even gone to a New Years Eve party in many years and I rather miss doing so. 

One of my grand nephews posted his New Year’s resolutions the other day and it made me wonder about New Year’s traditions.  Like most research, you never learn just one thing, when you start digging. 

Did you know?:

That, Auld Lang Syne is actually a Scottish song and is totally unreadable in English for me.  I really like Hamish Macbeth and Bagpipes and the landscape of Scotland and the lilt in their speech.  I just cannot always understand it.  Thanks to poet, Robert Burns, who wrote it, and Guy Lombardo, who first played it in 1929, we have a tradition that makes us feel, on January 1st, like we are part of something greater, as people all over  (okay, in your time zone anyway) sing the same song, at the same time, just with the wrong lyrics.  Sort of like our National Anthem, eh?  Check the link at the bottom of this post to view the proper lyrics.

That, Scotland is also the birthplace of Hogmanay (hog-mah-NAY).  This is a “rousing” Scottish tradition of “first-footing.”  Okay, when did the Scottish ever do anything that was n0t rousing?  That is why I love them so.  “First-footing” is when neighbors visit each other for New Year’s wishes.  They bring a gift of coal for the fire (which would be really welcome this year) and shortbread (which, I have had honest-to-goodness Scottish Shortbread and it is good).  It is sort of like our bottle of booze and cookies, which would be equally welcome.  The part I like is that it is considered especially lucky if a tall, dark and handsome man is the first person to enter your house after the New Year is rung.  Hmmmm, Viggo Mortensen, I will be waiting.  (HAH!  Betcha thought I could not figure a way to get him in for New Years?)

 On to Japan: As a symbol of renewal, New Years is a very important holidame to bid farewell to the problems of the past and prepare for a new beginning, and houses are scrubbed, with this in mind.  For several years now, I have said to myself “Whew! That year is done.  It’s gotta get better, next year.”  Now, I know where my problem lies.  This New Year’s day will find me elbow deep in soapy water.  I am working on a good new year.

Then, in Spain, they eat twelve grapes at midnight.  This secures twelve happy months.  So, I will be scrubbing with grapes in my mouth. 

In my Ancestral homeland of the Netherlands, at least the Dutch part, they burn their Christmas trees and shoots off fireworks to purge the old and welcome the new.  Since husband is allergic to what they put on fir trees, I have a plastic one.  Oh, the shame and totally non-burnable, so can I just burn the wood that is down from the tornado?  I am hedging all bets here.

So, this year, as the New Year ball drops in Times square and millions of people in fancy clothing gather to swill their favorite drink , eat cookies, and sing Auld Lang Syne , I shall be down on my knees scrubbing the house and eating grapes and blacked eyed peas.  This is a traditional southern dish and ensures I will have plenty of everything the rest of the new year.

And, what about my New Year’s Resolutions?  Those items the Babylonians are believed to have first made and broken? 

If we just work at:

  • treating each other with respect
  • treating our world with respect
  • and treating ourselves with respect

How can we lose?

It’s the first time I have used infoplease New Year’s Traditions  check it out.

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There are just days when I wonder why I got up.  It certainly wasn’t to fight this VISTA computer.  And, in all fairness, not all the things that are wrong with this computer are VISTA’s fault.

But, those warm blankets were really calling to me and telling me not to get up and I should have listened. 

JCountry got in a bit of trouble at school today, thank goodness it was not major “expulsion” trouble, but sometimes you have to wonder just where his brain is?

We have three people ill in the house, EMT/Army boy, who went to update his EMT license, while hacking and spitting and coughing and looking like he has not slept in days.  I have a headache.

And, then, to have an excuse not to go and clean, decorate for the holidays, bake or sew the quilt I am working on, I went on-line to check my favorite bloggers and check family stuff on FaceBook and, Guess what?  I am not allowed on FaceBook. 

It tells me that my IP has been associated with “abusive behavior.”  I went to sleep, being a normal person and wake up being a harasser?  Okay, that is probably not even a word, but then, I am not someone who harasses people or abuses anyone.

I have been using this computer for several weeks now.  I have been the only one to go on FaceBook with it, for a very long time.   I do not understand.

I should have stayed in bed.

UPDATE: December 11, 2009: I am again able to post on Facebook.

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I am a big fan of Monk. Tony Shalub acted the part of an Obsessive Compulsive with great  skill, as he does all his parts.  I will miss the show.  However, there is a reality show, based on an Obsessive Compulsive that is absolutely NOT fun to watch.

Jeff Lewis, the lead (gosh, I so want to say ‘lead Cretin’) of the reality show “Flipping Out” is definitely NOT funny or sympathetic or even bearable to watch

I am not sure if there are levels of Obsessive Compulsive or not.  I believe there is because my mother has dealt with it all her life.  She has not let it make her a miserable, mean person to deal with.  She is considerate and compassionate.

Let’s just look at a quote or two from Mr. Lewis.

In discussing an employee, obviously hired (in his mind) as a servant, and who now has her citizenship, he stated:

I have to find a way to get my power back.  I used to dial INS and she would… (here he snapped his fingers, as in jump to kiss his behind.)

The next quote:

We’re a fast paced office here, you gotta be quick. 

This from the man who becomes paralyzed because someone is not carrying his umbrella, for him and to protect him, or a man who becomes less than professional by apologizing for an employee’s hair, or spends two hours of his work time sitting and fretting and haranguing another employee because a new employee is late.

Mr. Lewis is not happy until he has that new employee in tears, then he can get back to work.

Frankly, after watching for those fifteen minutes, I am making a new diagnosis.  Mr. Lewis is NOT OC, he is sadistic, arrogant and rude.  And, I want to know why we are making a tv star/wealthy man out of someone who treats others the way he does.  Here we are again, Home flipper/supposed decorator behaving badly.  And, you know how I hate those “behaving badly” shows.

I wasted fifteen minutes of my life watching Jeff Lewis make big bucks from a television conglomerate.  Frankly, I think they owe me big bucks to give me fifteen minutes of my life back.

The man is an obnoxious turd

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So, idiot savant that I am, yesterday I get a message that this Gateway, with VISTA, is out of room, and they were not talking about my house.  That, I could understand. 

I began looking at what was on the computer, as hardly anything installs on this VISTA.  But, guess what?  I had two full versions of VISTA on it and four files with between 1.25 GB and 3.836 GB from VISTA backups or something.  


I Google it, find a site about removing duplicate VISTA, download the program, follow the directions, restart the computer and it’s ALLLLLLL gone.  Okay, not quite all, the VISTA installs, every blinkin’ one of them, are still there, but my programs and such are gone. 

It is not that this is such a big deal, as the only installs I had on it were Word and Jasc Paint Shop Pro.  Coffee Cup would not install, even downloading it.  And, everything I have is on backup disc.  But, I still have all this VISTA on here.  And, everything I go to do, such as write a spectacularly hilarious blog from my notes, is gone. 

I shall go troll other blogs now and perhaps get inspired, as opposed to frustrated.

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Okay, all you lurkers out there. It is time to leave a comment and give me some advice. My beloved Gateway CX200S touchpad bit the dust.  I loved that machine, as everything fit “me.” 

I loved Windows XP, I loved the keypad, where everything was located, the feel of the keys (I type over 100 wpm).  I loved everything about it.  As an artist, I loved the ability to take the styllis and make corrections.

Fortunately, as my screen had been pink a lot lately, I have been backing up a lot.  Then, yesterday morning as it dimmed and brightened, I was able to do a last minute backup.  The swivel pins for the screen broke some time ago and I was using a jury-rig system in back of it.  I tried hooking up a separate screen to it but the window was too black to see if adjusting it in Control panel would make that work. 

Now, I am not going to be able to pay to replace it.  I am hoping to get one under $600, closer to $400 (Hah!), and then later get a separate unit with a styllis to plug in.  I’m not having a lot of luck searching to see what they might need, or even to find an available separate styllis . 

I have looked at TigerDirect for used computers and Googled reviews for laptops under $600.  Here are my questions and my requirements.

REQUIREMENTS:  I run the following programs and like to have most of them open at once:

  1. Word 2007
  2. CoffeeCup HTML, FTP (free updates, since I purchased it, my actual disc is 2001)
  3. PaintShop Pro 9
  4. WordPerfect, I have this on because I used to use it so old discs have documents in WordPerfect, that I occasionally need.
  5. Microsoft Money 2004
  6. AND, I am on AOL, and they do not put out new discs very often.
  7. I am on dialup but go to the library, and my Master Daughter’s for high speed.

I rarely get anywhere near Hard Drive full.  I do not do gaming but do a lot of graphics and have a lot of photos on my hard drive.

So, does anyone have any recommendations.  Do I go to Tiger Direct and get something refurbished with Windows XP?  Or, how is the new Windows 7???  I am typing on a VISTA and it does not like installing a lot of software.  I hate the feel of the keyboard and the distance from the back.

It has been suggested that I go to Best Buy, etc and try them out and then go online, but I know they always seem to carry separate machines.  I also know that when Gaffer bought a computer at Best Buy he had “issues” with Gateway for repairs and he had three problems the first year.

I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or information.  Thank you. 

P.S. Since I have been using other machines, my Categories is gone.  What’s with that?

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Okay, am I classy or what?  A post about sitting in the bathroom and starring at my hands.  Hey, it was the sixties.

Well, not really, it was just last night but I can see where you might wonder.  However, I was merely tired and the lighting in the bathroom is very strange. 

I have lost around twenty-five pounds now and a whole new body image is developing.  I now have ankles, instead of puffs where ankles should be.  I can feel love handles melting away, and I have a new set of hands.

My rings no longer fit, but tend to flop to the side.  First, I moved the left hand ring to the little larger right hand, now it is put away in the drawer.  My month old watch has gotten tightened by one hole and is still a bit lose.

This is all encouraging and I have a bit more weight, okay more than a bit to lose but last night I discovered I did not recognize my hands.  Not, the back of my hands, which I see daily for hours, typing away, but the inside of my hands.

For some reason, I turned my hands palm up and it was like:  Whose little finger is that?  It’s really small.  And what is that puff above where the ring was and why are these fingers so blue on the inside.

Okay, that one IS weird, but I think it was the lighting.  This morning,  they seem a normal color.

It’s amazing what will entertain me when I am really tired.

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