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I have been attempting to post this post for a week.  I do not know if it is the wet ground with our fifty year old phone lines or all the graduates celebrating online.  But, since I have had a party line this week too, I’m presuming it is the rain.  So, here is hoping it will work this time.

I hope everyone had a safe Memorial day. 

Ours was, until Irritating Little Chihuahua stepped out the porch this morning and found the world is fraught with danger.  The first time I opened the door, she jumped back in so fast, I thought a snake was out there.  She turned around and ran back in the house and all eight pounds of her nearly knocked me over. 

What awaited her was:

turtle sneaking jpg smll

a Turtle.

The next time, I held the door for her and she poked her nose out and went back in.  the third time, she began to sneak up on the turtle.  Each time she went out she got a little closer, until the turtle thought retreat was in its best interest.

I have more photos but again, can not put them up.  I am going to quit while I am not further behind. 

Other news, EMT graduates tomorrow.  Both boys have found jobs in Brown County State Park.  And, JRock sang a solo on stage with Suede Saddle, out of Bloomington.  I have photos to post but who knows when that will be possible.  Everyone have a good weekend.  Tomorrow is a whole new week. 

Perhaps I will be able to post from Master’s Daughter’s house next week. SHE has high speed.

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I began reading Helen, of Margaret and Helen, during the elections. This 80 something year old lady is just a hoot. Her logic is infallable and she is not afraid to speak her mind. Today’s post was a lot about American’s thinking about exactly who they are and who the other guy is. Margaret and Helen

My belief is that someone, at some point, drew this huge line in the sand.  They drew it under Texas and above Mexico and, there but for an accident of my birth, I could have been a person born on the south side of the line.  Being born on the north side does not make me better or brighter.  It does not give me the absolute right to have a job and feed my family (as millions of people are beginning to find out in this economy).  And, it sure as heck does not mean that a man should have to sneak a foot over the border to get a job to feed his family.  His family has as much right to eat as I do.

If we could just pull up all these imaginary lines and realize that we are all one big world, with my agriculture depending on your climage change and your rain forest depending on my pollution, we maybe, just maybe, could start working together to feed ALLLLLL the people on this earth.

And, I know, my potential editors and agents, that I may be alienating you with this blog.  I am sorry, if I am, but I presume we might not work well together anyway, if that is a problem. 

Now, I have a sister who is a self-avowed “Bigot and proud of it.” Since she proudly proclaims this, I do not think she will be upset by my post today. I “think” she will laugh.

But, Helen’s blog just reminded me of my sister. She grew up in Illinois and she hated African Americans. She moved to Wisconsin and she hated Native Americans. Now, she lives in Arizona and she hates Mexicans. Why is it that no one has says “Mexican Americans” ?

Her husband is a Hungarian American. And, that is another one no one says. This sister of mine, who so hates anyone not like her, married a 1st generation Hungarian. Okay, his skin is white, but his accent is not. I am not sure about his brain yet. I have a lot of thoughts on that. Most of them she knows already, and I can’t use that kind of language here.

But, my point is.  There is always going to be someone different than you and you need to look at all the things that makes us alike.  We breathe air, we bleed, we get sick, we die.  We all need clean air, health care, food, and shelter and we all better start working together to get it in a non-destructive way or none of us will have it.

Love you, Sis.

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The ground is saturated here, in Indiana.  This morning, on the local news, there was a picture of an SUV, in Indianapolis, being swept away by the rain.  It rolled and tumbled and was pretty much being demolished in the water that swept over the road.  Lesson:  Never drive over a road with swift water on it.  It is always deeper than you think.  Fortunately, the owner was saved before it started rolling.  But, it is wet, which also means I have no idea how much time I have on-line before I am kicked off.

We had company last night.  A dear friend, stopped by unanounced, on his way to Nashville, Tennessee and a Viet Nam Vets gathering.  We were so happy to see him and we ended up talking till late, so I am ready for a nap, and it is barely 10am. 

I had to show you a funny picture from Mr. Barlow’s blog.  I just love his blog.  He posts an interesting fact every day.  It’s like school, without the homework.  And, I love learning.  So, here’s a happy face for you, from Mr. Barlow’s Blog, The Theridion grallator, a spider from Hawaii.  And, it is also what I look like after a late night.

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Yippeee!!!  Project Runway is coming back.  Granted, it is not returning until August but I love Project Runway.  Project Runway Online

If you spotted my closet, or the jeans, Tshirt, running shoes ensemble I am normally in, you would wonder why I like this program.  I do not follow fashions or trends.  I think it is a waste of money for a woman to replace her wardrobe each year so that she can be “IN” fashion for a few months. 

I am a firm believer in buying a basic interchangeable wardrobe and then adding a few fun things to it.  You know, those bright things you just fall in love with and that reflect your own personality. 

Which is one part of “being in fashion” that I do not like.  With all the diversity and a million of people’s different interests, why would we want to all dress alike?

So, why do I love Project Runway?  Well, they do not eat wiggly living things, for one.  Although, one episode had a shrew who tried to.  The other designers, however, were too large for her to chew up.   But, I think I like it because it is the nearest thing television gets to reality art.  I did know some painter personalities in college whose egos were big enough to bring conflict to a reality show, but watching paint dry is not one of those things. 

I cannot wait to see what this years Project Runway brings.  And, in the meantime, I understand there is a “knock-off”  The Fashion Show to check out. Bravo knocks itself off: ‘The Fashion Show’ is this season’s ‘Project Runway’ – NJ.com

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I am used to any number of hits, on any given day, for Viggo Mortensen and his girlfriend.  Half of the world is hoping that there is no girlfriend.  The other half is wishing they were his girlfriend.  He is a popular guy, and I refuse to say which camp I belong in. 

The other big searches, for my blog, involve my series on teaching Chemistry of Photography, pinhole cameras, etc.  I also oversee my mothers poetry blog (see link on side bar if you are interested) and once made the totally innocent post of putting a poem up about After Holiday Sales on the day after Thanksgiving.  Honest, I was not trying to inflate her numbers, but it sure did.  That day she had over four hundred, probably frustrated and angry hits, by people who thought they were going to find a bargain, but found poetry instead. 

Here is a recent high day for my blog:

Title Views  
Have we all learned our lesson now? 48 More stats
Viggo Mortensen – 99.9% perfect 5 More stats
Top 100 Hit Songs of 1966 4 More stats
Film Canister Pin Hole Camera 2 More stats
FLDS-Freedom to Abuse 1 More stats
Pringles Can Pinhole Cameras 1 More stats
We have an exciting future ahead of us! 1 More stats
Let’s Play: Boys Rooms! or DID YOU KNOW 1 More stats
Do brother-in-laws have the right of fre 1 More stats
I get attached to television news people 1 More stats
The difference between boys and girls 1 More stats
Butt Ugly Running Shoes

However, on May 8th, searches for the same terms, just worded a bit different, lead over thirty people to my blog.  Or, one person landed at my blog thirty times and I just cannot figure out if this was the result of something like a treasure hunt, or question on a radio station, for tickets,  or what.  Because why would thirty people have the overwhelming urge to search for “….a rock,  song 1966” or some version of that, on the exact same day?  What is it with that??? 

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the stop-bys, it is just a bit strange .  So, as a public service announcement, I am putting a link to I Am a Rock – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, where you can learn a lot about “I Am a Rock.”  This is a is a cool song by Simon and Garfunkel.  But then, most of their songs are.

This is a what my search terms for that day looked like:  Wierd!

a rock 1966 hit song 6
a rock, 1966 hit song 3
1966 hit song ” a rock” 3
” a rock” 1966 hit song 2
– a rock, 1966 hit song 1
writing a speech from brother to brother 1
chemistry of photography 1
1966 hit song rock 1
1966 hit song “..a rock” 1
1966 hit song ” a rock 1
“? a rock” 1966 hit song 1
” hit songs of 1966″ 1
” a rock”; 1966 hit song 1
1966 hit song, ____a rock 1
beatles songs vietnam war 1
“i am a rock” hit song in 1966 1
song “. . . a rock” 1966 hit 1
what is a 1966 hit song with a rock 1
a rock: 1966 hit song 1
” a rock;” 1966 hit song 1
1966 hit songs a rock 1
1966 hit song ….of rock 1
like a rock a 1966 hit song 1
“——–a rock” 1966 hit song 1
chihuahuas go out rain 1

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I would have posted a new picture of my bag of worms problem but it has become traumatic enough that I am not going near that tree again.  Husband and youngest boy are set to go out to cut the four branches the bags are on and, I hate to say this as it is so cruel, but burn them.  The Internet advised stepping on them and that just doesn’t sound much more humane.

So, to decide the time of day when most of them are in their bag and not making a train track too and fro munching the tree, I have made a couple of treks out to the tree to see how active they are. 

When I let Irritating Little Chihuahua out the other night before bed, in the dark, I took my trusty flashlight to take a look.  I was fully expecting the critters, who are not supposed to like the colder weather, to be all fast asleep tucked in their bag.  I wanted to see how full it was.

Here is where I would love to show you a picture but I am so freaked out by these things that I was not going near that tree again.  The worms were all out of their nest, making repairs.  I only know this because Wikipedia told me that they do that.  What I saw was gazillions of wormy things crawling all over the outside of the bag. 

Now, I do not mind spiders, or just about any other bug or critter.  I’m not a girly-girl screamer.  I do not call for other people to smash things for me.  And, just about the only thing I smash is the black wasps, and their relatives, who make me swell up and stick a hypodermic needle in my leg.  I figure, it’s either them or me and so feel justified in smashing them.

So, the night that I saw these wormy things crawling all over their bag, outside of it, on my tree, I shivered, brought the dog in and went to bed.  I do seem to remember thinking to myself, “now that’s a nightmare waiting to happen.”  Little did I know.

About 1:00am, middle son arrives home and nearly silently went to bed.  I however, woke up, sort of, jumped out of bed, brushing imaginary worms off my arms and looked down at the floor, next to my bed, to hallucinate a bag of worms, complete with worms crawling all over the outside of it.  And, excuse my lack of punctuation skills on that sentence but I am not revisiting it to correct it.  I let out a yelp.  Middle EMT son calls me on the cell phone to check on me.  I ask him where he is, having no idea he has returned home.  He says he is downstairs.  I go back to bed.

Determined to:

  1. Stay away from the danged tree and it’s bags of worms
  2. Stay off the Melatonin
  3. Kill JCountry, youngest son, if he so much as brings one worm in the house or buys a bag of gummy worms, as he has promised to do, and put them beside my bed.

This is all so embarrassing and I may need to seek help for my Eastern Bag/Web/whatever worm fear.  Imagine this bag with a bazillion of those freaky little caterpillars crawling all over it in the dark.

worm bag

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Summer is officially here, along with the strange urge to pour poisons on your grass and kill things.  I suppose that some weed killers are not poisonous.  I have heard of pouring boiling water on stuff to get rid of it.  I had a joke here about just who you could get rid of but, from things I am hearing on the news, you do not make jokes that you do not want some idiot to actually do.  So, we’ll stick with plants.


But, just look at this picture and tell me, “What’s not to love?”

These bright yellow flower heads brighten up any yard.  Didn’t you ever hold it under your chin to see if you liked butter?  I think that was why.  My chin was certainly yellow. 

How many hours did you spent, as a kid, blowing the fireworks style end-of-season head to watch the parachute seeds drifting slowly to earth?  Picture a chubby munchkin with pursed lips.  Do you want to take that joy away.

Dandelion means “lion’s tooth” in Old French.  This was due to the deeply toothed, lance shaped leaves, which are good for eating when they have just emerged from the ground. 

There is a whole world of information at Common Dandelion.  Where, I borrowed the above picture from, by the way, and thank you.

But, here is my favorite reason for loving dandelions.


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Crazy Aunt Purl has a great pattern for knitting arm warmers.   CrazyAuntPurl: My hands are officially warmed.  Hers are such great colors too.  I think I will make a pair.  Right after I finish my Harry Potter scarf and the socks that I started early in 2008.  I have also bought four skeins of 100% wool, northern sky Aran on sale at Herschners, really cheap, for socks.  But, I haven’t read if I can use it or not for socks. 
I just checked and found that I must never throw them in the washer as 100% wool will felt.  Yeah, like that will work.  I am now forced to buy a book at Herschner’s to make Aran & Celtic sweaters or maybe the Great American Aran Afghan book, with the yarn.  Like, I do not have enough afghan’s already.  I figure they will come in handy when I am homeless and cold.  Which  should be on my list of things I do not want to do.
Crazy Aunt Purl posted a picture of her cat in her kitchen.  CrazyAuntPurl: Which one of these things does not belong in a kitchen? Her kitchen is so brightly clean white, I want to shoot her, or stab her with a fork four hundred times.  I guess that is what you can have when you live alone, with your cats, and work all day.  I live with three men.  I have a burned wall in back of my stove and a sprayer that is no longer attached to the sink so that water runs into the open hole and into my cabinet at times.  And filthy toilets.  Why is it that men can’t get it in the hole?  Either thing!
Crazy Aunt Purl is writing a new book.  That is, IF there isn’t an earthquake.  Right now, she is praying for an earthquake.

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 In trolling my favorite blogs last night and then watching The Jane Austen Book Club, I noticed there is a dearth of “my favorite things” lists but I am thinking that it just might be time for a  “What I never intend on doing”  list. 

Not everyone shares my “never do’s” .  George Harrison just never wants to say, goodbye.”  GEORGE HARRISON – I DON’T WANT TO DO IT LYRICS

But, as far as I am concerned:

  1. I do not want to jump out of an airplane.  I don’t care if I have a parachute on or not, it is going to take a lot to ever get me to jump.  (That was from a scene in The Jane Austen Book Club.)
  2.  I do not want to ever eat a living thing; especially if it hangs wiggling out of my mouth.
  3. I do not ever want to rehab a house again.  I know this is probably unrealistic and just because I do not want to does not mean I will not do it.  But, I don’t wanna!!!  I really, really, really, do not want to.
  4. And, with that goes, any reason that I might have to listen to a table saw for four hours a day.  I do not want to ever do that either.
  5. I do not want to sit up in an Emergency Room all night, or be the patient in one, for that matter.  I know, I do not have a choice on this one, but I do not want to do either one.
  6. Bungee Jumping.  Although, it does look a bit like fun, there are things about relying on a rubber band for survival that I do not find appealing.
  7. Extreme Skiing also looks fun but I will stick with the “path well traveled” thankyouverymuch.

I am having a hard time finding things for this list.  Guess, that is why I do not see them much.

P.S.  This is getting easier.  Beside the great lists that XUP has added, I never,  ever, ever want to go out for my daily walk and find a tree hanging with nests (4 of them) of wriggling worms again.  ICK!!!ICK!!!ICK!!!  It brings new meaning to bugs in a bag.  Not that I had a meaning for Bugs in a Bag but it is full of the wiggling icky things and some have opted to go for a mid-morning snack.  They are Eastern tent caterpillars  Eastern tent caterpillar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Is anyone else bothered by the advertisements, by credit card companies (of course), to tell you what a great deal you can get using your credit card to pay your hospital/medical bills?

Get Real!!!!

I am here to tell you, do not do that.   I was without insurance for years and the thing you do is call up the medical provider, tell them your situation and set up a payment schedule.  They are reasonable.  I have only occasionally said, “I cannot pay that much.”  They usually accept whatever you can pay.  I have even paid less than the agreed upon amount occasionally, and they seem just happy that I am paying  what I can every month.

 Can your credit card company say that?

 I had open heart surgery and there was only one doctor who refused to accept payments.  I have no idea what he would have done though?  They cannot throw you in jail for not paying your medical bills.

The only time I can see using a credit card is if you are in a situation where they will not do another test, and you need it, before you pay for the last one. 

You can also go to somewhere, like St. Francis’ hospitals, where they care about their patients, first and foremost, above the bottom line.

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