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Sorry about that last post, but we cannot be funny all the time.  “We” as in us, you and me, and not as in “We, the Queen” or anything.   But, I am all done doing my own yelling bad behavior now and I have a question.

Just who or what is ivan pacicevic and how did that ever bring anyone to my site?

It is rather fun to say, or try to say: Ivan (with a Natasha accent) Pac-ice-vic, Pa-cic-evic.  I think I shall take it written down to daughter’s house and we can drink Bailey’s and try to pronounce it.

Searches today that led to my site:

food joy 2
my keys are stuck on numeric 1
“ivan pavićević” 1
chemistry of photography 1
bronchitis and inhaler 1
painting with developer 1

Someone needs to hurry today, because no one has searched Viggo for the whole day to get here. 


Search Views
pinhole camera film canister 2
viggo mortensen girlfriend 2
how do you teach someone to think 1
bronchitis inhaler doesn’t work 1
swollen finger 1

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