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Dude, please.  by | Blurt.  posted a rather disturbing picture today of what he feared would be a new fashion.  On his way for a bagel, he saw a man in a spandex wrestling suit. 

Now, this may not seem odd in the gym or in the wrestling ring, but trust me men, this is not a sight I want to see on the street.  It ranks right up there with those spandex bicycle shorts.

Mom and I were having breakfast, last summer, and I was up at the front register when four men, all in spandex bike shorts walked in.  Now, if you knew my mother, you would know that men rank right up there with dirt, snot, smelly pooh and, well, MEN!!!  She’s not a fan and the last thing she wants to see at breakfast is four men’s penis’.  How do you spell, penises?

Mom has reached the age where she can’t be quiet.  She comments and I hide.  All I could do, was walk back to our booth and pray.  “Keep your head down, Mom.  Keep your head down, Mom.  Please don’t look up.  Please!  Please!”  Luckily, at five foot tall, she sits with her chin in her plate.  She did not look up. 

But, really, guys, REALLY!

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