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These are my top posts, searches and most active views according to WordPress this morning.

And, can anyone tell me how to enlarge my font without going back to word and cutting and pasting forever?  There has to be a way to do it.  Sorry, for the bold but I had to make it bigger in Headings.

Anyway, #%#%, I’m back to small again. Okay, at this point in time, Floods beat out Viggo in posts, yet he leads in searches.  Well, not him exactly, his “maybe” existing girlfriend does.  Photography beats him in most active. 

I have thought about writing about Sarah Palin, that should really raise my stats, but I don’t have the stomach for it.  I’d rather refer you here:  Mudflats  (I know, this is breaking my non-controversial rule, but she just reminds me of a beauty queen from the 50s; with a bad attitude.)

Top Posts

Update on Brown County Indiana floods-tornados, 270 views

Floods in Brown County, Indiana, 178 views

Viggo Mortensen – 99.9% perfect, 160 views

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I have found the coolest blog.  

(AND, i will share it with you once I get this %##%# font thing worked out.  Sorry, if you are trying to read it and I am constantly “fixing” it; and then there is the little matter of AOL cutting me off constantly. )

But, isn’t it neat when you feel like you have made a major “world shattering” discovery, right at your own computer? 

 I stumbled across Mr. Barlow’s Blog yesterday morning.  It wasn’t really too far of a fall, since WordPress featured it on their front page and I was able to click it before it flipped to some other “featured” blog.

 This guy’s got some Seriously interesting stuff on his site.

Like this: A “water bear” who can survive in space. He is the first known animal to be able to do so, although I think calling him an animal is a bit of a stretch. I also think Mattel should make a “Water Bear” toy for Christmas consumption.

He’s an adorable little guy really.

And, as if that isn’t enough, it is confirmed that people tend to marry people who resemble their mother. This brings up a whole set of: mother-in-law jokes, Freudian Psychology and eHarmony. 


Have you ever noticed on eHarmony’s “successful matches” advertisements that the couples look more like brother and sister than anything? I have always suspected that we tend to marry is probably doomed to failure.  
Trust me on this one.


Okay, it is noon , and I just reread this post and TALK ABOUT FREUDIAN SLIPS!!!  I’m not even sure, what I was trying to say with that sentence about marriage and “doomed to failure.”   I did notice once though that my husband, other than having blond hair instead of dark hair, was the spitting image of an ex-boyfriend.


And, I think that what I meant was that successfully married people often resemble each other.  I shall go now and bang my head on the wall.

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It is now 9:19 pm. I have just gone on my blog and see that today is a new day in WordPress world and I have 0 views for this new day; Wednesday, which I am presuming probably started at 9:pm on Tuesday.


Now, I am irritated enough having lived in the Central Time Zone most of my life and now having had some idiot legislature vote that we now belong with the east coast. If they had given me an ocean view, I could have accepted it as I would not be sitting here now watching Tim Burton on “The Directors”, I would be sitting on my deck, listening to the ocean and watching the stars. But, no, I am sitting in a stuffy, air-conditioned house, that sometimes has electricity (last night it went out three times).


So, why, if it is 9:19pm in Indiana and on the East Coast, and I live in Indiana, which should be 8:19, just why is it tomorrow in WordPress land?


I have tried setting my Timezone for UTC -4; which seems to be closer than the UTC -5 that I am told I should have it at. But, I have tried both and UTC -4 gets me closer to the time I am at; probably because frikkin Indiana is now on the East Coast.


So, why is it that WordPress changes me to a new day three hours before midnight?  This is one of those little things in life, I cannot let go of, like deleting extra programs on my computer.


Okay, to further complicate the matter. I just published this and it does, indeed tell me it was published today, Tuesday July 22, 2008. So, it is only tomorrow, Wednesday inside of WordPress, where my cute little graph chart resides. I feel so much better now!

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I am fairly new to blogging and started, thank goodness with WordPress. Then, I decided my WordPress blog might be a bit too “open” for my young adult writing career (after all, how many times can I mention dippers of Jose Cuervo without getting in trouble.) So, I started a “writing only” Blog on eGoogle, I think it’s also called Blogger.  They could take a number of lessons from WordPress.

I loved to mess around behind the scenes. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned about computers from screwing them up, by messing around behind the scenes. The first thing I do, when I get a computer, is to delete everything I don’t like. Someday, I am going to order a computer without all the extra junk. The second thing I do, when I get a new computer, is reformat it to reinstall the stuff I should not have deleted to begin with. 

So, every once in a while, I start clicking on the links in WordPress. Today, I discovered a new one. I got to read comments. I read comments I didn’t know I had. What a cool link. I may have to answer comments to the comments and, if they(the other commenters) get confused, oh well. So be it!

I also love to watch the graph chart of visitors. I respond well to rewards and that little line going up is a neat reward. I don’t know if one person has even read any of my five posts on Blogger. I haven’t figured out a way to tell. You know, it is hard to be humorous about writing. Maybe, I just write them too early in the morning. Maybe I’m just too worried about offending anyone with the “writing” blog.

But, the part of WordPress I miss the most, is being able to copy out of it, paste that into my Word to check it and revise it and then paste it back in. On Blogger, if I start a post in it, I cannot highlight it and copy it to Word. I can, however, write it in Word and past it in blogger. So, I have to start in Word. Why I find that difficult is another mystery; but it’s my mystery.  Oh, and why, if I start a blog in Blogger and don’t get around to finishing it for a week, is it dated the day I started it instead of the day I actually post it?

Thank you WordPress for having such a great product.

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