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Okay, all you lurkers out there. It is time to leave a comment and give me some advice. My beloved Gateway CX200S touchpad bit the dust.  I loved that machine, as everything fit “me.” 

I loved Windows XP, I loved the keypad, where everything was located, the feel of the keys (I type over 100 wpm).  I loved everything about it.  As an artist, I loved the ability to take the styllis and make corrections.

Fortunately, as my screen had been pink a lot lately, I have been backing up a lot.  Then, yesterday morning as it dimmed and brightened, I was able to do a last minute backup.  The swivel pins for the screen broke some time ago and I was using a jury-rig system in back of it.  I tried hooking up a separate screen to it but the window was too black to see if adjusting it in Control panel would make that work. 

Now, I am not going to be able to pay to replace it.  I am hoping to get one under $600, closer to $400 (Hah!), and then later get a separate unit with a styllis to plug in.  I’m not having a lot of luck searching to see what they might need, or even to find an available separate styllis . 

I have looked at TigerDirect for used computers and Googled reviews for laptops under $600.  Here are my questions and my requirements.

REQUIREMENTS:  I run the following programs and like to have most of them open at once:

  1. Word 2007
  2. CoffeeCup HTML, FTP (free updates, since I purchased it, my actual disc is 2001)
  3. PaintShop Pro 9
  4. WordPerfect, I have this on because I used to use it so old discs have documents in WordPerfect, that I occasionally need.
  5. Microsoft Money 2004
  6. AND, I am on AOL, and they do not put out new discs very often.
  7. I am on dialup but go to the library, and my Master Daughter’s for high speed.

I rarely get anywhere near Hard Drive full.  I do not do gaming but do a lot of graphics and have a lot of photos on my hard drive.

So, does anyone have any recommendations.  Do I go to Tiger Direct and get something refurbished with Windows XP?  Or, how is the new Windows 7???  I am typing on a VISTA and it does not like installing a lot of software.  I hate the feel of the keyboard and the distance from the back.

It has been suggested that I go to Best Buy, etc and try them out and then go online, but I know they always seem to carry separate machines.  I also know that when Gaffer bought a computer at Best Buy he had “issues” with Gateway for repairs and he had three problems the first year.

I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or information.  Thank you. 

P.S. Since I have been using other machines, my Categories is gone.  What’s with that?


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