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I absolutely, positively, hate air-conditioning.  Living with someone whose body temperature nears that of the temperature of the sun, and who has COPD and needs dried out air, you have to live with air-conditioning.  My husband’s claim to fame, aside from his renown for cooking stick-thin black fries, is that he keeps the air-conditioning up to a level that mosquitoes, frozen to the wall, become the decor.

I am usually up several hours before he is and I turn off the air and open the doors. This lets out the smell of garlic and onions that pervades the upstairs. When your body produces too many histamines, as his does, you tend to add too much of everything to whatever you are cooking. So, in the morning it is my time to breathe fresh air, without wearing a coat, when it is 80 degrees out.

I think humankind has reached a stage where our bodies are so used to the artificial temperatures created by air-conditioning that we can’t stand normal temperatures anymore.  People run from their air-conditioned cars to the overly air-conditioned restaurants. It’s not so bad in Indiana, but in Wyoming, I had to put on sweaters in restaurants and mom could barely stand it.  I  think their restaurants are attempting to make sure the food doesn’t get botulism before you eat it, so they refrigerate the entire restaurant.

Do you remember riding around town, when you were a teen, with the top down or the windows open, radio blaring? It was hot out, but hey, you were cool and who cared that other people didn’t like your music. Just try riding around now, on a hot day, with the windows down. You won’t make it twenty minutes in the heat and now the only music you hear is: Boom! Boom! Boom!

I would love to have the windows open at night too.  I love a night breeze, but this would mean breaking the windows, as most of them do not open and none of them have screens.  So, that is not an option.

The problem with the door being open in the morning, is irritating little Chihuahua has some weird fear of the open door. We think it has to do with her little body being caught in doors when she was young and sneaky and mom just couldn’t see her on the floor.  But, the dog will sit in the corner and cower when the doors are open. I figure she will get over it—



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I have used Windows for eons. I have owned about a dozen computers, starting with a DOS KAYPRO, and currently have four laptops and two desktops in our home; depending on how many people are actually home that month.  We, who have ONE, count them, ONE laptop that has VISTA, and absolutely HATE IT.


Now, I have spent enough time on VISTA, trying to get it to work, to have learned my way around.  I am not sure why they felt the need to move the Control Panel, nor made it more steps to Shut it Down.  Oh, WAIT, yes I know that one.   They made it harder to find the shut down because it takes so freekin long for it to shut down that they figure you will just leave it on all the time.  What? They own electric company stock too?


You know what, Microsoft.  I am impressed with some of the things that VISTA comes with; like the voice recognition is improved.  But, what does it matter when none of my (repeat this) NONE of my current and recently purchased software will work with it.  Even with that handy, “Make your software work with stupid VISTA” program you include.  Guess what.  It doesn’t work either.


AND, WE ARE NOT STUPID! And, I am insulted by your stupid attempt to act like your customers are all just stupid.  We, who have used Windows since you introduced it in 1985, I used MS Dos before that, and figured out every upgrade to date, we are not stupid.  We have figured out how to use it and we still do not like it.


We know that obviously you either cannot or refuse to fix VISTA for us and paying gazillions of dollars to make and play an add that says, “Hey, you are so stupid that this whole time you have been fighting with VISTA, we are going to tell you that you just don’t know how to get around in VISTA.  It’s not our idiot VISTA operating system. We call it Mojave, and taught people how to turn it on and they LOVE IT.  So, it’s you. You stupid people.”


What a fool I am.  Had I known that unlike every other Windows version where software would extend over several versions, you made sure that VISTA owners would have to purchase all new software. This includes downloading new software for my two printers, only one of which works anyway with VISTA, even after I downloaded the software.  So, now I’m supposed to go out and purchase a new printer too. You may be made of money, Microsoft, I am not.


Is this kind of like WalMart.  Sam Walton dies and it goes to China and hell?  The goods and bags are so cheap and self-destruct.  Of course, that is good for the ecology as I now have neat $1 cloth bags.   So, Bill Gates retires and now Microsoft is owned by a bunch of unsupervised idiots, who are so stupid they are publicly insinuating their own users are idiots?


Yeah, Microsoft, I’m real impressed with your new name for VISTA.  It’s going to make it a lot better.


Windows Mojave, RIGHT!!!


You know the commercials where the Mac Man and the Windows Man talk. I have been a Windows person since the beginning, but man that Mac is looking better and better.  I have heard that my software works with it now.


There, I got that off my chest!

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