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Start Simple

Numerous times, during my absence here, I have started posts for this blog, but nothing seemed funny to me or worthy of blogging.  Not that this has ever stopped me before.  I considered using my Vegan challenge to blog and I rather wished I had from day one, but a week in is not too late.  Is it?

I became a Vegan (without oil) — okay, that’s going to be irritating.  I have to find a name for this.  Vegannoil?  Gotta be something better than that.  I don’t mean to belabor the ‘no oil’ part but it is a big part.  There are substitutes for sugar, and eggs, and people are used to Vegans not eating meat, eggs, etc, but where do you find a substitute for butter?  Don’t get me started on mayonnaise.   But, since I am doing this for my heart, there’s no oil.

The book I ordered , Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Amazon.com: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure (9781583333006): Jr., M.D., Caldwell B. Esselstyn: Books., was in the mailbox on Sunday, when we actually got the mail.  So, Monday was a good day to start and I immediately looked for recipes that I already had ingredients for.  The first two days were traumatic to say the least.  I made meals using food I had, I gagged it down, I threw big pots of food out.  Mostly because I found out that I did not like sweet winter squash all that much, but there was a bean fiasco too. Not such a great start.  And, I was freakin hungry.  

Tuesday night, I went to the fridge and pulled out two homemade biscuits and looked at them and said to myself, ‘I will never eat biscuits and gravy again.’  That is definitely not the right attitude and I set the biscuits back for someone else to eat.  I found that I was committed.  I was also freakin hungry. 

The diet is no meat, no chicken, no fish, no dairy (How would I live without milk?), no eggs, (not even egg whites), no oil (not even virgin olive, canola or anything with oil in it), and because of that, no nuts, no avocado, no coconut. And, I was still freakin hungry.

I needed to focus on what I could eat:  You do eat whole-grain products (which I love), fruits and vegetables.   

I had skimmed the book when it arrived and marked recipes I thought I might like.  Tuesday night, after I threw out the second large pot of food,  I read it more carefully and found out that they repeatedly state, “start simple.”   Simple, for me:  A piece of whole wheat bread toasted on the stove with Pam,  grapes, bananas,  protein shake made of frozen fruits and Soy milk.  Oatmeal (the bad part was that I like it with butter and pepper on it.)  Amazingly, pepper and soy milk isn’t too bad on it.   Then, I found the Burrito recipe, which I totally overcooked the water out of it, so I salvaged it with Salsa.  Salsa fixes everything.  It worked and I had a food I liked.  It was even better when I found a corn based tortilla with no oil at the store.

I had snacks, breakfasts and now a lunch/dinner.  I was a happy camper.  I had also spent more time in the kitchen than I had in twenty years.  I’m a wee bit rusty.

My end of week one status:   I lost two pounds, my doctor is happy with my decision,  I’m still getting hungry every two hours but now I know how to find something quick to fill it (AND, as a side note, I am filling up more quickly than I ever have.)  I’m not really craving milk.  This is amazing as I generally drank probably 32 oz a day.  And, we don’t want to talk about what this does to your — well, let’s just say, “you will never be constipated again.”

On that note, I’m off to find out if I have finally found recipes for the three winter squashes I have. 

Let me say that I am not getting paid by Mr. Esselstyn to mention his book, or for any other product I have mentioned.  Should I find a way to be paid for this blog, believe me, I will.

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