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It has been five weeks since I returned from the second wedding of this summer.  Although, it’s not really summer anymore, is it?  I don’t know about where you are, but my furnace has been running already.  I had a job at this wedding.  I was the photographer, so there is no funny story of Bailey’s and me and brother-in-laws. I did not start one single argument.  I’m so proud of myself. 

I did post The Case of the Haunted Church « Savanvleck’s Weblog already, and a good mom/grandma story Grandma gets blasted « Savanvleck’s Weblog that occurred at the wedding. 

I have heard the average cost of a wedding is $20,000, and I have to wonder why that money is not put down on a house, and a party held instead. The two weddings I attended this summer were both wonderful events but I am sure neither one came anywhere near that cost. 

Wedding one was held outdoors in their yard and, while professionals set up the tent, and there was a fantastic string quartet, oh, and do not forget the vegetarian catering that was out-of-this world.  A lot of the wedding was set up by relatives and the groom’s mother/baker made an absolutely delicious cake.  This niece had also asked me to photograph her wedding and I really felt bad about turning her down but I was not sure I was physically up to it and I did not have backup’s of equipment or energy.

True to Murphy’s law, my camera malfunctioned during the second ceremony.  The “going down the aisle” pictures were bad quality and some totally blurry as there was suddenly a lag time in my shutter and my flash was not functioning well either.  It was almost like a near dead battery but once out of the chapel, my camera was fine.  So, either the chapel was haunted or their massive sound equipment system interfered. I asked the bride’s uncle if he had gotten the kiss, he said that he had but that he was also having a problem with his camera in the chapel.

Both weddings were celebrations of love and fun parties, without breaking the bank. 

The second wedding was a community and relative supported event.  Friends and family cooked and set up the buffet. Mother of the Bride, having been a volunteer fireman and now an EMT, rented the fire hall (it was a great place for the reception), and I believe a friend did the cakes and another friend the flowers.  I, great aunt of the bride, contributed by taking the photos.  I had photographed her mom and dad’s wedding.  When I was full of Bailey’s and a bit irate at what I saw the first wedding photographer doing, my niece (crafty woman she is) came over and took advantage of my weakness and asked me again to please do the photos. I agreed and I had a great time doing it.

I had my reservations about doing it, originally, but I found out that if I can push myself enough to shoot photos for twelve hours in a day, I can do a lot more on my rehab than I am doing. It was a good lesson and I had a great time doing it.  Just wish I could go back and do the first one, because I had that much fun.

The bride and groom are settling into their new home in Arizona, so I hope they will not object if I post a photo, or two, to share with you.


This is the family.  Left is my mom (Great grandmother of the bride).  And, she holds the arm of brother-in-law.  His wife, my sister, is in the black dress with blue flowers (on the right).  The other “just married” couple is right behind my sister.

Here is my favorite picture.  It is the bride and one of her bridesmaids.  What a beautiful smile.

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Mom had a great time at the wedding reception, weekend before last.

 Seating placed her at the “close relatives of the bride” table. My sister was there and her two sons and their wives and an elderly gentleman, who is not blood relation to us, and who looked extremely feeble.  But, there was life in him, yet.

 Mom absolutely HATES using a walker and refuses to be photographed with it.  The gentleman had a cane.

 As she sat down across from the elderly gentleman, he announced,

 “She’s the sexiest woman here.”

 After thank you’s were said, he stated,

 “You know, I don’t need to use this cane.”

 “Well, I don’t have to use this walker either.” She replied, right before getting up and wheeling her walker to the table Master’s daughter and I were gossiping at, in the general seating area.

 She brought her wine with her and, as she is telling us how she was “hit on” by the elderly man, she was drinking her wine, not sipping.  She was drinking it and stating that she does not like wine.  We are all joking and laughing and Master’s Daughter suddenly notices that grandma’s glass is empty, and grandma again states that she does not like wine; all the while licking the last drops off the glass.

Mom came back to our table after dinner, to talk to a growing crowd of grandchildren, who she had not seen in way too long.  I was up and down taking photographs, but there was at least one Long Island Iced Tea in mom’s evening.  She had never tasted it and wanted to as she had been in New Orleans years ago, with her two sisters.  The sister who was driving had about seven Long Island Iced Teas. 

 At that time, mom had no idea that alcohol was in a Long Island Iced Tea.  She thought her baby sister was drinking regular iced tea. Mom can be very naive, but realized alcohol was involved, finally, when her sister started dancing the hula and insulting waiters.  But, I digress again.

 After the wedding, Master’s daughter rented a motel room for the three of us. It was the very first time I ever shared a room with mom, when she did not take an hour and a half to get ready for bed. She was changed and in bed before I even realized it. 

 Master’s daughter brought some Bailey’s for me and a treat for her and we got our PJs on and sat with our legs under the covers talking, when mom interrupted.

 “What’s that transparent thing over there?”  She asked as she pointed to the plastic bag my cup had been wrapped in that was now sitting wrinkled on the dresser. 

 “A piece of plastic.”  Master’s daughter replied as we burst out giggling.

 This is mom’s third experience with alcohol in eighty-six years.  It’s always good for a giggle.

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Excuse me for being absent but I have been gone to a wedding this past weekend and week. It was only a three hour drive, and that was truly nice. I had been asked to do the photography for both weddings I attended this summer, as my nieces say they love my pictures.  I was not sure I was up to a twelve hour day of shooting and I do not have professional equipment (in any area), so I said I would be back-up.


This did not work out at the first wedding as the photographer stated no one could shoot a picture but her.  I’m sure she did not realize the stubborn independence of our family as most said, “My daughter’s in the wedding party, just let her try and stop me.”  Since the photographer did most of her shooting sitting in a chair, I got completely frustrated by the time of the reception and got up and moved around the floor taking pictures of the attendants dancing.


I do like to mix things up in angles shot and such, but frankly, with a raised dance floor and a photographer sitting in a chair, I do not know how she thought she could get all eight couples, each in a nice picture, without moving her sorry butt.  Either she was ill or she was a big fan of Bollywood.  (It seemed to me the first few times I watched a Bollywood movie they do tend to favor angles shooting up the nose.)


Anyway, so by reception time, and after my scene with brother-in-law, see *Savanvleck’s Weblog* I had my lovely glasses of Bailey’s and when the second bride’s mother came over and told me a horror story about a friend paying $3,000 for pictures and having them end up looking like crap, I threw good sense to the wind and said I would photograph the second wedding.


SCENE: Weeks later, and the second wedding.  The night before, I was able to access the reception hall, set up my trusty light tent (a must have for artists) and take some formal pics of flowers, etc (a request by the lady who did them as she is setting up a new business. 


 The morning of the wedding, I accessed the church early and did some interiors of this beautiful morning sky, stained glass lit church.  Note, that my camera worked then.



I also took some of the bouquets without my tent, not a good idea, but ok.  I did some of attendants and guests and camera still worked fine.  Here is one of a brother and sister.  I love to shoot pictures of people.




And, then the wedding was starting. I went in and shot some of the organist and the crowd and my battery began to lag.  I have a Nikon D50 and I have never had problems when it was fully charged.  This battery pack is like the energizer bunny.  Even flash pictures are fast. Yet during the entire ceremony, the lens was lagging or just would not open on time, even when the flash was off.  I totally missed the kiss. I got maybe two good pictures.  SEE, this is why I did not want to be the main photographer.  


I asked my nephew, who was also taking some pictures, if he had gotten the kiss and he said yes, but that his camera was doing the same thing. 


Later, after the ceremony, we went back into the chapel and the pictures I took were fine.  I do believe that the chapel is either haunted by a past bride or their massive sound system equipment was interfering.


Tomorrow: more on the wedding and my week.  A week that I should have been home fixing all the pics for the wedding couple and instead I was visiting. Sorry, Jen, I’m working on it now.

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A fight ensued at the last wedding I attended. Albeit, I did start it. But, I was kind-of proud as I very rarely have the privilege to start a fight in that crowd, or any crowd. That is usually reserved for …


But, let me digress.  Just try and stop me!


At the reception, I was seated at the table with family. We have all known each other for many, many years, as families tend to do. And, I was feeling rebellious. My brother-in-law can be, how shall I put this, “trying.”  He tries to cause trouble, he tries to irritate people, he tries to be a jerk and he TRIES to start fights and succeeds. I, however, rarely do try to start fights. I avoid fights. I hate fights. But, I will fight if need be.


His penchant for starting fights is a puzzle to me. Why would anyone get their jollies off  by making an elderly religious lady get into a fight with another elderly religious lady about, well—for starters, religion? Somehow, brother-in-law manages to do this and he greatly enjoys it.  


So, for a week before the wedding, I am gearing up for him. He has taken to calling husband, not by his name, that brother-in-law has known for twenty years, but by the term, “skuzzy.” Now, husband really could care less, but mom gets irate about it and I just figured that after fifty years of abuse by this man, it was time to stand up for my family.


There was also the little matter of the Bailey’s Irish Crème.  I love Irish Crème. So, as two nephews would get a cup of it, each putting some in their coffee and then handing the remainder to their dear aunt (me) to drink t, I was feeling good.  Three left-overs of Baileys and I was primed.


I proudly made the announcement. “Brother-in-law” (I shall not use his real name so as to avoid more of those pesky relative law-suits over my blog.), “Brother-in-law.” I said, “What is my husband’s name?”


He looks at me a bit dumbfounded; dumb might be more appropriate.  I continue.


“You have known my husband for twenty years, and you know his name.  So, you are to stop calling him ‘skuzzy.’  It is rude and disrespectful.”     


Whereupon, he whines. “Why is everyone picking on me, today?”


His # 2 son states. “Because you have been picking on people for years and they’ve had it.”


I announce, “And, besides, I’ve had three left-over cups of Bailey’s and thought about telling you this for the last week.”


At which point, half of those at table, breaks out laughing and the argument is over. 


I should have been drinking “Bailey’s” the next day, when brother-in-law said he could not stand people who wear the American flag on their butts and the conversation literally trampled the Constitution for, what seemed like, the next half hour before I could not take it any longer, and made my point about one of the greatest strengths of this nation being the right to free speech.  And, protesting is one of those rights.


By the Way: I never mentioned to them that I have never worn the flag on my butt. Why, in any world, would I want to draw attention to my butt? For many years and, since I quite weight lifting, I would not call it my greatest feature.


The funny thing is, brother-in-law ended that argument (that went on for quite some time) by announcing, “Hitler had the right idea.”  And, then walking out of the room.


The crowd forgot all about me and my little “free speech” issue. 


One for brother-in-law.

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I am writing this at midnight. Why? 

I have no idea. I will get up in the morning and see what I have posted and go, WHY? I don’t believe I did that. I usually write in WORD, correct spelling, edit, post, re-read, correct spelling, edit —–

Well, you get the picture, but this is random listings of this weekend’s wedding.

The bride, grand-great niece, is an individual and, as such, wanted her own unique wedding.  Her gown was a deep red and her hair was spiked on top of her head and she walked down the absolutely fantastic staircase in their house and, I swear, it took my breath away. She looked that great. 

Her seven attendants each wore their own choice of a black party/formal dress. All of the wedding party was going to go barefoot, but a cold snap headed into Wisconsin.

This was their wedding cake. The bride picked it out and the groom’s mother baked it. She was a professional baker, as I understand it. I ate two slices and Yummm!

The bride looked and looked for a unique top ornament for it but never found the right one. Perhaps a groom and bride sliding on top would have worked, and been in keeping with this funny, great couple.

It was an outdoor wedding with a string quartet, readings on love and marriage by relatives, acknowledgement to all religions, and self-written vows.

With that in mind, the brides uncle brought up the fact that why in the world do we have to have the bridal couple with their back to the crowd during the ceremony? I think it’s a good point. I would much rather see their faces, than their backs.

Both my grand nieces, who are marrying this summer, have found the greatest husband/husband-to-be. The guys each have a good sense of humor and are kind and considerate. 

Now, as far as me- I drove eight to ten hours each way, slept little, ate too much and had a really good fantasy in my head, on the drive home. It involved camping on a hill , comets, Viggo Mortensen, a campfire, stars,  and him singing the song he did at the end of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy; which without reading the words for it sounds more like a love song than any song I have heard. Guess the weddings put me in the mood for romance. What better way to spend an eight hour drive?

All that was missing was cake.

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This is just no two ways about it. Ten hours on the road, sucks!!! The purpose of our trip, I am traveling with mom, is to attend the wedding of my grand-niece in Wisconsin.

First is gas: The car kind fortunately. The gas crisis has brought people together. People used to pump and go on their way when gas prices were manageable. Now, they are so frustrated that you rarely get away from the pump without having a “gas price discussion” with the person at the next pump. It may turn the world into a friendlier place.

Second is food: Not all restaurants are equal. Perkins in Wyoming was fantastic. Perkins in Stevens Point, Wisconsin; not so good. They do serve a large portion of meat on sandwiches, but I would rather go for quality than quantity. A patty melt should be juicy with melted cheese and friend onions. Okay, even a small portion isn’t healthy, but if I’m going to get that cholesterol and the calories, at least I want to enjoy it.

Third is the motel: The motel is great; small, friendly and super clean. The staff is extremely helpful and pleasant.  Its name is: Americas Best Value Inn in Stevens Point and I highly recommend it, as I sit here on my free high speed.

The reason for our drive, this morning, since the wedding isn’t until 6:00 pm tonight, is that mom and I are on a quest to find a power cord for her ThinkPad. She thought she would save luggage by taking it out of its case; unfortunately, she did not take the power cord out. She thinks she can use another one though and I think when she sees the price of the power cord, she may change her mind.

Do remember, this is the woman who called me up one day and told me that she needed me to change her computer’s batteries next time I am over, as she could not get the cover off the battery compartment on the bottom. Anyone have size double A computer batteries????

Considering that the only time I got lost was IN Stevens Point, on this whole trip, which may be a record for me, I’m not sure I’m anxious to venture out to find a Best Buy. I will let you know how that goes

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