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I still have my tree up, both on my banner and in my front room.  I’m enjoying both yet.  As far as the banner, I have to find something to replace it.  I see that banner most every day and I want it to be interesting, and I need color in my morning. I was going to put up the picture of my Hermione wand, Master’s Daughter gave me, but a wand is a private thing and it is not very colorful, so I did not think it would be interesting, even though I love it.  And, I cannot wait to get the tree down and the front room rearranged for my Hogwarts trunk stuff.   


The tree, at home, will come down after this coming weekend.  I wanted Gaffer to enjoy it and he is leaving for Santa Fe then.  Right now, the bunny is going with him.  We shall see!  He is unofficially engaged now and I dearly love his intended.  She is so sweet and bubbly and treats his brothers and us just great.  She also has a beautiful singing voice.


Mom is home from the hospital.  That was quite an adventure.  First was three days in the hospital with walking and double pneumonia and an unknown “thing” in her lungs.  Then, they put her in a rehabilitation place.  About the third day, I told her that they were not holding her prisoner and she could walk out if she wanted.  Then, they told us that Medicare might not pay if she did that.  Somehow, yesterday, I pointed out a few things I thought they did wrong, like their doctor never saw her and all of the sudden, she was on her way home.  I do not like her being alone though.


Pills get messed up, etc.  But, that’s the way it is. 

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I am possibly – heck not even probably, we are talking certainly here, the ONLY sixty year old to tell a seven year old, on Christmas day,  


“Yeah, but I got a wand and you didn’t!”   


In my defense, I will say that I did not stick my tongue out at her and I let her help me open the coolest present I have ever gotten, nay, anyone has ever gotten, in the whole wide world. 


Master’s Daughter always gives the most thought out, greatest gifts.  She has reached an all time high this year.  She would have to give me Viggo Mortensen next year to even come close.   


The first gift I opened from her would have been noteworthy on its own.  I grew up with a clock that belonged to my Maternal Grandmother.  It was the neatest clock and I just loved it.  I have it, in fact, but it no longer works and when husband tried to get it repaired, he was told that the mechanism was no longer made and could not be fixed. 


First, I opened a box with a working clock just like my grandmothers; complete with flickering fireplace, clock and rocking grandmother.  It all works too.  I cried.  I really did.  It was something I never could have expected.  Master’s Daughter suggested that I take the works from the new clock and put them in the old clock, but the gift is just as special as the old clock, so I will put the new clock out in its place.


 And, as if that wasn’t enough.  I got the best gift in the world next.  Since I had already cried once, I held that in and started laughing so hard, that I had tears in my eyes.  I was overcome with happiness.2-trunk-for-hogwarts1

 It started with an antique trunk/chest. 

  The top tray had a cover on it and a letter lay on top, 



 from Minerva McGonagall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  And, of course, it included a list of the “necessary books and equipment.” 



 She had filled the trunk with all sorts of goodies needed to attend Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  The tray held supplies for potion making.  I have floo powder, Gillyweed, and Pollyjuice potion.  As Master’s Daughter pointed out, all I need is a few strands of Viggo Mortensen’s hair.


I have a plant to grow for herbology, a map of Hogsmead, a knitted hat and sock for my own personal elf, and S.P.E.W. badge, of course.




When I lifted the tray, I had books: The Government Manual for New Wizards, the Tales of Beedle the Bard (which I had put off buying) and the British version of the two book set of Quidditch and Magical Beasts.  I also have the Monster Book of Monsters and when you pull out it’s tongue it shivers, and I have a cauldron.8-trunk-loaded


 As if that wasn’t a special enough gift, I also have a wand and a time turner.What more could a woman want?? 




 How about a partially knitted Griffyndor Scarf?  Is it any wonder she didn’t have time to finish it?  She offered to keep working on it but I will have the pleasure of finishing it myself.10-quidditch-beasts-and-owl

 I must go now.  I am studying for my five book, thirty page, O.W.L. Exams, incuded in my chest.


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