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  • Three year old JCountry eating the Christmas tree bulbs.  Not so funny at the time but we now laugh a lot about all the things he ate back then: 1/2 tray of brownies while sitting on top of the refrigerator; dog food out of the bin, at the store and the bag, at home; and, light  bulbs.  For a while, we followed him around with white bread (poison control said that was all we could do).
  • While we are on food, the joy of throwing up on Christmas even because  I ate the whole package of chocolate covered wafer cookies, while everyone else decorated the tree.  Hey, I was a kid and it beats me eating so much liver sausage at grandma’s house that I threw up in the car, on the way home.
  • Last year, at Teacher daughter’s, watching her new shelter dog lick everything in sight.  Mia especially liked the new grandchild, whose mother so patiently bit her tongue at dog spit on her child for days.  We love you Francis!!!  Okay, maybe that was last summer, but it was still fun.
  • Mia also entertained us with her immitation of a short range missle tracking a lazer point on the floor.  When said lazer pointer was turned off, Mia spent the next hour/s trying to find the missing red dot.  ‘Sniff, Sniff, Oh, it’s not between the chair and the cabinet, it must be under the rug.   Dig, dig, dig, nope, not there either.  Where’s the dot?  Where’s the dot?’
  •  There was the Christmas that we had to turn back from visiting my sister’s house as the snow was too bad so we joined my aunt at her house instead.  Her turkey ended up on the floor, but she had a great story about her husband’s temper.  Seems he got really mad about the floor not being clean and waxed , so on the way to work, he went to get his lunch out and yanked the refrigerator door really hard and pulled the whole thing over on himself.  (he wasn’t hurt and that’s not the funny part), he was late and only had time to change his pants and not his underwear.  When he got to work, and went to change into work clothes, he realized the beets had done quite a spill on his boxers and his fellow employees ribbed him for months about it.  But, the floor was clean enough we could eat the turkey.

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Mom needed medicine today. (Gosh, I so wanted to write Medication there, but I guess that’s me who wanted that.) So, I drove over to Martinsville, dropped off mail, picked up heartworm pills (for the dog, not for mom) and then went to mom’s apartment. I try to multi-task on these days, like everyone else is with gas prices being what they are.


She bought me breakfast and I learned the man next door to her was not arrested for selling marijuana; he was arrested for public intoxication. He was outside the apartment building threatening to kill everyone, which I thought was very optimistic for a man in his eighties. I worked on mom’s computer a bit, she has essential tremor and things tend to get moved around without her meaning to, I phoned the cable company (Comcast decided too many elderly ladies spent Saturday watching the whole week worth of soap operas, so they took it away and want to charge her $10 for it. Then, I took her to Kroger’s pharmacy trailer, as the store is still being remodeled from the flood and is closed, and then Marsh’s.


The point of this is that I did not get home until 4 p.m. The house, which normally houses six full size humans, was quiet but that’s not unusual, as husband takes a lot of naps, youngest boy is actually a vampire so he sleeps days, middle boy has not been seen yet from the Native Sun Dance Festival, and older boy and his girlfriend work afternoons. He is also a vampire, it’s a heredity thing.


So, I get home at 4 p.m. Let irritating Chihuahua out, put a smattering of groceries away and go online. About 5 p.m., I let Chihuahua out again and it dawns on me that all the cars are missing. So, I have been home for one solid hour, all alone, house to myself, and not realized it. 


But, then again, I was home for one hour, walked to the door three times, before I noticed that irritating Chihuahua had vomited up two gobs of food the approximate size of Rhode Island. Perhaps that is why I am home alone. Now that it is cleaned up, they can all come back. Drats!!!

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