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I was pre-law at University of Illinois- Chicago Circle for two wonderful years.  I would have hated to be a lawyer, but I have since done legal research and the Internet makes me one happy girl.  I love to do research. I can spend two and a half days researching something that turns out to be one sentence in my novel.  It is worth it though, to bring the book alive. The problem with research, is I am easily distracted by all the fantastic facts out there.

I have worked on this particular novel for probably two years now. I have a “nearly” complete first draft. I’m lacking parts of the final chapter; from fleshing out the final action scene to a type of wrap up. I’m six chapters in to my first edit. I call it my word edit.

Words must conjure and relate to the story:  Doing research on writing for young adults, and just plain good writing, I have a file of words that are passive,  weak, redundant, and unnecessary. I use my find option on each of the forty plus words and rewrite sentences as I find problems.  This really tightens my writing. It is not my favorite part of writing. It is very time consuming, but worth it. I find that my writing improves as I learn not to use these “extra” words.

Further edits:  I have seven files of things I do not want to forget to add into the book.  There are two files of lines I might put in the book yet.  I have one character I am adding into the book yet. Then, there is the issue of four separate openings I am dealing with.  Then there is my eternal problem with tense.

The opening: The opening has changed four times. I have thought about having a contest on the blog for choosing a favorite opening. I just cannot make up my mind. 

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