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I received a comment on my post Words you do not want to hear « Savanvleck’s Weblog and just felt like this deserved a full answer.


My Osteopenia was actually caused by a para-thyroid gland gone wild.  It was robbing my body of calcium.  The tests I went through for this were really interesting.  You have not lived until you have had to carry around a gallon jar of your own urine.  


One possible problem with me is that they could only find three of my four para-thyroid glands and so I do not know if I still have one, in hiding and malfunctioning. (That test involved nuclear testing.  I love it when I have to walk alone down a long concrete hallway and be treated by a guy wearing lead clothing.)  When they went in to take the para-thyroid out they also removed half my thyroid (it was hard as a rock – gee, did they do that with the testing?).  All I know is, doctors see me coming and they start checking the want adds for a summer home. 


That said, I just started exercising a couple of years ago and did so for nine months and then because I became tired, exhausted beyond belief, I quit.  Without insurance, it took two years to diagnose and finally get emergency surgery on my heart.  Then, without insurance, I was never given heart rehab, which most people get.  So, it has taken me two years post surgery to get back on the treadmill. 


I may not be the best example to use as a guide and I would not want to see you stop exercising because I am not Osteopenia free.  I have recently gotten insurance and had a new dexa-scan and am still diagnosed with Osteopenia.  But, I have only been exercising this time since February 2nd, 2009. 


I do take Calcium with D twice a day; I do the treadmill three days a week and weights three days a week.  But, I am not up to real vigorous running or weights yet.  I am eating a lot better and have now lost thirteen pounds.  So far, I have not broken a bone, and I know that I feel a lot better.  They say that the exercise will help your bones.  I do not know whether exercise will reverse Osteopenia or not. But, even if it just stops it from getting worse, it is worth it. 


This is kind of like the bursitis in my shoulders.  I woke up one morning and my shoulder was frozen.  With exercise, I am nearly back to full range of motion, but I will always have bursitis and always need to exercise it. 


So, keep up the good work.  You are going to feel so much better for it.

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When husband had orthopedic surgery under a local anesthetic, he told the doctor that he did not want to hear the words, “Oh, sh_t.”  He did not hear those words, but several times he heard, muttering and other words; as the doctor discovered he was trying to save a finger that was beyond repair.


Words that I do not want to hear, as I am getting a dexiscan the other day, were, “Does your left hip hurt a lot?”


Okay, those are loaded words.  There is obviously a reason causing my hip to hurt, or why would she ask?  Yet, here I sit, still not having heard from the doctor as to why my hip would hurt. 


I just love modern medicine.  Schedule doctor’s visit, wait. Go to doctor, wait. See doctor, wait.  Order a test, wait.  Get the test and wait. 


Now, it is Thursday, two weeks since I wrote the above and I have the report in my hot little hand.  I have Osteopenia.  Since I knew I had Osteopenia like ten years ago, this is nothing new.  But, I guess it’s good to know just why you hurt. 

By the way, Osteopenia is like the middle step between having good strong bones and having Osteoporosis.  It is also why I take lots of Calcium, drink lots of milk (like I need an excuse for that) and lift weights three days a week and do the treadmill three other days of the week.


Treadmill day, see you later.

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The doctor told me he wanted me to lose ten pounds before I came back. I thought that was very kind of him, as I really need to lose more than ten pounds.  Now that I have state health insurance, I have an appointment with my doctor, and I have, in fact, lost five pounds.


Actually, I have lost the ten pounds; four times in fact. So, technically, I have lost forty pounds, right?  However, I do not think he will see it that way. I am getting my strength back now and slowly starting to exercise again.  And, the way I have done it is to do it at night.


It just seemed logical to me that, since exercise wears me out, why not do it at night and then I get to sleep and wake up the same as I would have anyway.  So, during the day I can do the things I need to do; dishes and cleaning (oh joy!).  Then, at night, I walk my treadmill.  In fact last night, I got out of bed to walk my treadmill.  So, I think this is going to work.


I have gone to eating, mostly chicken or turkey, more vegetables and fruits and I have cut out deserts (except dark chocolate and I am talking about the 80%/75% cocoa kind).  Yesterday, I felt strong enough to buy a box of Krispy Krèmes for the boys. I have not wanted to bring them into the house, but I thought I would give them a treat.  I was taking my pills that night, which is a reminder to eat better.  I cut a donut in half, took one bite and that was it.  Sugar just does not taste so good anymore.


I am firmly convinced that sugar is addictive; as is salt. The real test will be cake, however as that is my waterloo.


I have not come to terms with my body since my heart surgery, and the two years of inactivity preceding it. I have been blessed burdened with lower body fat genes. While, I can look at my fairly thin face in the mirror and feel good about myself, it is those full glances in a store window that horrify me.


I have even gone so far as to look up “how to be anorexic” on the web. Not that I wanted to be anorexic. It is a horrible disease and I am so against the image of people like Paris Hilton, who are giving young girls something unhealthy to aspire to; both mentally and physically.


I was not serious about wanting to be anorexic. I was just feeling desperate the day I looked it up. But did you know there are actually sites telling you how to do this? After reading how to do it, this is definitely not a diet plan that will work for me.

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It’s one of those days, when I will never finish anything.

I noticed I never posted Day 2 – Of our move from Wyoming, and it’s not happening today. Oh Well!

I watched about 10 minutes of news and turned off the tv. That’s actually a good thing.

I did two minutes on the treadmill. That’s NOT a good thing.

I read two more pages of Terry Pratchett’s The Color Of Magic. Okay, he’s funny and I really want to like it but couldn’t we just lose some of the made up words??

I posted mom’s daily poem for her on her blog. Padairvanvleck’s Weblog. I post her poems for her, send her copies of the comments and she is enjoying the comments a lot. She gets kind of lonely in her apartment so the blog helps a lot.

I did the dishes, all five of them. Pizza last night is so nice on the dirty dish front.

The dog finally got her butt up and went out and I have a stack of paperwork on the floor that is increasing in volume relative to the National Debt.

Did read a few blogs.Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom being one of my favorites, but who can think of 101 consecutive things. That’s a long term project.

And, that’s my morning. Hope yours is going well.

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On a lighter note, after baring my soul about my grandkids and after reading Pollyanna’s reading challenge at http://prsunshine.wordpress.com/pollyannas-reading-in-wonderland-challenge/ I thought I would tell you about the THE BEST mystery I have ever read; and believe me, I started with A and went to Z in Mysteries, at the Lake County Public Library. It’s a research library and it’s hugely wonderful. I am not the best reviewer in the world, but gosh this book is so good, I can’t wait for his second one to come out.


I do my treadmill each morning. I do not find this a particularly fascinating pastime and I’m at a slow pace yet, so I read to pass the time. This is not the easiest thing to do on the Body for Life Program, as you increase and decrease speeds constantly. I try to reserve the book for the treadmill, thereby: 1. Having something to read each day and 2. Forcing me to work on my own YA Novel and not sit all day and read someone elses book.


First day, with The Chemistry of Death, I did my twenty-one minutes, pulled the plug and stood on the machine for another fifteen. I finally had to sit down and forced myself to leave the book on the machine.  Day two, FORGET THAT, I read on the treadmill and took the book with me. I spent the rest of the day, feet up, reading the most wonderful Mystery writing I have encountered in a long time, maybe ever.


This is Simon Beckett’s first novel. His words just suck you into the landscape. I first wrote a line that his words were poetry but then I read the back cover and Tess Gerritsen said that already. But, environment is really a character in this book (as we are always supposed to do). He sucks you into it with the protagonist entry into the rural town. 


But, oh how he handles all of it. You think you know who the Antagonist is; oh no, it must be this guy, no it could be that guy, and soon you just forget trying to guess and enjoy the journey. And, at the end, it’s the same way. No spoiler here because this book is just too good to do.


Even if you are not “into” mysteries, this is a must read book.

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