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I have not posted on either blog very seriously lately.  I did have a bugger of flu, and then there were trees to decorate and cookies to bake and gifts to buy, and excuses to make up.  Not to speak of the book I am working on. 


I think my personal editor is actually taking a break from her editing though to—do what?  Teach and grade papers?  Shop for Christmas?  Decorate and cook for the upcoming carload of six people, a dog and a rabbit that will be descending on her house for Christmas? 


So, I got out my trusty list of things I have had on my list forever.


1.      Master’s daughter gave me fabric to make quilt squares; sweet clueless daughter that she is.  But, in fairness to me, my sewing machine is not working, which seems like a pretty darn valid reason to skip to next item on list.

2.      I have an almost finished wedding ring quilt to finish.  I mean this thing has been ongoing for daughter-of-eleven’s last eight kids.  She has now lost the right to it, so it is up for grabs and has literally, one set of maybe sixteen squares left to put in.  See excuse  #1.

3.      I have fabric for ten of my thirteen grandchildren for individual quilts.  I quit buying fabric three grandchildren ago but I probably have enough to cover them too.  OH, and did I mention my sewing machine isn’t working?

4.      I wanted to give JRock a blue jean quilt.  He loved the one his mother gave him, but his stepfather threw it in the burn barrel.  IF I can get my machine working before Christmas, this actually moves up to #1 on the list.

5.      Painting of my brother:  This was a request by my mother.  Every year I say that this would be a good Christmas present for her.  Every time I have taken it out to work on, it is a very difficult thing for me to work on.  I started it so long ago that I feel like I need to start over as it just looks horrible to me.  I am my own worst critic.

6.      Several other paintings started; one of Master’s daughter at a dresser that I love and may even have been started fifteen years ago but it’s one I can finish rather than starting over.  I hope!

7.      Novel in final line edit.  YIPPPEEE!  We, Masters daughter and myself are working on that and are on chapter five or six now.  I know, I really should know where we are at but I just was not sure which spot was the best for the chapter break, so I left that in her hands. 

8.      Mystery novel needs major revisions.  I have actually started on this also but am working on book two of the Novel that is in final edit.  I have envisioned a five book series going from Middle school to YA.

9.      Children’s Picture book needs putting together for submission.  Every time I work on this, I use guidelines and then feel like I was better off with my very first edit.  This is really odd for me as I tend to edit to death, so I’m thinking I need to go with my instincts here.

10.  I have tons of supplies to make more polymer miniature fairies.  I enjoy them and took them up as I was getting weaker and weaker from the undiagnosed heart problem. Now that my heart is repaired, the eBay purchase price of fairies is down by two-thirds.  Gosh, I guess food is more important than fairies right now and, by the sound of the news, may be for some time to come.

11.  I hope to make several Christmas gifts and have stuff for them too but don’t dare list that stuff here.   Did not do and not going to happen now!

12.  One pair of socks. Started knitting them for me, kit gift from Master’s daughter, very slow growth.  Actually, I mainly work on them when I am with Master’s daughter, so cannot wait for Christmas.

13.  Yarn for at least three sweaters is sitting around here somewhere

14.  I sorted the Rubbermaids, in their storage area AND scanned all the photograph albums.  Now to scan the individual photos (THAT is going to take time.)  But, I did not find all of my yarn.  What I did find was approximately eight Rubbermaids of paperwork to go through.

15.  Crop, enhance, remove red eye, about 500 more photos I took at the wedding last weekend and get discs to bride & groom, mother and grandmother of bride, and  assorted others.  I figure that this is going to take three discs each.  DONE!!! THIS IS DONE, and it actually took four discs.

YIPPEEE!  Something is done. 

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