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It is time to revisit search terms.  Now, I could go for the thrill here and just give Viggo Mortensen the award, but he is actually not on top.  Even though he is 99.9% perfect and he always seems to be my most popular post. 


As of October 30th, my all time most popular search term (not me searching, I assure you – this is for finding my blog) is —- drum roll please —   FLDS.  How interesting that people are so fascinated with these odd, brainwashed/washing people.  I suppose that, within reason, it could be any of us born to this group, indoctrinated by these people and now living a 1700’s style life.  After all, my daughter and eight grandchildren are, although without the wierd hair, but with a head covering. It’s one of those “There but for the grace of God, go I” things.  We see their bun-on-top hairstyle and prairie dresses and their men dressed in modern clothing, and we just have to go: WHY!  Why would anyone let another human being tell them how to dress and how to live their life.  It’s like the men are playing some wierd drinking game.


            “Okay, you get a shot if you can make your wife fix her hair in the most outlandish style possible.”

            “Yeah, but I bet you can’t make your wife wear a prairie dress for thirty days.” 


My second most popular search is for “viggo mortensen girlfriend.”  I really had no idea I was going to have so much competition for the man.  Back off, ladies.  I know that Lyda at  Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom likes him.  Who wouldn’t?  He is intelligent, soft spoken, artistic and speaks his mind, ie “No Blood for Oil”.  I admire him and I am sticking to that line too.  Out of 49 search terms, six versions of Viggo Mortensen were used to reach my blog.


Third:  camera obscura.    This is so cool!  I love turning a room into a camera obscura and I think it is a great way to teach a class how a camera lens work.  EMT is currently taking black and white darkroom in his photography class and loves it.  I have safe lights, trays and paper but I left my enlarger back in Wyoming.  Unfortunately, moving trucks do not have the expanding propertys of the Weasley’s Ford Anglia. Ford Anglia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaWhich is a shame as he loves the darkroom at school and I miss developing.  My other painting links on photography are chemistry, painting with fix and developer, film canister pinhole, Pringles can pinhole,


The fourth most popular search I have is flooding; in Nashville, in Brown County, in Indiana, in Lowell and several other variations.  I would have thought that, with elections and all else that has happened in the world, the floods would be low in search terms.  Although, I was emailed some photos from Hessville/Hammond flooding and it was amazing.  The water was up to the underpass. 


My other search terms, in order of hits, are:

crazy aunt purl – gotta love that girl   Crazy Aunt Purl


bradshaw state jail –  I just knew I should not have allowed that link through, because it often includes other words which shall not be written here.. 


david vanvleck – This is my brother, but apparently a lot of other people’s brothers names, or he had way more friends than I knew.  So far the searchers choose to remain anonymous.


Million dollar weddings: It’s a wedding year for me with the marriage of two great nieces and the first wedding of my Army grandson.


Thong accidents and Daughter’s first thong:  I still think this is just so wrong, in so many ways.  Ehuwww!


Reaction about the film labyrinth:  A great film; sticks with you.


Wake up in strange land:  Thank you, I don’t feel so alone now.


Frozen brownie: Hope they get the book, as it is so funny.  Tell Me Lies  Jennifer Crusie’s Bibliography


Windows Mojave stupid: Yes, it is and now if Microsoft would just admit it and send us a disc to put Windows XP on the computer, we would be so eternally a Windows fan but I am fast  considering a Mac.

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Some stories are just toooo good to pass up. If their breast measurers are fair game, see post  Jose Cuervo and blogging « Savanvleck’s Weblog for more Victoria Secret’s secrets. Then a thong accident just begs to be blogged.

Okay, the first image I get in this is not a pretty sight. Actually, the second one isn’t any better. Have you ever seen a woman who just looked hot from behind and when she turned around her face was that of a 90 year old? I think older women, of whom I am one-older, but not 90, have the right to dress stylish and sexy. I mean, hey sex doesn’t die. And, if you’ve got the body for it, why not a thong?

My next image was “What the heck was she doing that caused the “decorative metallic object” to fly off the thong and hit her in the face? Was the elastic sooo tight it hit the wall and richoched, or was she so limber that she was able to look at herself without a mirror and see how good she looked in them? OR, was she actually trying it on someone else? Hubby perhaps???

I have to add here that I have ripped my cornea the old fashioned way. Proving that I can be a clutz, I ripped it when picking up a newspaper and sliced my cornea. It hurts. It was head pounding agony. You can’t close your eye without pain. However, you go to the doctor, he numbs it and you kiss him in thanks when the pain stops. The next day, you go to work. Two weeks off, my foot.

I have, as my reader’s know, slow dial-up. When I want to read a story, I click on several links I am interested in and minimize the window that comes up, then read my mail and maybe, by that time, the articles will be readable. Not if they are movies though.  Forget movies on dial-up.  I had clicked on this article and gone to my email to see an e-mail from Master’s daughter about this very article.  I can do no better, so she is a contributor to today’s blog:

“Master’s Daughter writes:”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh where to begin……
1.  Does that mean the flying decorative objects are UFDO’s?
2.  Will they try to recreate this tragic happening in the court room?
3.  The Health Department won’t let me hand my cup to a beverage re-filler with the lid on but I can randomly try on thongs?          “EUuuuuuuuuww!”
4.  If you have to try on a thong, should you be wearing one?
5.  At what speed was she pulling those things up at in order to have an object fly at eye damaging velocity?
(I’m sure Einstein had a thong formula somewhere.)
6.  The LATEST law suit?  How many thong accidents have there been?  Should a recall be issued?
7.  If this is a regular occurrence, shouldn’t the boob calibrators be wearing safety goggles?
8.  Are patrons of strip clubs in danger?  Are there UFDO’s flying around like daggers during lap dances?
9.  Might we reduce blindness by just saying no to underwear?

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