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Oh, those of you out in Blogland, you are being misled by the ready wit of Braindebris. But, I am here to tell you, that she wasn’t always such a cheerful, happy person.   


While daughter of eleven had a wooden box to pile her toys in. She was born with a touch of the pig in her and it was the only way to be able to walk across her room, Master’s Daughter a/k/a BrainDebris was born with a touch of the compulsive side of our family.

Being two years older than other daughter, and being obsessive about keeping everything she ever got her grubby little hands on (Do you remember those Post-It Note Wills she puts on our possesions?, she had a tad more stuff than other daughter bothered keeping. In fact, Master’s daughter’s room, by the time she entered kindergarten, consisted of three walls of shelves full of “stuff.” And, pity the person who moved any single item on these shelves. But, I skip ahead. 

Never mind the pile of toys, her first Christmas she stole the dog’s new rawhide bone and was very upset about giving it back. Now, this dog was not the friendliest dog in town. He was known to chew up little girls and spit them out. He did have a soft spot for her but, darn it, he wanted his bone back. 






She wasn’t even too picky about where she got her drink either













 And, if you wonder just why the tent looked like it did, see what BrainDebris did to our tree.  

We were ending a visit to my mother’s house one day, when Braindebris was about two years old. 

“Time to pick up your crayons, dear.” 


“Braindebris, pick up your crayons. We have to go.” 


“Braindebris, you pick up those crayons right now.” 


Whereupon, I put my hand over Master’s daughter’s hand and began picking up the crayons. Notice here, that “I, began picking up those crayons.” Brain Debris’ hands were cradled in mine, but trust me, the little bull head did not do one bit of picking up that day.

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I did it!! And,  it didn’t even take two years. I changed my banner. These are three of my paintings.

The middle pastel is of a lady I saw in Seattle. I used to travel across the U.S. to place my art in galleries, exhibit at sales and enter art competitions.

While I was in Seattle, many years ago, I went to the mall for lunch. While I was there, a dance for senior citizens started on the main floor. As I watched from the balcony, I became entranced by this lady. I went downstairs to talk to her and she was just as enchanting close up. She loved life and it showed. She allowed me to photograph her and I promised to send her copies of the photos, but somewhere on the trip home, I lost her address.  I’ve always felt bad that I didn’t get her copies because she is just so beautiful.

The work on the left is an oil painting I created many years ago. It’s of a dear friend of mine from northern Indiana, Gerrie Govert. She is a wonderful painter, teacher and friend. Another student of hers took the photo but gave me permission to paint from it. People continually ask if it’s a self-portrait.

The photo on the right is of a woman doing quill work at a Revolutionary war recreation.  Much of my subject matter came from the Native American community and re-enactors. I loved to exhibit at Pow Wows. I had a permanent sign for my both that said, “I paint with respect.”  The Sandos, from the east, were particularly interesting and I have painted grandfather, father, son and daughter.

My second sign read: ‘If you see me photographing and you do not wish me to, please let me know and I will be careful not to include you. If you do not mind my photographing, please give me your name and address and I will send you a copy of any photos of your family.’

My favorite thing was to go to sleep to the sound of the drums. It is a part of the leaves rustling in the trees and the whisper of voices on the wind.

I love living in a tent. I do not normally do much cooking but love cooking over the open fire, with simple main ingrediants. The other benefit of the fire is sitting around the campfire at night.  We had a friend who played guitar and knew every Jim Croce song.  

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