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Presenting Teachers in: BUTTS ON ICE « Braindebris\’s Weblog

via Presenting Teachers in: BUTTS ON ICE « Braindebris\’s Weblog

Today is the one year anniversary of the last post on the Braindebris Blog.  Now, I may be prejudice, since Braindebris is my brilliant daughter, but I think that her short blogging history is some of the funniest stuff you will ever read.

You just have to check out the holiday blog:  “Deer on, Deer off, the Clapper”  and  the  one about cleaning the rabbit’s cage.   They will make your day.

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Our youngest grandson/son/ward is still struggling in school.  Having only been educated to a 2nd and 3rd grade level by the time he was 13, when he came to live with us, has been near impossible to make up.  Even the two years of nearly private teachers in Jr. High, could not make up his being approximately six years behind in education.

He is currently failing history.  My oldest grandson had a history teacher who would dress up like a Civil War Soldier and come to class and teach all about why the war was going on and how the battles were fought, and the consequences.  Our boy has a teacher who gives his tests on what year the battle took place, how many soldiers enlisted, how many soldiers died; and all this for five to seven battles at a time.

Obviously, our boy does not have a great memory and I’m thinking this teacher isn’t the best either.  To be fair, this is the side of the story I am getting from youngest boy and another mother.  I do not sit in his classroom.

The discussion always comes up, how many good teachers do you remember?  Just ponder that for a minute.  How many teachers did you have that you actually felt made you learn to think for yourself and made learning fun?

I remember one.  I think she was my fifth grade teacher and, when you read a book, if you were tired of writing reports, you could draw a picture or do a diorama, or anything you could think up to show what you thought was important in the book.  She kept a file folder for each child and taught each child.  No child was “left behind.”

Mostly I remember teachers like the coach/health teacher who chose one child every year to humiliate in class.  Then there was the history class where every day, every class was the same with the first person in the row reading the first paragraph in the history book,  and on down the line.  I remember several other idiot teachers but why go there.  I would rather focus on good teachers here.

Never mind that she is my daughter, read this good teacher’s blog at Cool Moments in Teaching « Braindebris’s Weblog and tell me what you think?  Is this not what we would like to see all teacher’s be?

In the meantime, in his freshman year of high school, youngest boy had the biology teacher from hell who was rumored to have passed four children total out of all her classes and “left” the job at the end of the year.  I knew the first day I met her, she would be a problem as she had come from a seminar and wanted youngest boy to answer a seminar problem, and he had not been at the seminar.  The next year he had another problem teacher who “left” at the end of the year.   This year he apparently has a teacher who is trying to teach him to memorize instead of think.

You know, maybe if we start paying our teachers, as if they were important (let’s see, how about we reverse the income of AIG professionals and teachers?) just maybe we could get more good teachers.

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I was perusing my ClustR Map and the bottom country, along with many other countries with one viewer each, was Macedonia. I was never a whiz at Geography. I think it had something to do with teachers whose sole function was to point to the next student in the row and say, you read the next three paragraphs.

I did have a history/geography teacher who did this. I think he was reading spy novels behind his copy of the text, because no sane human being could just sit there, day after day, for twenty years and listen to the same bored students taking turns reading from the same history/geography book text day after day after day. I barely got through one year of it. So, he had to be going stir crazy.

Digression over!  So, not knowing right off where Macedonia was, I googled “Macedonia,”  and, right there, two finds under Wikipedia, was CIA – The World Factbook — Macedonia.  I was going to copy the flag and country graphic, but there is something that makes me uncomfortable about copying off a CIA site. 

Did I ever tell you about the time, I was attending University of Illinois, Chicago-Circle and I needed research facts for a paper I was writing and I sent a letter to a Marijuana organization (Yes, there are things like that.)  and I received the letter returned to me, all ripped open, obviously read and badly taped back together.  ‘THEY’ might as well have written on the outside, “We know who you are.  We know where you live.  We are watching you.”   So, I do not copy off a CIA site

Second digression over!  (I wonder what the record is for digressions?)  SO, this site tells you everything you could ever imagine wanting to know about a country, including: political pressure groups, International organization participation, sex disbursement, HIV, birth statistics, national holidays,  (By the way,  Happy Ilinden Uprising Day, on 2 August (1903); note – also known as Saint Elijah’s Day, just in case I forget in August.), their electricity consumption and oil production, how many cellular phones they have and how much in reserve of foreign exchange.

There is absolutely no point in me telling you this.  I just thought you should know.  What a great resource if a student has a paper to do.  And, they have 685,000 internet users and I’m hoping for one more of them to read this blog.

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