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During my latest visit with Master’s Daughter, we were talking about stuff and I mentioned  American Science & Surplus : Lab Glass and Vessels.  So, I was looking for something the other day, checked at American Science & Surplus and sent her a link. 

This is the greatest place.  When I lived in Northwestern Indiana, we would occasionally make a trip there and I would fill a basket with STUFF.  They just have cool stuff.  I was making one-of-a-kind dolls at the time and got stuff to make a mad scientist and all kinds of other goodies.  It’s a fun site to just browse too, as they have funny descriptions and pictures.

Anyway, the point of this Blog is how cool Master’s Daughter is.  Beside getting her Bachelor’s and teaching certificate, with honors, the same year as her oldest son graduated from high school, we have:

  1. She got her Master’s a year ago, again with a 4.0 GPA
  2. She teaches sixth graders math and science at a public school for the gifted.
  3. She wasn’t busy enough, her youngest boy just graduated high school last year, so she went to work, for the summer, at Notre Dame and learned how to use an electron microscope.  Now, somewhere in this process is a chemical that, one drop on your skin, would evaporate/destroy your bones.  We are talking serious stuff here.
  4. This year, she is again working the summer at Notre Dame on another microscope that I do not remember the name of but it’s even more impressive than an electron one.
  5. Not having enough to do, yet, she is going to be an Adjunct science teacher at Ivy Tech.
  6. And, finally, she supervised a fiend trip recently to FermiLab.

In case you are not familiar with FermiLab, here is a Wikipedia link  Fermilab – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  We’re talking particle physics here. 

I, on the other hand, have math skills way below any national average.  I do have my Bachelors Degree and would love to go for my Master’s.    In the meantime, I told her I want a T-shirt with this on it:

My Master’s Daughter went to FermiLab and plays with electron microscopes.

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