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I usually have pretty good instincts. It’s when I ignore that little voice that I get into trouble.

Andy Rooney said something like,

I wish there was something you could take to stop you from doing stupid things.

Well, I wish I could have taken it on Friday because I did that “stupid thing.” As with a lot of you out there, our money is really tight. We’ve even taken to getting meals and some groceries from a local food bank.

I got out my tin of pennies and decided to turn them in. We have a car to pay Indiana’s ridiculous license plate fees on this month. The bank with the coin counter is about twenty miles up a road we rarely go up. There is the price of gas to consider there. I was not going to buy coin sleeves. I don’t think the bank gives them away but I did not ask. I decided to use the Coinstar machine at Walmart.

When you pour your pennies in, and it goes up to $22.16, the machine says, “My, you have a lot of coins.” It did not add, “And, I’ve got a way to scam you so I get all of them, instead of the $2. 16 fee. We rarely eat out anymore. When we do it is the $4.00 meal at Steak N Shake or the $1.00 menu at McDonald’s. If Jacob is playing at Muddy Boots, sometimes we sit with water and once in a while we split a meal.

So, when the evil change machine offered me double my money by giving me restaurant coupons.  I did debate it. Outside of Walmarts was a Steak N Shake, White Castle, something else and a steak house. Surely with over 600,000 restaurants, there was something I could afford.

With a great deal of trepidation, that I ignored like an idiot, I pushed the Restaurant Certificate button.


Just go ahead and pay the $2.16 fee. When you push the Restaurant certificate button, you go home with a slip that says NOT VALID FOR CASH, and that’s all you go home with.

In my search on their http://coinstar.Restaurant.com site, you can search alphabetically or by mileage. Within 15 miles of my home, was 1 restaurant. Opps! Have to buy a $45 dinner to use the certificate. Now, I think that would mean only paying $20, with a $25 certificate. It was for an East Indian restaurant. Could be doable.

Let’s try 30 miles, since they gave me Indianapolis restaurants, closer to 45 miles away. I guess that’s it. Under A’s one restaurant was listed 4 times and there was a second restaurant. So, two A’s. It went like that through the alphabet, other than letters like Q, X, Y, Z which had none. Many meals are pay $75 before using your coupon. Definitely NOT doable.

I had not heard of one of these but I did see a spot that said,

“What do you do if you have your certificate and the restaurant is closed?”

Enough said.

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I am tired today and I just need to think of good things.  I fight eating when I am tired but one of my favorite things is dark chocolate. 

This from a woman who, when released from the hospital following open heart surgery, stopped at Steak N Shake for a PepperJack Burger. In case my doctor is reading, #1, it was the best meal I ever had, and #2, I think I have stopped exactly twice in the year and a  half since.  It’s not an every day thing. I have drastically changed my eating habits and my last blood test now have fantastic readings.  I look forward to the food I eat now, , chicken, vegetables and salads and dark chocolate.

The best of which is Dark Chocolate Truffles from the South Bend Chocolate Company. http://www.southbendchocolate.com/

You know a truffle is good when one a day satifises you. I’ve tried other “famous” brands, and I am here to tell you that the South Bend Chocolate Company is the absolute best.  Too bad I don’t have any. I find that when I have a really good truffle, I am satisfied with one.  The other stuff leaves me wanting more.

Since my daughter lives in South Bend, it is one of the “girl” things that we like to do together. It’s much cheaper than a pedicure.  We stop at their Chocolate Cafe and Outlet Store for hot chocolate.  I love their Mexican hot chocolate and have tried to duplicate it at home, using dark hot chocolate and chili powder.  It will do, but it’s not the same.

And, as long as we-me have/has mentioned food, I can’t leave with mentioning Aurelio’s Pizza, http://www.aureliospizza.com mostly in Northern Indiana.  I have traveled all over this country and I challenge anyone to find me a pizza better than Aurelio’s.  This is definitely not low-fat food. But, when it is time for a treat, it is a must.  We lived in Wyoming for eight years and missed Aurelio’s.  When we moved back to Indiana, one of the things we looked forward to was Aurelio’s.  There isn’t any down here that we have found. 

Okay, I’m tired. Instead of eating though, I sit here and write about it.  Hmmm! New Diet?

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