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They are all out to get me.

Last week, my aol email was hacked. I paid for AOL for years and finally dropped the paid part maybe two years ago. This was after my web page got hacked and AOL cut me off from receiving mail because they thought I was sending out spam. The really dumb thing though, was I was spamming myself. Someone had hacked my website and was sending out spam with it’s domain name. That was two years ago.

My new free AOL email picked up that I had been hacked, this week, almost before I did, shut down my email, so it would stop sending hacked mail out to people in my address book, and told me how to restore my mail. COOL! I do seem to have more spam than normal though.

Today, Mariam Hommed needed my help; qxewpdtauc wanted me to go to their online pharmacy, (You should really learn some spelling in the language you are trying to spam); the WESTERN UNION LOTTERY apparently has a prize for me; Dr. Ma Weihua has a proposal for me and Mrs. Stephen Clark has $850,000 USD. Not sure what she wants me to do about that but I’m not opening it to find out.

AND, to top it all off, I have a three inch diameter spider loose in the house. It is only a “fishing spider” but may eat away skin at the site of the bite. I give up, I’m sleeping in the car tonight.

Fishing Spider courtesy of Insects.org

This is a fishing spider, courtesy of Insects.org


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The ground is saturated here, in Indiana.  This morning, on the local news, there was a picture of an SUV, in Indianapolis, being swept away by the rain.  It rolled and tumbled and was pretty much being demolished in the water that swept over the road.  Lesson:  Never drive over a road with swift water on it.  It is always deeper than you think.  Fortunately, the owner was saved before it started rolling.  But, it is wet, which also means I have no idea how much time I have on-line before I am kicked off.

We had company last night.  A dear friend, stopped by unanounced, on his way to Nashville, Tennessee and a Viet Nam Vets gathering.  We were so happy to see him and we ended up talking till late, so I am ready for a nap, and it is barely 10am. 

I had to show you a funny picture from Mr. Barlow’s blog.  I just love his blog.  He posts an interesting fact every day.  It’s like school, without the homework.  And, I love learning.  So, here’s a happy face for you, from Mr. Barlow’s Blog, The Theridion grallator, a spider from Hawaii.  And, it is also what I look like after a late night.

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