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Yes, I am here and alive.  I had a bad week, month, going on six months; still fighting my insurance.  HIP (The Healthy Indiana Plan) tells me I am insured.  Anthem, however, chooses to deny me coverage and has gone so far as to even stop debiting my monthly payment.  SOOOOOO!!!

I left home.  Seriously, I have gone to my “zone of protection bubble.”  Did you know that the zone of protection bubble is in South Bend?  That is why President Busch came here three or four times before his campaign and why President Obama has already been here twice.  They know where the “zone of protection bubble” is.

I do not have to open the mail, and find bad news, in my zone.  I do not have a land line phone in South Bend.  I do not turn on my cell phone in South Bend.  I am in my zone. 

What do you do in South Bend, when you are in your Zone of Protection, you ask?

  1. You take a two hour ride on the South Shore train, Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District.
  2. You walk in Chicago. Choose Chicago – the official visitors site for Chicago | explore now.  I love Chicago.  It was good just to get off the train and smell Chicago.  I could smell Chicago air blindfolded.
  3. You go the the Museum of Science and Industry Welcome to The Museum of Science and Industry and discover that someone has stolen the Museum and left a cheap imitation in its place.
  4. Except for Earth Revealed.  That was great.  Museum of Science and Industry | What’s Here | Exhibits | Earth Revealed
  5. You go to the Harry Potter exhibit, Museum of Science and Industry | What’s Here | Exhibits | Harry Potter: The Exhibitionwhich is only attached to the Museum by a tent and have the most wonderful adventure.  Hehehe, this is a teaser. I am in my zone and so I can tease you and only write the details later!!
  6. You flirt with a totally young, and probably gay man at the Museum and walk away feeling twenty years younger.  He gave us our guided tour speaker thingies.
  7. And all of the above was just one day.
  8. You also go and eat breakfast at Welcome to LePeep.  And, no that is not a chicken restaurant, although I have a great chicken picture from the Museum to share.
  9. Then, you go to http://www.sbchocolate.com/ South Bend Chocolate Company, tell them they should give you free truffles because you send business their way on your blog and they laugh as they hand you your Aztec (Mexican) hot chocolate and 1/2 pound of dark chocolate truffles and your bill.  (worth a try!)
  10. And, then, your zone (a/k/a Master’s Daughter) gives you the most relaxing part of your journey.  You get your first pedicure and ask the Chinese gentleman if he will marry you because no one has ever rubbed your feet like that.
  11. You also get to talk to your Army Grandson, who is in Kuwait.
  12. You get asked to go shopping by your “Hollister” grandson.  They chased him down the hall at the mall one day and asked him to work for them, since they said he had “their look.”
  13. Then, you watch a “girlie” movie, Love Actually.  The first of several for my zone visit
  14. AND, you get to do some of this while viewing things on high speed access that you never get to see at home, on dial-up, with a party line. 

There are no party lines, they have not lost electricity once, and the mail doesn’t come for me here.  Did I mention I do not have to open the mail???

So, while I am at the zone, I may or I may not write on my blog.   Well, I actually have, because I am writing this.   The rental people want their car back Saturday.  I’m not sure what is with that, but they made me tell them exactly what day to have it back.

In my Zone I do not have to make decisions.

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Guilty Pleasures on Allison’s Blog. Guilty Pleasures « That’s What She Blogged


Here’s a quick list of mine :


1.     Yes, People magazine.  You don’t look so guilty reading it in the doctor’s office though, you know.

2.     My third watching of Tortilla Soup this month.

3.     South Bend Chocolate Company, Dark Chocolate

4.     Watching CBS Sunday Morning in my pajamas.

5.     Taking down my Harry Potter gift trunk to be a kid again.

6.     Having the house all to myself

7.     Singing to myself when I have the house all to myself

8.     Practicing the violin

9.     A mechanical pencil and a sketch book

10.          Reading a good book   


Okay, they are mostly not such “guilty pleasures.”  But, they sure are pleasures.

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I am tired today and I just need to think of good things.  I fight eating when I am tired but one of my favorite things is dark chocolate. 

This from a woman who, when released from the hospital following open heart surgery, stopped at Steak N Shake for a PepperJack Burger. In case my doctor is reading, #1, it was the best meal I ever had, and #2, I think I have stopped exactly twice in the year and a  half since.  It’s not an every day thing. I have drastically changed my eating habits and my last blood test now have fantastic readings.  I look forward to the food I eat now, , chicken, vegetables and salads and dark chocolate.

The best of which is Dark Chocolate Truffles from the South Bend Chocolate Company. http://www.southbendchocolate.com/

You know a truffle is good when one a day satifises you. I’ve tried other “famous” brands, and I am here to tell you that the South Bend Chocolate Company is the absolute best.  Too bad I don’t have any. I find that when I have a really good truffle, I am satisfied with one.  The other stuff leaves me wanting more.

Since my daughter lives in South Bend, it is one of the “girl” things that we like to do together. It’s much cheaper than a pedicure.  We stop at their Chocolate Cafe and Outlet Store for hot chocolate.  I love their Mexican hot chocolate and have tried to duplicate it at home, using dark hot chocolate and chili powder.  It will do, but it’s not the same.

And, as long as we-me have/has mentioned food, I can’t leave with mentioning Aurelio’s Pizza, http://www.aureliospizza.com mostly in Northern Indiana.  I have traveled all over this country and I challenge anyone to find me a pizza better than Aurelio’s.  This is definitely not low-fat food. But, when it is time for a treat, it is a must.  We lived in Wyoming for eight years and missed Aurelio’s.  When we moved back to Indiana, one of the things we looked forward to was Aurelio’s.  There isn’t any down here that we have found. 

Okay, I’m tired. Instead of eating though, I sit here and write about it.  Hmmm! New Diet?

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