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I have trouble sleeping.  Not just sleeping, but also staying awake.  At times, I fall asleep with my head on my keyboard.  I usually fall asleep in moving cars (fortunately only once while I was driving), and I tend to doze off when visiting people or sitting.  The only time I don’t fall asleep is at night. 

Since my mother, age 88, has always gone to bed around four am and gotten up around six, I think this may be something in our DNA.   She has been observed falling asleep twice while standing.  Perhaps we were the watchmen/women for the tribe of cavemen we belonged to.  It was up to us to keep sabre tooth tigers at bay.  Now, all it gets me is angry snorts from the dog, who also refuses to move over when I finally am ready to sleep. 

I was recently put on a CPap machine.  (Officially, I wake up 7 1/2 times an hour and 80 times during REM sleep.  And, we wondered why I remembered my strange dreams so well!)  The machine really worked for about two days.  Then, I turned the heat up for the water a notch and slept great for about four days.  I’m up to five on the heated water thing and am thinking by 10 maybe it will just boil my lungs and I can sleep. 

Anyway, here I sit, having reformatted my computer yesterday and with barely anything on it, but the internet, and I am learning so much.  What did you learn, you ask!  Oh, come on, pretend you care even a little bit.

  1. There is a reason people find these cute names for their blogs.  Anyone who uses their real name eliminates all the fodder that their family gives them for blogging.  I mean, when you name it Braindebris, you don’t have to tell anyone who Braindebris is (It’s my daughter by the way, but don’t tell anyone.)  But, naming your blog savanvleck, kind of ruins the anonimity you want for telling on your relatives.
  2. This is for the times when you realize that Facebook has educated you to the fact that you are staunchly liberal and the rest of your family loves Sarah Palin, and that if your sister asks you one more time, to declare your love for something, you are going to…..  Frankly, I think I am exempt because I, obviously, was stolen from the Gypsies as a child. 
  3. Why can’t we have two Facebooks.  One for people who want to stay in touch with other people and see pictures of their children and another for people who are looking for radishes for their imaginary farm?
  4. When you format your computer (and since I have done this like every three months this year, I should have known this, but, when you do, you lose your favorites and stay up till 3am searching for things like, “Librarian+Seattle+Blog” to try and replace the bloggers who must be your real family because they laugh at the same things you do. 
  5. Of course, since it is 3:00am, after you have spent three hours searching, you realize that you blogged about the science teacher who blogs a fascinating science fact every day (Mr. Barlow’s Blog) and have a link in your own blog to him.  I imagine I might have realized that sooner at 3:pm. 
  6. My computer, a Dell Inspiron 1545 (who before I trash talk Dell, I will say, has the most awesome customer service on the face of the earth) has many flaws.  See numerous previous posts for those rantings.  But, the most irritating one I was left with (warranty is now up) is that I type over 100 wpm and for some reason the cursor jumps around all on it’s own.  So, I will be typing away and realize that the cursor is now two lines above where it was and I am typing stuff in the middle of another sentence.  Well, this format I did the smart thing and I downloaded new drivers for the touchpad, first thing.  It has not done the jumping around thing all day.  Fingers crossed!
  7. That I still do not remember how to post links well on WordPress.
  8. Well, folks, that wonderful little pill I took two hours ago is starting to work.  I guess it is time to fight the Chihuahua for the bed.  Sweet dreams in your REM sleep. 

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This is Irritating little Chihuahua at six weeks, January of 1999.  She is eleven years old this month, and she has her daily exercise routine.

It consists of sleeping, and

going outside and surveying her driveway, from the great sniffing of automobile tires down to the Yucca plant.  I have yet to figure out what is so intriguing about the Yucca, as it does not seem a normal “pee” spot to me, but it is on her daily route. 

It is also on her daily route to debate whether to go on down the driveway to the road.  She will look back, to see if we are watching, go a few trots, stop and look back.  This continues until I rap on the window or yell at her.  Then, she ambles off into the yard as if, “No, I never intended on going down the driveway.  I know my boundry.” 

The rest of the day is taken up with sleeping with nose buried,

and begging for food, and sleeping.  Mostly sleeping. 

Oh, and there is the occasional — jump up and give me a dirty look because she swears I touched her haunches, when she actually has a flea. 

Before I am yelled at, she has a frontline flea application monthly, as well as her heart worm pill.  She has had neurological problems with other flea applications, so Frontline it is.  This was working well for her until the St. Bernard family decided to eat our garbage and deposit their “city of fleas” in our yard.  They DO NOT get flea applications.  Chihuahua  added the garbage cans to her morning run as those St. Bernard’s leave behind all kinds of things, including their fleas. 

The St. Bernard’s eating the lid of the garbage can, to circumvent the ties and boards and anything else we could find to keep them out, finally resulted in putting the garbage cans in my studio (which I rarely use in winter).  The city of fleas resides on the ground yet, as well as the smells do.

Twice a day I comb her with a frozen flea comb, catch the fleas that freeze on it, and put them in the freezer of doom; a disposable container in the freezer.   I know this is wierd, but, yes, I have a container of frozen fleas in my freezer (Try saying that three times fast.).  On top of which, sits her flea comb.  Someday the City of fleas will all die —– I hope.

So, back on topic, the Chihuahua sleeps, eats, poops, and sleeps all day.  For ten minutes, at night, she also plays with her Taco Belle Chihuahua.   Taco Belle Chihuahua has more sewn body parts than you can imagine.  Irritating Chihuahua loves to grab it by the neck and try to knock herself sensless with it.

My fear, the year we had floods, was that our home would be flooded, fall into the pond and the Taco Belle Chihuahua would be history.  I have searched ebay, Good Will and yard sales for a back-up Christmas Taco Belle dog.  Chihuahua has a basket of stuffed toys and will occasionally play with the Turkey Buzzard and rarely with the cat mouse toy.  Taco Belle Chihuahua is her love.

Now, we have found another exercise outlet for Chihuahua: The Wii.

Yes, Gaffer brought a Wii home.  One of the games sounds rather like a bark, so she stands on the couch and barks back at the Wii.  But, bowling drives her nuts.  It took her three hours to figure out they were not throwing food for her.  She loves her Wii.  She does not understand it, but she loves it.

This is Skeeter, trying to communicate with the blue jean leg of the Wii player.  She is either saying, “Okay, where is the treat you have been throwing for three hours?” or “GO TO BED!”

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Irritating Little Chihuahua is still giving the recliner a wide birth but she is ferocious in her sleep!




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My Labor Day

I slept late and we are having a quiet day.  This is what I woke up to at 9 a.m.


This was not night time.  This was out my front door at 9 am and we don’t have fires to blame.


With the cool nights all summer in Indiana, the marigolds are about the only thing left, and our fawn twins are now just one.  I don’t know if they have split up or one got hit by a car but this guy is still coming through twice a day and feeding, so she can have what she likes.

Happy Labor Day all

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I have now slept for two days, mostly round the clock.  I do not do well on sleep deprivation and had to catch up.  I keep hearing “I walk the Line” playing over and over in my head. 

Oh, that is JCountryRock and his guitar.  Whew!! I was beginning to think I was worse than I thought.  As much as I love to hear him sing or play guitar, I think there may be a limit to times he can pick the same song out over and over.  However, I do it too when I practice violin, so I shall keep my mouth shut or put my headphones on.

We are being treated to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tomorrow.  JCountryRock’s girlfriends parents have purchased tickets for three of us to join their family to see Harry Potter on Sunday.   The fourth of us, EMT, is off  at some biker campout. 

Now, just so there is no confusion, this is a “BIKER” campout, not bicycling campout.  My mother was a bit confused and wrote me back and said, “I didn’t know he was into biking.  That must be fun.  I would love to do it.”  And, I had to write back that the most fun thing he mentioned was someone making soup, offering him some and him looking down and swearing there were toenails in it.  No, I did not tell my mother that, nor about the “other” really fun thing of being flashed by twentyeleven girls already.  This is his version of going on a vision quest apparently.

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I must add to this, before I have even begun.  My, we are off to a good start.  One more day being sleep deprived and I will be a raving lunatic.  I need my sleep!


So, to add: This all started off last week, when the dog had to have surgery on a certain gland.  I did think I could have made some fame on filming the Irritating little Chihuahua on pain killers and anesthetics, but that would have been just too cruel.  So, that was ER  visit #1.


Then, day before yesterday, we had EMT son on hospital ER #2.  He is trying to eat as if he has low blood sugar and seems much more energetic.  His mother and brother both had the problem, starting at about the age EMT is now, but doctor’s visits are scheduled.

Yesterday, I picked mom up to take her to the Ophthalmologist.  She kept sliding in little hints about “having trouble breathing” and “legs are leaking” (they used to call it dropsy) and “swollen legs.”  I made her show me her leg and off we went to the Doctor.  His offices said take her to the ER. 


After some cajoling, I made a deal with her and took her to the Ophthalmologist and then out to eat lunch and then she would willingly go to the ER.  I have been known to take her to town, on the pretext of taking her shopping and, instead I dropped her off at the ER.  So, she knows there is very little wiggle room there, but she wiggles anyway.


Later that day, at ER#3, in seven days, mom is admitted.  She has Congestive Heart Failure and these visits are becoming increasingly common.  They have to drain the water out of her, which isn’t as painful as it sounds.


It is mainly giving her an elephant shot (in her IV) of water pills and then she does the draining.  She may even come home today.  I plan on sleeping after that. 


I announced to the whole family, last night, that the next person who goes to the ER will just be shot on sight.

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As you all know (What?  You don’t?  Well, you should.)  I just love Margaret and Helen.  Their “Tell it like it is, with humor.” blog got me through the election.  And, when my life here at home gets a bit tough, like getting a $1,200 power bill or, like yesterday, when I opened the one piece of mail, late at night (Tell, me why I even bother?) and that mail was from the Indiana Department of Revenue.



When I opened my studio I got a tax idea and somehow, thought I needed to have a Taxpayer TID number for paying employees.  I do not have employees.  The studio is so piled up with junk right now that an employee couldn’t get through IF I had one, which I don’t.



So, this year when I sent in my multitude of forms, which I never quite have understood, I decided that enough was enough.  I had already closed the studio to public view, taken down my sign, pulled my rack cards from town and alerted my Township Tax accessor that I was not working right now so I was “sort-of” closing the studio.



Okay, I can see where the “sort-of” confused them.  But, I unequivocally put in there that I had no employees, I had no State and County taxes withheld on my non-existent employees and I really want them to stop sending me the forms which confuse the %$@$ out of me.  Husband said they are drawn up by lawyers who are wanting to get the work when you cannot understand the forms. 



So, last night, I get this envelope informing me that I now owe $5,410.00 plus $541.00 in Penalty and $90.27 in interest for the taxes on employees I do not have. 



You know, this mail thing started with a $500 DirecTv bill and has gone up steadily ever since and I really need to learn not to open mail except during business hours because I do not get enough sleep already and having it run through my head all night, what kind of fight I am going to have in the morning, is not helping.



The man on the phone this morning was very nice.  I told him I want to keep my Sales Tax ID and my checking account because I have dreams of working again and he said to fill out this form BC-100, have it notarized and send it in.



“Okay, then what do I do about this $6,041.27 bill?”



“Oh, just write a letter of protest and tell them you do not have employees.” 



“But, where did they get that figure from?  Why charge me?”



“That was just because you did not send the right form in.”



That sound you hear is me banging my head against my desk. 



There again, I see little bored people, in cubicles, saying, “Hey, Mildred, wanna have some fun?”

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I slept on the floor last night.  On the hard floor, that makes my hip ache.


Last time irritating Chihuahua acted weird, well weirder than usual, we had an earthquake.


To recap: she went out every ten minutes for two days, then she fretted and pawed at us and refused to get up on the couch (by the window), which is where I sleep.  Then, the earth shook.


For several days now, she has been weird. She’s running around and wants something and we cannot figure out what it is. Then, last night, right before bed, she is doing the “pawing at” thing and then refused to get up on the couch to sleep.


I was tired and I just wanted her to leave me be and so, I laid down on a blanket on the floor. It was not a restful night. 


After daylight, I decided to heck with her and I got into bed. Obviously, she isn’t dumb (well, not as dumb as me, anyway), and she joined me. I was awakened an hour later by an exploding bird.


Yup, that’s what I said, an exploding bird.


As I mentioned, there is a wall of windows by my couch/bed.  I’m not a big curtain person but I have hung things (snowflakes, ‘I love you’ gloves from granddaughters etc) in most of them as we are on four acres of trees and the reflections of the trees fool the birds and they bang their little brains into the window. Then, I feel bad.  Although, not as bad as the bird obviously.


The sound that woke me was not a bird hitting glass. It was an explosion right above me that shook my bed, not really rattling the window like a bird hitting glass, and when I looked out the window, I saw a rainfall of downy bird feathers pass my window.  The electricity enters the house at that point and apparently a bird had contact with it.


Chihuahua is fine now.


Apparently, she can foretell earthquakes and exploding birds.

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I usually do not blog at night or do anything at night that cannot be totally undone in the morning. I am not a night person. I would like to go to bed around 8pm but that seems excessive once you are over eight.  I have to write this now though and get it off my chest.

In a fit of great excitement, I wrote Master’s Daughter today and told her that I had finally received my first link from a published author, who had written me several times and liked my writing. Since this Blog should be about writing, it was a major coupe.  Not only was it exciting, but it was someone whose book we had both read. I probably should not admit this, if I ever want a published writer to link back to me, but my daughter bought the book and lent it to me to read. Sorry!

It’s a great book, by Blogger  Crazy Aunt Purl, Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair.  I read it before I ever found her blog and this morning, somehow, I thought she had linked to my blog and so, somehow I found my way to hers. This, in itself, is a difficult thing when you are so Blog illiterate as I am and when I told my daughter she had left comments on a couple of my Blogs, and my daughter was excited for me and went to find Crazy Aunt Purl’s comments and couldn’t; well, neither could I.

Since my daughter does not have a bucket of iced drink with Jose Cuervo here, I cannot blame it on the one too many dipper theory.  However, I have started taking Melatonin to help me sleep, and I have been having some mighty strange dreams. Things involving sticky human blood all over my hands and carrying around a skull and looking for the body to go with it. Somehow, this is not my idea of a “restful nights sleep.”

So, I have decided to blame it on the Melatonin.  But, would greatly appreciate it if one published author would find it in their heart to link back to my blog before Master’s Daughter has me committed.

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