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FIRST:  If you do not have anything to hide, why are you hiding behind locked gates? If everyone wants to be there and do as you say, why do you have to keep him or her behind locked gates?   Okay, got that off my chest!

For years now, we have read of young boys, the “lost boys”, being kicked out of the compound, which I believe is in the middle of the desert. That should be abuse. We have also heard stories of women escaping because they were not allowed to leave.  These women tell of being given to older men to marry. So, what do you think abuse is?  How would you feel at the age of fifteen to be given to a man three times your age, to marry?

How would you feel, as a young girl with dreams in your heart, to know that the only future for you is to reproduce?  You cannot become a lawyer, doctor, nurse, dentist, dress designer, have any future whatsoever, other than being one of six women, serving one man. From the day a woman, and for that matter, a man is born into the FLDS, your lot in life is set. You have no choice; no free will.

 I would like to point out that the Appellate Court decision applies only to 38 of the roughly 200 parents who challenged the seizure.  Other parents will undoubtedly join in the suit but it is too soon to think this issue is resolved for all of those involved. 

 I would also like to state that had the FLDS not tried to muddy the waters by changing people’s names, hiding records, not recording births and marriages, these 38 adult women might never have been removed or had their children removed.  When the police entered, whether their entry was legal or not, the women could have shown their birth certificates and ID’s, to prove they were adults.  They could have shown their children’s birth certificates and still be sitting in their home, with their children.

Before you yell that we, in America, should not have to show ID’s, stop and think about it. We already do.  You cannot open a bank account without ID.  The mere fact that the FLDS does all they do to hide identities is suspicious.

From AOL.com news: “It also failed to show evidence that more than five of the teenage girls were being sexually abused. 

This would indicate that five of the teenage girls had been sexually abused.  In a normal home environment, all children would have been removed.  They ran into trouble because they treated the FLDS as one big home. The court states this is not correct. The FLDS treats it as one. If the FLDS did not switch wives around, take wives from one husband, evict him, and give the wife to another husband, as we have repeatedly heard in the news,  then perhaps this would also have been isolated to five families.

AOL NEWS:  “FLDS spokesman Rod Parker said sect members feel validated, having argued from the beginning that they were being persecuted for their beliefs.”

And, let us remember that their beliefs ARE illegal. Polygamy is illegal. When this ends, hopefully, we will know whether or not they are, in fact, marrying young girls to older men, which would also be illegal.

<A person can begin a church with any belief they want.  Just because the Church of Pedophilia gets sanctioned as a church, does not mean that it has the right to abuse young children.  Just because the FLDS have convinced these women, under the guise of religion, that they cannot go to heaven without being submissive, being one of six wives, and condemning their children to the same life, without choice should be illegal.  Slavery is outlawed in this country. These poor women have no free choice.   

I challenge the FLDS to unlock their gates and give everyone a choice. 

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I am unhappy to hear that the wives are back with the Texas Polygamist Sect. I do firmly believe in freedom of religion. But, I just cannot believe that these women have freedom of anything, let alone religion.

These women are like  abused children. They do not know any other way of life, most having grown up in this environment.  I believe, they think that everyone is treated like they are and there are no other options. I would have liked to have seen these women given enough time away from their husbands so they could make more of a free choice.

I am not discussing the matter of having multiple partners. To me, that is their choice. What I strongly object to, is being forced to live in an isolated world.

I understand the Amish religion. They know the ‘modern’ world is out there. They even, from my little understanding, encourage their young people to try the outside world so that they can make an informed decision. These polygamist sects do not give anyone a choice.

They wall off their world.  Did you ever see the movie The Village (2004)?  Like the Texas Polygamist Sect, from what I have heard, they tell their children that everyone who is outside the wall is the devil. Their religion is fear and control. The wives and children are virtual slaves. They dress as they are told, they live as they are told, they marry who they are told and give up their children when told.

I have always had a problem with one person telling another person how they should think, look and dress.  It is so odd to me that any woman would dress in a pre-1700/1800, and think nothing of the fact that their husbands and the ruler wears modern clothing.  This shows, in my mind, that it is not about religion or showing respect to God or your husband, It’s about control. It’s about slavery.

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