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manicure jpg

This could serve to show off my first and only pedicure but it is mainly to show the position I have been in since Thursday.

I was gardening in the square foot plot, felt that back twinge, went and put some very late getting in Watermelon seeds and thought to myself that it was a bit worse than I first thought.

Husband stayed out and I came in and, oh so loyal to my blog, did some blogging.  Then, the inevitable struck.  I had to go to the bathroom and my back did not want to move without undo whimpering.  It was like Rocky Horror Picture Show: One step to the left, one move to the right, do not arch the back, use your arms to push.  Sh**T.

One day after the insurance company “officially” said, “It was all a mistake.”  One day after they agreed to and did take three months of my premiums out, I was on my way to the ER. 

I have a pinched nerve, in my back, and I got a really good shot and some pretty good pills.  I sleep a lot, and I hurt a wee bit less than I did but I am using a walker and moving very slowly.

Since nothing ever seems to go smoothly in this house, I will add that when I got home with my $4.00 prescription for painkillers and EMT comes in for work and asks after me, and what am I taking, and kids at school pay a lot for those, and I say, totally joking, that I just better count them then.  Right after that, I found out that the pharmacist has given me 19 of my 30 prescribed pills.  I mean, these suckers are big enough that I could tell just looking into the bottle that I was shorted. 

No one else had gotten near them.  I had them next to me the whole time and both boys were gone to work and came home and were not alone with the pills. Husband is only a druggy if it involves something that allows his lungs to work better.  And, we even have a few of these left over, each of us, from previous injuries and surgery.  But, I answered the pharmacists “could it be” interrogation very calmly.  Of course, I was on a very strong pain shot, so I doubt I could have gotten agitated, even if I wanted to.

I had to go out, with my walker and pain the next day to get the other eleven pills.  The pharmacist who filled it would barely look at me.  I am going to write the main office, just as soon as I can be online for more than four minutes without being cut off.

Yes, folks, the ground in Indiana is soaked again.

I agree Xup, I hate paying for Satellite.  I probably will not be able to answer as I have been cut off four times for this.  I think I shall go live in a cave and quit paying for everything.  Except it’s hard to garden with a walker.

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