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When I was growing up, there were no malls on every corner, or any corner.  Mom did not have a driver’s license and never did get one and shopping consisted of a payday (every other Friday) foray into the nearest little town, Griffith, Indiana.  Where I would return my arm-load of books to the library and pick out the next two weeks reading, while mom and dad started their grocery shopping.

Occasionally we would pick something up in the Ben Franklin dime store.  Prices were higher for clothing there, but you could get a tube of lipstick or a hanky to give a relative for Christmas.  Our main shopping was from the Sears, Roebuck Catalog.

1958 Sears Catalog

photo via http://www.wishbookweb.com/1958_SearsChristmasBook/index.htm

This was the Christmas catalog of 1958, and I remember that santa ornament hanging on our tree.  We poured over those Christmas catalogs for hours.  When the Sears driver delivered our order, my brother and I would have to leave the room while she opened those pages and checked the goods.  I don’t think they could do that now, in this day of GPS tracking and speedy delivery, but back in the 50s, service ruled.

I belive there was a fall catalog also that signalled the arrival of the school year.  Mom would haul out the catalog and mark the pages I could use to chose my school clothes.  There was a price point obviously.  Mom always ordered two pair of shoes for me, in different sizes, just to make sure.

The Sears truck driver was almost a friend to invite to dinner.  He came in with the order and waited while things were tried on.  So, when it was time to order school clothing,  I looked for my favorite pair of shoes.  Sears carried them for years.  They were flats with elastic cords that went from the front to the back and I thought they made my feet look awesomely small.  Mom would order two pair, in different sizes, and the Sears truck driver would wait, while I tried on my shoes, so he could take back the pair that did not fit.

Now, I drive fifty miles, to Shoe Circus in Indy/Greenwood, to get shoes that feel half way comfortable and pay a $100 for the privilege.  Do high heels make your feet look amazing?  Yes!  Do they feel like the inquisition has arrived?  Yes!


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Ah, for the good old days.  You know, a simpler, gentler time when pulling your best friend’s hair at the dinner party was considered rude, and your mother always reminded you to stand up straight.

I came of age during the Leave it to Beaver era.  I never wore pearls or high heels while housecleaning.  What I did do, was try to be polite to other people and manage not to deck they during a dinner party.  I still remind myself to straighten my posture.  I rarely have to remind myself not to hit my best friend.

I am not a big fan of “bad girls” nor “Big haired girls from New Jersey.”  In fact, I am so much not a fan that I have no idea what the correct names of those shows are, but I’m talking about bad housewives too here.  I lean more toward crime shows, Law & Order and it’s varients.  Where the enemy is some ‘unsub.’  It’s certainly not gentler but you know the enemy and he has not usually been your best friend for twenty years.

I do not understand what America’s fascination is with watching obnoxious people berate their friends, fight at parties and be generally obnoxious.  Does it make all of us feel better that we would never treat our friends like that?  Or maybe just remind us how lucky we are that we have had friends for thirty years with whom we have never had an angry word, so we have to watch trainwrecks to see what that is like.

And, while we are on it, I would like to know just exactly what is it with the way these women stand?  These photos were courtesy of the television station’s website, which I looked up days ago and now don’t remember.

Okay, I get that short tight skirts are sexy.  Off topic, I will never understand what the attraction is with these shoes though.  I really do think they are just really butt ugly.  I cannot see one thing sexy about them.  They make you look like your feet are bandaged.

Several of the girls are standing in a manner that makes it look like they have to run to the bathroom.  Otherwise, this picture doesn’t show the ultimate “Bad Girl” stance.  The object of which is::::::::::

To throw your boobs out and enhance your butt.

In my day, you stuffed your bra with kleenex if you wanted to enhance your boobs and no one that I knew wanted to make their butt’s look bigger, so that was not an issue.  Nothing explains these shoes.  Bondage maybe????

I see one commercial for one of these shows, in which the girl sort of does the above stance and then another move and throws her boobs one way and her butt another and I’m thinking there is a whole generation of women whose backs will be so damaged by striking this pose that, by the time she is 50, she won’t be able to walk at all.

Is there really any man who finds this sexy???  I suppose there is something for everyone, so there is, but I would love to know if there is actually a man who thinks these shoes are sexy; pose or no pose.

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I have a new mother boad on my new Dell Inspiron 1545.  This seems to have fixed the external modem problem.  The new hard drive was a bonus (the repairman says it is much better than the old one.)  I have a new CD Rom, as I had to use a paperclip to eject it at times.  Now, my touchpad is wonky. 

While Dell’s service people are very nice, I am so putting off calling about the touchpad.  I wish they would have just replaced the whole laptop at some point.  I always have to go through convincing them that I am not a computer illiterate person and I have already updated the drivers for the touchpad and yes, my touchpad is haunted/possessed/you name it.

It’s very interesting to watch it jump all around the screen by itself, lighting up windows and closing them.  Interesting, but irritating.  Such as, it just jumped up a line and I found out I was typing on the wrong line. 

I am here to try to get some regular postings done.  The ground, hence the phone lines are dry and I can no longer hear my neighbor, on our occasional party line, informing her family that her son is out of jail now.  I wonder if this is the same son who knocked on my door the other day, so drunk he could hardly stand up, to ask if he can use my phone.  When we took the cell out to him, I was not letting him in the house to upchuck or slit our throats, he called someone and promptly starting walking, stumbling back home with my cell phone.

I may have lost the art of blogging.  I have to work real hard to be funny.  Although, my life has enough fodder for the telling that it should come naturally. 

In parting, since I shared a picture of my last “butt ugly shoes,” I thought I should share a photo of my new wonderful shoes.  I have bone and joint/tendon whatever problems and my feet will apparently self destruct if I do not tie them in  good, meaning $100, shoes.  This is according to my doctor.   And, in his defense, they hurt when I don’t. 

It was time for a new pair and he sent me to Shoe Carnival  http://www.shoecarnival.com/.  I am here to tell you, I am in love with these shoes and shoe carnival.  I had hurt my back and after walking less than an hour in these things, my back felt wonderful.  In fact the only time it didn’t hurt was when I walked in them.  They say you lose weight when you wear them.  Every time I sat down, my back hurt, so I think keeping you up and moving is a side benefit.

So, here they are:  My new Avi-motion walking shoes by Avia.  I was able to get a second pair, to trade off, for $125 for both pairs.  What a deal.  There is a more name brand of these shoes, that are supposed to tone your butt up and all but they hurt my feet.  The butt thing is not known yet, but we can hope.  I swear these shoes are fun to walk in.  They have a rocking kind of sole.  The dog is optional.

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