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Do you know someone who just will not shut up? You know the type; they cannot use four words to say something when twenty-five will do. Their stories tend to ramble on and on, until you just tune them out. I know two people, related to each other, who do this. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in their family. All those people talking constantly, with nothing to say.


I imagine we all have a primal urge to communicate. Sometimes you just have to turn to someone and say, “Did you see that?” Eons ago, a cave dweller nudged another cave dweller. He grunted and pointed to a huge bug caught in his wife’s hair and they had a good laugh. Communication is elemental.


Some of it, I am sure, is the environment we grow up in. If your family talked around the dinner table, you talk. If they watched Television, perhaps you do not. If you grew up in a quiet household, as I did, you tend to turn off the TV when others are gone. If you grew up in a noisy household, you need the noise of conversation.


Maybe that is why I never “got” Seinfeld. I have heard it was a show about “nothing.” I love movies, but I like a point to it all. If I want “nothing”, I sit out and watch the sunset, or listen to the breeze stir the leaves, or lie and stare up at the stars.


This blog is perhaps about nothing today, other than my need for quiet.  So, go outside tonight and listen to the sunset.  I hear there is a cracking noise to it in some locations in the world.




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