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  1. No mother of eight children should EVER, EVER, EVER appear in public in a bikini; unless she is on the beach and wrapped in a towel.  There should be laws.
  2. You should never chew on your purse. 
  3. Sarah Palin will NEVER go away.
  4. Politician’s are not NEARLY as smart as they think they are.  What else is their excuse for thinking they could disappear for days and no one will notice. 
  5. Sleeping in a garbage can is NEVER good for your image., especially if you are a lawyer.

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School can suck, and there is no two ways about it.  The only people who seem to truly relish school are the ones who were the high school cheerleaders, the prom queen or the jock.  Those people never want to leave school.  How many adult mothers do you still see with a “mall hairdo?”   Not to speak of my era students, who still dress in tie-dye and long hair.


Actually, school was going along quite well for me until I was put in experimental “advanced” classes, in sixth grade.  My previous A average dropped to C’s.  My previous best friend became a bit of a tormentor.  She found new friends and bragged that her grades were higher than mine.  As for me, I just did not feel I fit in with the kids in that class.  I also worked every night till midnight on homework to maintain my new “C” average.


After that, I was not so successful on the socializing side. I was a “band” kid and, when a new, and bad band director took over, I lost my love and any possibility of entry into a conservatory.  My grades plummeted and I withdrew into myself.


I have never attended a High School reunion or even given it a second thought.  I did reconnect with an old friend a couple of years ago and we eMail regularly, or did before Sarah Palin became the “other” woman.  So, it was a surprise, even to me, when I joined Classmates.com. 


This move has confirmed to me that, despite my long held belief that no one would remember me, that it is I who do not remember anyone else.  So, take heart students, This too shall pass.

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Okay, if I just link to a hilarious blog, by an 82 year old woman?  Right now, she has written about Sarah Palin.  But, any editors/agents who are checking me out, cannot get mad at my opinions as I am just offering up this link for you to check out.  You are warned.  Harold! The rat is back! « Margaret and Helen.

I have written Master’s daughter and warned her also, that this is who I want to be when I grow up.  It’s everything I have wanted to say but could not figure out how to make it funny.  She expresses every fear I have had.  I swear if Sarah Palin is chosen to run for President in 2012, and wins, I am moving to another country.  This one will be doomed. 

See, that was not funny.  Helen had me in tears, I was laughing so hard.

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I have found the Catch-22 in my state’s health insurance.  Yes, they have given me wonderful insurance and they have given the nineteen year old, high school attending EMT boy health insurance; however, they have taken away the sixteen year olds insurance.  And, it’s all semantics.


I am grandmother/step-mother/guardian to JRockGuitarMan.  I have not been able to work for some time due to not having insurance and what the really crappy doctor’s poor people get, did to me.  That’s a way long, sad and boring story there.  But, as step-mother, I do not count as part of the family. 


Nineteen year old brother, while still in high school (due to no fault of his own, it’s that pesky little homeschooling thing.) does not count on our income because he is, well, nineteen.  Never mind that he cannot go out and get a 9 to 5 job because, golly, the school system insists he attend school during those hours and he is not one of those people who can do without sleep for days on end.


So, we have disabled husband, who counts, and is currently the sole bread winner.  Me, who doesn’t count, EMT boy who doesn’t count and sixteen year old JRockGuitarMan who counts, is sixteen and no longer qualified for insurance because our income is just a tad too high for a family of TWO.  We would qualify for a family of three and be way under for a family of four.


But, that’s right folks; we four are considered a family of two. The person writing this does not exist in the scheme of things, and in Indiana’s eyes.  I finally get insurance and now I have to worry that for the next three years, if this kid has to have a surgery, we will be in deep trouble.


It’s always something.  And, excuse me if I do not feel real humorous this morning.


Frankly, despite what CNN says, I AM offended and bothered by the price of Sarah Palin’s, who is a woman just like me (RIGHT!) campaigning wardrobe that they spent like a bazillion dollars on.  I shop at Good Will.  Why wouldn’t I be offended?  After all, they are going to donate that wardrobe so one woman, somewhere will get nice clothing.



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These are my top posts, searches and most active views according to WordPress this morning.

And, can anyone tell me how to enlarge my font without going back to word and cutting and pasting forever?  There has to be a way to do it.  Sorry, for the bold but I had to make it bigger in Headings.

Anyway, #%#%, I’m back to small again. Okay, at this point in time, Floods beat out Viggo in posts, yet he leads in searches.  Well, not him exactly, his “maybe” existing girlfriend does.  Photography beats him in most active. 

I have thought about writing about Sarah Palin, that should really raise my stats, but I don’t have the stomach for it.  I’d rather refer you here:  Mudflats  (I know, this is breaking my non-controversial rule, but she just reminds me of a beauty queen from the 50s; with a bad attitude.)

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