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Okay, I have lived with four teenage boys, long enough to know that if they hand me a movie and say, “Grandma, you’ve just got to watch this.” My first question should be, and was, “Is this a shoot em up and kill them movie.”


“Oh, no.” They declare.  “It’s really good.”


In what depths of their male brain do they think that Boondock Saints is NOT a shoot ‘em up movie?  Dialogue toward the end of the movie even announces there have been seventeen murders. And, pretty nearly all these murders were done with weapons; namely guns, boys.  Shoot ‘em up, guns.


First, let me say that I like Willem Dafoe’s acting; usually. I like his name: Willem, not William—although he was named William at birth, Willem and Dafoe. It’s a cool name and I remember him from Platoon and Mississippi Burning.  And, I also thought I remembered him from China Beach, but apparently, he wasn’t in it.  Hmmm?


This SHOULD have been a good movie.  It’s a good premise, but, it’s not well directed.  They have taken perfectly good actors and told them to do the worse overacting on earth; especially Defoe.


Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus play fraternal twins; one of these two actors was quite impressive and that is despite the hideous directing that the other actors followed. Unfortunately, I do not remember which was which.  But, they played vigilante meatpackers.


Okay, I simplified there, but hey, I have this firm belief, and this is from direct experience so please do not get irate meatpackers, that people who work in butchering plants tend to be affected by the killing in the long run.  Violence can be one result. Well, these boys see it as their mission from God to murder “bad” people and they start with Russian mobsters who are going to close their favorite Irish pub.


This may, in deed, be justification in the eyes of most of the world but they don’t stop there and the shooting just goes on and on and on.  And, unfortunately, so does the over acting.  


The movie could have been good.  Troy Duffy was the writer and director and I recommend he stick with writing.


Don’t go out and rent this DVD, just read the plot on Wiki and be done with it. The Boondock Saints – Wikipedia, the free


Wikipedia tells me that there is a sequel in the future. 

And, that Willem Dafoe has been smart enough to turn it down.  My words, not theirs.

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