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Yesterday’s blog was supposed to be about Margaret and Helen‘s post “We Have A Dream.”  However, it may have been the biggest digression on record. So, I shall try to stay on-track today.



Their blog is a list of ideas that they think everyone can get behind.  Well, maybe if you throw out the extremes of both parties and definitely take Rush Limbaugh’s cookies away from him. 



I am not going to copy their list here, and if you have not read their blog, you are really missing out on a great time.  I just want to add some points of my own.



Helen wants a good, inexpensive health care system.  Margaret wants vision care included.  I want to add dental.  Since when, does the fact that you need dental work, NOT impact the rest of your health?



And, while they are at it, I want it to be run by workers and bosses who are intelligent people.  I have been fighting since January with my Healthy Indiana Insurance because they think I still have a tiny AARP policy that was terminated 12/31/07.  So they have decided they are kicking me off and I will have no more insurance in April.  I’m working on it folks.  That, and everything else.


Margaret and Helen say that no child should go hungry and without insurance.  I say, Amen to that.  With husband’s disability income, we have cut down on extras (and, I wish we could cut down on the DirecTv bill but we have another year and a half to go on a contract), but we do not have insurance for the 17 year old. 



Their blog covers tax on cigarettes, where Larry King belongs, religion and politics and the fact that when you call an American company, they want to speak to an American.  I think the point is also that if you are going to call a help desk, you should get someone who is fluent in your language, no matter where they are sitting. 



Now, that may not be good for the economy but let’s face it, there are very few “Just American” or any other country companies now.  It’s a global world.  Just please screen your staff to make sure you can understand them when you are not reading their lips.  I have called and not understood people who I am pretty sure are speaking English.



There is a lot else on their blog.  Some, I kind of agree with, some I totally agree with, but it is a good discussion.  I would love to be invited to Helen’s house for Thanksgiving some day.  I promise to clean my plate, not drink soda (I like water and iced tea better anyway), throw in a few dollars, carry out my trash, and not to bring pie.

By the way, Helen is admitting to being near 83 now and believe me, that lady has it all together. 

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My father was born to believe everything anyone ever told him.  Providing they were either Rush Limbaugh or Jack VanImpe.  So, I had to get a big kick out of Margaret and Helen‘s latest Blog on good ole’ Rush Limbaugh. 


My father also thought the sky was falling.  Actually, he invented that saying, it was not chicken little at all.  My father heard that someone had been broken into.  Our house was immediately locked tight with a sign on the front door that said, “Security by XYZ.”  Of course, the sign was fake.


He also had a sticker on the back of his car.  It said he was a “proud supporter of the Baxter County Sheriff’s Department.”  He always told us that sticker kept him from getting tickets.  That was before he was ticketed for speeding.  To be totally fair, he was not in Baxter County at the time.


Dad would ask me if I would do him a favor.  He knew I would never say no to that, so that’s how he would con me into watching either VanImpe or Limbaugh. 


All of which, just goes to show, I really was stolen from the Gypsies when I was little.  Because, I am as pleased as can be to have Obama for my President and my poor dad is probably turning over in his grave right now.

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