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It’s past my bedtime but I have an early day driving people places they don’t really want to be. Youngest boy has to see the doctor and mom has to have a pulmonary function test.  Speaking of mom, this is an advertisement for her blog.  She has won awards for her rhyming poetry for years.  Here is a sample. Check her new blog out at http://padairvanvleck.wordpress.com. She has one very funny poem up and one that will bring tears to your eyes. She will try to post a new poem every day, from her book.



Just once in every lifetime

Someone comes along

And hearts then blend in harmony

With words to love’s sweet song


Just once in every lifetime

Two hearts fill special roles

And fall in love from the start

As destined kindred souls


Just once in every lifetime

A union’s meant to be

When those hearts join and beat as one

For all eternity


3/26/95            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


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