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I believe I have mentioned my mother’s eternal quest for things. I have seen her search for months for leather jackets, the right Foreman grill, a purse, “unmentionables,” anything and everything. And, I have also returned any number of those because she cannot seem to tell, in the store, that they have a fault she cannot live with.

In the three years she has lived in her apartment, she has maybe had three overnight guests. She had one of the blow up beds but gave it to us (which is what she does with things that she does not return). I think she just did not feel she had room for it. She has one guest who has come twice and rents a motel room and seems quite happy with that arrangement. But, mom does not feel like the proper hostess if she does not have a bed for a guest and a five course breakfast.

Considering she has a galley kitchen, and is exceedingly tired and in pain from her back, I do think they could skip the breakfast and go out to eat, but that’s not a good hostess.

So, first mother decided she needed a new couch. She purchased a recliner and a rocking love seat for two when she moved in. Everyone exclaims about the love seat and how comfortable it is, when they sit on it. I have slept on it a couple of times when I needed to be there at night. It is doable. But, she doesn’t like the furniture now because:
1. The cushions do not come off either piece of furniture so you cannot clean under them. It would seem to me that if the cushions do not come off then it would not be very dirty under them but I really do not know.
2. The love seat does not make into a bed
3. Something is wrong with her recliner and it will not recline all the way

When she said that to me, I had just brought over a lift seat for her that was to help her get out of the chair. She was sitting on it at the time she said it and I asked what she meant and she threw the handle back and mysteriously she was laying flat out, feet up, reclining.

The smart aleck I am said, “Oh, you mean like that? It won’t do that?”

What we discovered is she is so short that she cannot make the recliner go back unless she is setting on top of something to give her height leverage, so I will give her that one, she needs a recliner she can work, as she is..

The reason she could not use the chair lift for that purpose is because it was not electric, and would just gently raise her up as she stood. She repeatedly tended to lean over to pick something off the floor as she stood and ended up face down on the floor. That was not acceptable and, I’m sure, not what the manufacturer intended.

So, first we were on a quest for —– drum roll here —– for a red leather couch that makes into a bed and a red leather chair that a five foot tall person can recline in. Yes, you read that right, red leather. Personally, the thought of living with a red leather chair would really mess up my “Feng Shui.” (sp?)

Life keeps moving and several weeks have passed and we had not gone out on our first search for red leather furniture, when mom announced she no longer wanted a couch. Now, we will be on a quest for three chairs. I am not sure what color, but she has reasoned out that they are doable for guests to recline and sleep in AND, they can be pulled around if someone wants to watch television with her.

This from the woman who will not allow the walmart lady to bag more than three cans in a bag because it will be too heavy.

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