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Disabled husband and Gaffer arrive in Indiana first. He parks in the motel, where we have reserved a room for tomorrow’s closing (HAH!! That’s what he thinks, yet because his cell is not working real well).  He parks and hears a crash.  The back corner floor of the trailer he is pulling, which is loaded with mom’s stuff, just fell down.  It sort of broke out.  Fortunately, nothing inside broke.


They went into the motel and got in the pool.  Mom and I arrived later in the day.  I spent the time on the phone trying to deal with what we were going to do; calling, threatening, cajoling.


The next day we took everyone to see our “maybe” new home.  As always, it is much smaller than I imagined/hoped. It is truly like 1,100 square feet at most. The walk out basement is finished and fortunately we all agree mom will take it. 


She loves the pond out her front door and the trees and birds. She hated Wyoming and missed all the trees and birds that she had in Arkansas, before dad died.  


Irritating little Chihuahua jumps out of the van and gives a huge sigh and rolls over and does a Snoopy dog dance/wiggle on her back, in the grass. She has never had grass before; our last yard was sage brush.  We all sigh and get back in the van and start looking for a new house; just in case.


One week later: I have reached the point where I told our realtor that he needs to inform their realtor that I will be filing a law suit the next day for not informing us, on the disclosure papers, that there is no legal septic. Amazingly, suddenly we are able to close and the realtor stops to talk to us when we leave the closing. 


Keep in mind that I look way up at our big strapping young realtor and I am face to face with the seller’s older scrawny realtor.


“I will never work in Brown County again.” Our realtor says.  “The old brother network here is unbreakable and you have to belong to get anywhere.”


“I’m sorry I got you involved.” I tell him.


“Now that you are closed, I can tell you that he threatened to beat me up.” He says with apprehension in his posture.  “He seriously, called up my office and threatened to beat me up.”


“Nah,” I tell him.  “Our realtor can beat up their realtor any day.”

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