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We live on close to four wooded acres and our large pond is a very popular spot in this drought, for all manner of wildlife.  To keep our garden from becoming the local salad bar for four-legged critters, husband has fashioned a very cheap cage to cover it. It seems to scare most of the wildlife and, when she was alive, Irritating little chihuahua would not go near it.

He found the pattern online but husband is not real knowledgeable about the internet and probably could not find it again. It’s made of chicken wire over a frame of flexible electrical conduit and it has its own screen door and a seat on the outside. We had it near the house but the Brown County Garden Club came out and built us a raised bed garden to fit in it. It weighs next to nothing for about seven of us to lift and put over the new garden.

Frankly, I see two more of these in our future.  And, thank you so much to the kind people and companies who donated their time and supplies to make our garden successful.

our raised bed garden cage

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My Master’s Daughter, yes XUP this is MY daughter, not some Master of Tai Kwan Do’s daughter, or Master Chef’s daughter.  She is “MY” oldest daughter and she graduated with a straight A average for her Masters degree in education, so she is “my master’s daughter” and she is back to contributing to the blogosphere.

She is my favorite blog.  Sorry,  XUP but she is my daughter and  she is also the funniest person on this earth, and we are talking a lot of very funny people:

Like Crazy Aunt Purl

and Cake Wrecks

and even Blog | Anthony Bourdain

But, this girl was born seeing the world through funny eyes and her blog is the best ever; daughter or no daughter.  I mean, how many people can find a ton of laughs in cleaning a rabbit cage.  Braindebris’s Weblog.  And, I am talking tears running down my cheeks, laughing so hard I cannot talk now at the picture she has painted of her misadventures cleaning the rabbit cage.  You just gotta read it.

I would also like to point out that the other day I admitted to her:

Under the pressure to be witty and informing on Twitter, I am now cannibalizing your BrainDebris blog and stealing lines.  Oh, the humiliation.
And, now, she begins writing again, after a long absence.  Coincidence?  I think not!!!
HMMM!  There’s this little message at the bottom of her blog in size 3 font.  What does it say????
This blog is property of Braindebris@wordpress.com so back away from that copy/paste bucko and think for yourself!
The little smart aleck!  Guess I’m on my own with Twitter.

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I have not visited my search terms in a while. I do occasionally glance at them but it’s not too interesting but, this morning there were a couple that stopped me in my tracks.


“How much do Chihuahua way”:  Now, I’m not really big on spelling or on punctuation, but You can spell Chihuahua but you can’t spell weigh?  If you are a foreign speaking person, my most humble apologies.  I have tried to learn foreign languages and you have my sympathy, as well.


Fondling mom:   Okay, now that’s just sick.  How did that lead anyone to my site?


Fondling sleeping mom:  Sick and perverted, people!


Pringles can abuse:  I have written about making Pringle can, pinhole cameras and I have written about child abuse. But, this takes me places I don’t want to go and leaves an image in my head, I don’t want to have.  Oh, where my mind takes me.  Perhaps they are just interested in abusing Pringles’ cans?  Just step on it.


Cheryl klein bill gates: Okay, Ms. Klein, is there something going on we do not know????


Airplane wear Hawaii:  What can I say to that?   Airplane wear??? For Hawaii?? Or An airplane wears Hawaii.  Sounds painful.


Rabbit lips case: I know rabbits are not on the endangered species list but would you really kill a rabbit for a case? I mean it would have to be a small case. They don’t have a lot of lip.  OR is this in conjunction with some Law & Order case.  “The case of the missing Rabbit’s lips.”  I should go check visiting bunny now because maybe she is sitting in her food dish and pooping because someone stole her lips.  It would be tough to scream out “HELP! Someone stole my lips. If you didn’t have any.


Can you leave dead cows on property?  Okay, folks, I posted once about a dead cow on a piece of property daughter-of-eleven was looking at but, you know, I am not an expert on what to do with dead cows.  I imagine you can leave them on the property but geesh, would you really want to??? Get a shovel!


Drunk driving men vs. women:  I gotta tell you.  Whether man or woman, they are not going to drive really well while drunk.


Anthony Bourdain in jail:  Maybe that should have been Anthony Bourdain eating pigs heads and I’m sure he has spent time there, in jail not in a pig’s head, most likely in the drunk tank.  On second thought, I’ve seen him find pig’s head on the buffet and he might spend time in them.


And, my top search term:   Come on everyone out there say it with me —- TA DA!!


Viggo Mortensen



Viggo Mortenson:

Viggo Mortensen girlfriend

viggo mortensen august 2008 girlfriend d


In any spelling, in any form, the guy is #1.   As Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom knows.

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Now that the rabbits are fighting back, irritating Chihuahua has a new quarry.




She never did this until we spent some time with my grand-dog, in Wyoming. This lab mix is a fly catcher. Chihuahua watched and has been trying to catch one ever sense. In four years, she has not caught one yet.


She will lie on the rug, which makes her feel she is hiding in another room. It is an open floor plan but the kitchen floor has flooring and the dining/front room has carpet. She lies on the rug, Spinx like, waiting for her pesky prey to fly low or land. The other day, the fly landed on her nose and she spit and shook her nose for fifteen minutes. Suddenly, she charges.


Nails drag across the floor as she slides in for the kill.


When she returns with her prey,


it is chicken from her dish.


She has yet to capture a fly. I think that would be hilarious because I doubt she would like the feel or taste of it in her mouth; unless it tastes like chicken. Doesn’t everything that isn’t pork or beef taste like chicken?


Here is her other prey; her favorite Taco Belle Dog


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Unlike BrainDebris, I do not live an exciting life, filled with electron microscopes, hilarious husbands, and death defying children. The highlight of my life, this morning, was either, my husband going back to bed, an hour after he got up, because he was dizzy, or hearing oldest boy say, “9 out of 10 things I did made my mother scream.”


Lest I seem insensitive and uncaring, let me state, that husband has COPD and all sorts of other interesting side diseases, so dizziness is not a “call the ambulance symptom.” His disease has progressed for twenty years now and it is our life’s norm.


Since oldest boy will not enlighten me on the things he did that made his mother scream; only explaining that everything he did made her scream, and middle boy is gone for the week to a Native Sun Dance Festival, and youngest boy is taking an hour nap as getting up and eating breakfast was too exhausting to stay up all day, I am left with irritating Chihuahua.


Funniest thing that irritating Chihuahua has done all morning is to run around and sniff all her food hiding spots. She does this on a regular basis, ever since we watched the television special about what would happen if all human life was extinguished.


The St. Bernard, down the street, already has a little friend in his pack, so I believe the Chihuahua is concerned she will be on her own to forage for food, should we disappear. She is forgetting that getting out of the house will probably be her biggest problem. So far, the wild rabbits have all been able to outrun her, and she hasn’t figured out how to break into the cage of visiting rabbit yet.


So, please excuse me, as I just can’t find a thing to say this morning; opps, make that afternoon.



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Okay, I’m used to seeing searches leading to my Blog site like, “ben stein flds.” He’s the man everyone loves to hate. I did a whole thing on FLDS, and I’m moving on.


But, who in the world searches for “having children obsessively clean”? Does the searcher HAVE obsessively clean children? That, in itself would be a little weird, but if they are searching for a way to keep children obsessively clean, then my prayers are with them; the children and the parent.


Visiting oldest boy’s girlfriend had the answer to the search “what thongs mean.” She suggested that it was someone who did not realize that older people call flip-flops “thongs.” Apparently she has not seen Master’s Daughter’s Blog with the elderly lady in a thong.  EUWWW!


Then there was the search labeled “final middle beginning.” First, I think a person might do a search on “beginning, middle, ending.” But, that might just be the Compulsive gene coming out. Then again, I wouldn’t think anyone would do a search on just these words and not the word for what it is that is beginning, etc.


The search for “Rabbit deaths 4th of July” has me a bit worried. Just what are they doing with those fire crackers.


And, “How much in Wisconsin does jose cuervo cost?” is this a move criteria. They aren’t moving till they know? Or Are they sending someone else to the store?


I had to take a peak at Mom’s search term items: “Puppies without a foot” – That is just plain creepy.


My all time favorite, so far, needs no comments and has to be the following:


 “old grandpa pressing boobs while sleepin”

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