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I have been quiet lately because I feel I have nothing to contribute to what is happening in the world. 

I sit here, with food and water and medical care, at least until March 31st, and am still frustrated by the length of time it takes to get aid to someone in this “modern” world. 

It is a time when our words can circle the globe in a matter of mili-seconds and yet a bottle of water takes five days to arrive.  This disaster of all disasters will perhaps be the launching ground for a new hope of recovery for future disasters.  We watched Katrina and said, “This should never happen again.” Yet, here is another country suffering without water, care and food.

Some think tank needs to sit down and figure out an answer.  Nature will always have a hand to deal to us and we need to be better prepared.

Perhaps we need a league of ships stationed and manned by alternating countries, so that rescue equipment, personnel (medical and rescue), food and water are within one to three days of every port.

That is the third thing I have thought of but the solutions have so many snags, even in my mind, that I am not certain what can be done. 

That is why I have been quiet lately. 

My hope and thoughts are with the Haitians, here and in Haiti.

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I was watching “Must Have Dog” and thinking about how neat the protagonists’ large family was.  Ah, blog idea, I thought and began this post, then let it sit and stew for a few days and sure enough, *XUP*, blogs about having a large family.  Great minds or what?

There is a huge difference in people who grow up in a large family as opposed to those of us who are/or are like, only children.  My sister grew up in our grandmother’s home.  This was approximately an hour and a half drive, one way.  Oh, and she is ten years older than I am.   My brother, who was six years older than me and who was my protector/advisor and chess/cribbage partner, died in 1990.  I miss him still. 

While my brother and I were close, there was still that six-year’s difference in our age.  My friends had crushes on him and he helped me out with ‘boyfriend’ issues.  We did not hang out together though.  Vacations hardly count.  Even there, the contact consisted mostly of rolling our eyes at each other while our parents loudly debated whether it was day or night.

Despite these debates, which only occurred anytime our parents were both in the same county, our house was exceedingly quiet.  At times, it was deathly quiet.  Those were the times when dad was not home and the TV was off. 

Unlike people who grow up in big families with: houses full of noise, loud discussions at the dinner table, and lots of games, I like my quiet.  I am used to quiet and it is precious to me.

The three boys, who live with us now, spent many years in a large family.  There were ten children in the family when the last two came to live with us. It almost seems as if being alone is a frightening thing to them, to be avoided at all costs.

I, on the other hand, can sit and stare at patterns in the carpet and be entertained.  Of course, I see things in the patterns that other people do not see.  I am happy to travel alone.  I am fine with eating alone.  Can go to a movie alone and enjoy it.  Quiet is a good thing to me.  I value quiet.  Not so much, people from big families.

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Do you know someone who just will not shut up? You know the type; they cannot use four words to say something when twenty-five will do. Their stories tend to ramble on and on, until you just tune them out. I know two people, related to each other, who do this. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in their family. All those people talking constantly, with nothing to say.


I imagine we all have a primal urge to communicate. Sometimes you just have to turn to someone and say, “Did you see that?” Eons ago, a cave dweller nudged another cave dweller. He grunted and pointed to a huge bug caught in his wife’s hair and they had a good laugh. Communication is elemental.


Some of it, I am sure, is the environment we grow up in. If your family talked around the dinner table, you talk. If they watched Television, perhaps you do not. If you grew up in a quiet household, as I did, you tend to turn off the TV when others are gone. If you grew up in a noisy household, you need the noise of conversation.


Maybe that is why I never “got” Seinfeld. I have heard it was a show about “nothing.” I love movies, but I like a point to it all. If I want “nothing”, I sit out and watch the sunset, or listen to the breeze stir the leaves, or lie and stare up at the stars.


This blog is perhaps about nothing today, other than my need for quiet.  So, go outside tonight and listen to the sunset.  I hear there is a cracking noise to it in some locations in the world.




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