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It seems to me that we have become a society that values people behaving badly. What else accounts for: Bridezillas, Bad Girls, Bad Party Girls, John & Kate, the children the nanny tries to rehabilitate, Housewives of the Amazon (or wherever they happen to be living and fighting now), and all the reality shows where people yell at each, while the camera watches.

It used to be that behavior like that was a reason to be ashamed.  Now, it seems encouraged.

We have become a nation that loves to watch brats; brats of all ages.  Hence, recently the big news was the soccer player who was repeatedly filmed abusing other players.  Her excuse, “That’s not me.  I’m not like that.”  Okay, who was in your body?  Because, people who know you certainly think it is you.

I am so totally sick of people yelling and screaming at each other because they just “know” what is right and you do not.  What happened with negotiation and meeting in the middle and listening?  I have to wonder what is going to force us to realize that this is a very slippery slope to head down.

I love Project Runway and have really enjoyed the last couple of seasons where they did NOT have the one or two people who like to make life miserable for everyone else.  The only liar was out as soon as he opened up with that big lie.  There was only one who liked to put the others down, in a big way, but all-in-all it was a pleasant season.  And, what is wrong with that?

What is wrong with being civilized?

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Yippeee!!!  Project Runway is coming back.  Granted, it is not returning until August but I love Project Runway.  Project Runway Online

If you spotted my closet, or the jeans, Tshirt, running shoes ensemble I am normally in, you would wonder why I like this program.  I do not follow fashions or trends.  I think it is a waste of money for a woman to replace her wardrobe each year so that she can be “IN” fashion for a few months. 

I am a firm believer in buying a basic interchangeable wardrobe and then adding a few fun things to it.  You know, those bright things you just fall in love with and that reflect your own personality. 

Which is one part of “being in fashion” that I do not like.  With all the diversity and a million of people’s different interests, why would we want to all dress alike?

So, why do I love Project Runway?  Well, they do not eat wiggly living things, for one.  Although, one episode had a shrew who tried to.  The other designers, however, were too large for her to chew up.   But, I think I like it because it is the nearest thing television gets to reality art.  I did know some painter personalities in college whose egos were big enough to bring conflict to a reality show, but watching paint dry is not one of those things. 

I cannot wait to see what this years Project Runway brings.  And, in the meantime, I understand there is a “knock-off”  The Fashion Show to check out. Bravo knocks itself off: ‘The Fashion Show’ is this season’s ‘Project Runway’ – NJ.com

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