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Grocery prices are going up, do not even try to tell me there is no cost-of-living increase.  Look at two bottles of Ivory Dish soap. 

Doesn’t that bottle on the right look impressive?  I thought they had just redesigned the bottle until I got home.  Granted I had thrown out the cap of the bottle on the left already.  I wish I had not as I would use it to refill from the one on the right, BECAUSE: 1. The plastic, of the new bottle, is so weak it smooshes in your hand.  2. When you pick that rounded side bottle up, with wet hands, it just slips right out of your hand.  That stupid indented swirl is a grip but it is in the wrong area for the shape.

Here’s the difference of 30 oz on the left and the new, same price, 24 oz on the right.  I hate that bottle.  It proves that they do not do market research because no one should be able to hold onto that bottle with wet, soapy hands.  And, that black line is not slanted it is horizontal.

Then there is the matter of shampoo.  By the way, I am limited in purchases as we have to live in a scent free house.  So, here is a comparison of my new purchase of our standard shampoo.

In the left corner, we have 23.7 oz of shampoo, on the right is 14.2 oz.  Almost half the shampoo for nearly the same price.

See why I hate shopping!

Unfortunately, no one donated this product to me.  I paid my own hard-earned money to buy it and write this review.

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I have been avoiding a discussion of politics here for some time.  I have my opinion and you have yours and never the twain shall meet. I know this from eMail discussions with my friend in Massachusetts. Everyone bellieves what they believe.

What I believe right now, is that I can’t afford to buy decent loaf of bread (as opposed to the 99 cent sponge loaf) or gasoline.  We had to get JRockGuitarMan a pair of boots and pants. $55.63 later, we “thought” about buying a tank of gas.

We are on a fixed income. My husband has been disabled for eighteen years and will die disabled. He is 56 going on 90. He is bent and gray and mostly holding his chest when he tries to breathe and he will tell you that this staying home and getting paid thing sucks.  And, by the way, he only smoked for like a month in his whole life.

For years, every social security raise we got was eaten, in full, by an increase in medicare cost–to the penny. This January 1st, we will get a 2.5% increase.  Whoppeee!!! I think I shall travel to Hawaii on it, or buy some wheat flour to make bread; which we do often.

I worked for years and brought in extra income that allowed us to hold our heads above water but right now I can’t work. Right now, my job is to get health.  This is my job, so that I can take care of other people; mom, my husband and these boys.

This was part of why I was self-employed; so that I could take the day off to take someone to the doctor, or when mom ended up in the ER in the middle of the night (which happens often) or fight the system in other ways.  Right now I am working on a hearing to get the boys reinstated for insurance. Since “someone” in the system cancelled them, basing our income on a family of two, rather than a family of four.  Odd, did they think the boys were on their own or did they think we just made kids up to get insurance and say, “What idiots they are, har har.”  We would have qualified even as a family of three. And, for this, we will have to drive to Indianapolis, rather than providing proof of income here. Explain that one.

In the meantime, the sounds bites for today are that we have a sound economy.  What world does McCain live in?  ‘Cause it sure isn’t the one I inhabit.

Gas in Bloomington, Indiana is $4.25 a gallon. The whole midwest has the highest gas prices in the country. Take a look at the map of the whole US, showing prices, at Indiana Gas Prices.  Where Ike struck, prices are in the $3.74 area, but Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding areas are $4.25. 

I could not tell you about our Brown County gas prices, as Nashville did not have electricity yesterday. The boys went to school, from first period on, in the dark, all day.  Just like McCain.

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