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My latest project, because I was getting bored not finishing my twenty other projects,  is to scan in all my mother’s photo albums to digital and it sure brings back family memories.  She has purchased the greatest scanner, an Epson Perfection V330 photo scanner.  This was after trying a few of the cheaper models and being very unhappy.  Nothing like scanning in a 35mm slide and getting out an orange and green picture, or a pixeled photo.  This scanner is Perfection.  It is well named and no, I did not get it for free.  She paid every penny for it.  I am just the worker.

Since I have returned others, the first thing I did was scan a color photo, a color slide and a negative.  BAM!  They all worked perfect.  They have great color, no pixeling and it is quiet and easy to use.  There is a gadget you put four slides in and the machine scans each one and saves it individually.  No more cut and paste.  It does the same thing when you scan photos on it.  Lay out a row of four photos and you get four files. 

I am scanning a photo album with pages too big for the scanner, so you put it in, scan it, flip it around, scan it and then tell the computer software to stitch them together and voila!  You have a page.  It’s so cool. 

Here’s a sample of a stitched page.  I made it one-half size and it is not as clear as the actual large photo I now have on my computer.

These are not my memories here.  The top row is my grandfather, who died a year before I was born.  That’s him at 17 with his violin.  He used the violin to help support his family during the depression.  He played fiddle in bars and even on the radio.  I think it was a Hammond station and his show was Dad DeWitt and the Pumpkin Huskers.  Classy, right?  Hey, it supported the family and I hear he was very good.  The bottom right picture on the page is my grandmother, who died when I was one.  I just love this picture of her as a little girl, on a chair in the woods.

Who I do remember from this album is my Aunt Lula Lintz-DeWitt.  I think I have her maiden name correct but not sure.

This is Aunt Lula.  Doesn’t it look like a 1940s advertisement in Good Housekeeping?  I inherited that very bowl that she is stirring  in the photo.  When I get around to scanning my own photos, I have one of her by a skeleton.  She was a masuesse and graduated from college for this, thus the skeleton.  She was also very exotic to me.  She was a working widow, at a time when women were mostly employed as housewives and mothers. 

Enough for memory lane.  I am off now, to knit four more rows on my latest eternal project.

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 donna tiger

This cuties name is Donna and the date is 10-31-58 and she is a mystery to me, as I have some of her photos and would love to return them to someone who might have a personal connection with them.

If I had “life” to do over again, one of my choices would have been to be a photo journalist, possibly even before I would have been a classical violinist.  I love faces and I love photographs.   In fact, I grew up with a camera in my face and a red sweatshirt on.

My parents loved to take pictures.  Dad loved to take movies and they both loved to take 3D photos.  This extended to other family members and even when I went to my grandmother’s house for the holidays, we would get out of the car and my aunt would be standing out in a blizzard to capture every moment of the holiday, on celluloid.

I worked for law offices for years and occasionally, we would be told to go through boxes and take out anything we wanted.  This usually was the result of a marital break up or an estate case.  For some reason, no one wanted the stuff in the box and the lawyers were stuck with it.  One time there was a photo album in one of the boxes and, not being able to abandon photos, I took it home.

Eventually, I quit carting that photo album around in my many moves, but I could not throw away the photos.  I saved those photos and they are like owning a mystery to me. 

Most seem to feature a girl named Donna or Bobbie.  I am thinking she went to West Technical High School in Cleveland 2, Ohio. (That is not a typo, that is an address from the 50s.).  The reason I say that is this photo is stamped on the back: DEPARTMENT OF PHOTOGRAPHY, West Technical High School.  Not too dumb, am I?

bobbie donna

I believe the girl’s name is Donna or Bobbie as she resembles the girl on the left in this photo titled, “Winding up For The Take Off” and is dated Oct. 8, 1951.

donna bobbie

And, I think that Miss Vanek must have been one of her teachers.  This photo was dated December 1954 and identified by the teacher’s name on the back.  Doesn’t the girl on the left resemble Donna or Bobbie, but then the girl on the right could be one of them too?

donna and miss vanek

Finally, and there are other photos without any identification, we know that somehow they know “THE SKIPPER FAMILY.”  Season’s Greetings to all was included in their album.

donna the skipper family

I have to tell you.  This is such an iconic photo.  I love it.  It is obviously for Christmas but I gather, by the foliage, that they are in the south?  And, here stands Mrs in a fur hat, scarf, coat and gloves, while daughter is just in a sweater and he is in a suit. 

So, if anyone out there in the blogosphere, knows Donna or Bobbie or the Skipper Family, maybe we can get these pictures back to their family.  Just email or comment and let me know.

Oh, and the red sweatshirt reference??  Mom thought red showed up really well in color photographs.  So, for vacation, every year, she bought me a new red sweatshirt.  If you find any photos of a girl in a red sweatshirt, standing by the sign for entering every state in the country, or by every statue, landmark and waterfall ever seen on vacation, you know who to send them to.

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