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Guilty Pleasures on Allison’s Blog. Guilty Pleasures « That’s What She Blogged


Here’s a quick list of mine :


1.     Yes, People magazine.  You don’t look so guilty reading it in the doctor’s office though, you know.

2.     My third watching of Tortilla Soup this month.

3.     South Bend Chocolate Company, Dark Chocolate

4.     Watching CBS Sunday Morning in my pajamas.

5.     Taking down my Harry Potter gift trunk to be a kid again.

6.     Having the house all to myself

7.     Singing to myself when I have the house all to myself

8.     Practicing the violin

9.     A mechanical pencil and a sketch book

10.          Reading a good book   


Okay, they are mostly not such “guilty pleasures.”  But, they sure are pleasures.

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XUP Bedtime Stories for the Stout-Hearted « XUP tells the best stories.  I have heard of Rasputin before but this is a great retelling. 

What this has to do with today’s post, you ask?  I am not sure, but I will try to find a way to bring it in.  I just read XUP’s post and had to pass it on.

I am sitting here thinking about fish and guests.  You know that saying about a fish and guests after three days.  I have a guest who is going on fifteen days now.   Today, I sit and think of ways to get her to leave.  Perhaps just, “EMT said you were leaving today, don’t forget the children’s toys.”

Yes, she has children, at her mother’s home and she has gone there and gotten all  three of them once, so I had a Saturday of children and then one of them once, so I babysat for that one.  I’m thinking she is just too comfortable here and it’s time to stop feeding her.

EMT has stated that she is not the person he thought she was.  I pointed out that living with someone can sometimes show that up, and that no one said she would be living here.  He had said, and I quote, “you’ll be seeing a lot of X .”  And that is not X as in XUP.  Her I could put up with for fourteen days.  She, I told you I could find a way. 

Anyway, this girl has got to go.  Fifteen straight days is WAY MORE than a lot of someone.  And, with her, I think three days might be more than enough.

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