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Summer is officially here, along with the strange urge to pour poisons on your grass and kill things.  I suppose that some weed killers are not poisonous.  I have heard of pouring boiling water on stuff to get rid of it.  I had a joke here about just who you could get rid of but, from things I am hearing on the news, you do not make jokes that you do not want some idiot to actually do.  So, we’ll stick with plants.


But, just look at this picture and tell me, “What’s not to love?”

These bright yellow flower heads brighten up any yard.  Didn’t you ever hold it under your chin to see if you liked butter?  I think that was why.  My chin was certainly yellow. 

How many hours did you spent, as a kid, blowing the fireworks style end-of-season head to watch the parachute seeds drifting slowly to earth?  Picture a chubby munchkin with pursed lips.  Do you want to take that joy away.

Dandelion means “lion’s tooth” in Old French.  This was due to the deeply toothed, lance shaped leaves, which are good for eating when they have just emerged from the ground. 

There is a whole world of information at Common Dandelion.  Where, I borrowed the above picture from, by the way, and thank you.

But, here is my favorite reason for loving dandelions.


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 In trolling my favorite blogs last night and then watching The Jane Austen Book Club, I noticed there is a dearth of “my favorite things” lists but I am thinking that it just might be time for a  “What I never intend on doing”  list. 

Not everyone shares my “never do’s” .  George Harrison just never wants to say, goodbye.”  GEORGE HARRISON – I DON’T WANT TO DO IT LYRICS

But, as far as I am concerned:

  1. I do not want to jump out of an airplane.  I don’t care if I have a parachute on or not, it is going to take a lot to ever get me to jump.  (That was from a scene in The Jane Austen Book Club.)
  2.  I do not want to ever eat a living thing; especially if it hangs wiggling out of my mouth.
  3. I do not ever want to rehab a house again.  I know this is probably unrealistic and just because I do not want to does not mean I will not do it.  But, I don’t wanna!!!  I really, really, really, do not want to.
  4. And, with that goes, any reason that I might have to listen to a table saw for four hours a day.  I do not want to ever do that either.
  5. I do not want to sit up in an Emergency Room all night, or be the patient in one, for that matter.  I know, I do not have a choice on this one, but I do not want to do either one.
  6. Bungee Jumping.  Although, it does look a bit like fun, there are things about relying on a rubber band for survival that I do not find appealing.
  7. Extreme Skiing also looks fun but I will stick with the “path well traveled” thankyouverymuch.

I am having a hard time finding things for this list.  Guess, that is why I do not see them much.

P.S.  This is getting easier.  Beside the great lists that XUP has added, I never,  ever, ever want to go out for my daily walk and find a tree hanging with nests (4 of them) of wriggling worms again.  ICK!!!ICK!!!ICK!!!  It brings new meaning to bugs in a bag.  Not that I had a meaning for Bugs in a Bag but it is full of the wiggling icky things and some have opted to go for a mid-morning snack.  They are Eastern tent caterpillars  Eastern tent caterpillar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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