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In recent weeks, I have repeatedly read the officials of the FLDS deny that any children were abused at their compund.

I think these officials should change their wording on this to the lame argument my son-in-law used when we took the two boys from their home. We were told that what the problem was, is a “Difference of opinion on child rearing.” I have to say, he could hardly say it with a straight face, but he did say it and he meant it.  

I can’t argue with the fact that we had a difference in opinion.  We did not believe that children should be locked in closets, beaten with boards and horse cinches, or stripped naked and beaten as the step-father watched in the mirror. His opinion was that these things were all right. Along with the right to an education consisting mainly of memorizing Bible verses, and enough math and reading for the girls to read recipes.

So, the FLDS, just needs to let us know what their “difference of opinion in child rearing is” and maybe we will believe they have the “religious right” to do the things they do.

I have read that there are at least fifteen kinds of abuse. Physical, emotional, verbal, child abuse, sexual abuse, economic abuse, using male privilege (in all fairness we need to add using female privilege), intimidation, isolation, elder abuse, ritualistic abuse and religious abuse. That’s only thirteen, but within each are several subcategories.

Below is a list of abuse we can be pretty sure is alright by them, that is considered to legally be abuse. I use the feminine ‘her’ as that is who is on the receiving end of it in the FLDS case.

 Denying a person from having a say in how money is spent, treating her like a servant, telling her what to do, making her fearful, controlling what she does, who she sees, talks to and where she goes is all abuse. I’d make a good guess they’ve got all those in their handbook as being the “way to live.  No human being gives a rote monotone answer, as these women have, unless they are on 1. drugs 2. fearful of retribution or 3. so brainwashed that they have no emotion left.

Then there is the jackpot FLDS abuse: “brainwashing against society/authority.” Anyone want to debate the FDLS is into that abuse?

So, next time you read that the Church officials deny committing child abuse.  Think about all the stuff they have done to their wives and know that, in their opinion, nothing is abuse, it’s all about freedom of their religion. 


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