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Every time my mother has felt ill, she has reminded me that she has written her obituary and it is in the computer.

The woman has had two strokes, two TIA’s,  breast cancer, and a total of 24 surgeries or procedures in her 89 1/2 years of life.  She has about everything wrong with her heart that can be and the 24th procedure was this month.  So, you can well imagine that I have kept that thought in my mind:  “My obituary is in the computer.”

We thought she was having a third heart attack for the month and took her into the emergency room in intense pain.  Luckily, and I say this with all my heart, she got a good physician (this time) in the ER.  Last time she was in (this month) she was in for six hours and had a second chest x-ray after three hours because they just realized it was blurry.   This doc knew right away that he was not dealing with a heart attack and ordered an MRI on her abdomen.

They found a larger gall stone had fallen into a duct and was blocking the area between her liver and intestines.  Her liver was enlarged.  She was in immense pain and in an ambulance some 50 miles to Indiana University Medical Center.

We have spent most of our time since at Indiana Medical Center and found it to be the best, ABSOLUTE BEST, bunch of nurses, student nurses, doctors, interns, cleaning staff, people on earth.  The one ‘poor quality’ nurse really stood out after seeing so many who rushed in to help her to the bathroom just because they heard her tell us she was going to need to go soon.  She rarely had to push a button.

We were told that she had two options and neither was good.  If they did not do surgery she would die and if they did surgery, there was a 70% chance she would die.  That night, when I went back to her apartment to pick up some things for her, I turned on the computer and looked for her obituary.  I had already grabbed the name of the mortuary.

There was NO OBITUARY.  What there was, was a read-only file called obituary.  I did not tell mom that this document, that I presumed she had worked on so hard, was blank.

Ten days, a PIC line (which is a line they put in after no one can bear to stick her again since her blood clots in the needles anymore), and a procedure later, she was recovering and I got up the nerve to tell her about the missing file.  Her response:

“Oh, I know that.  I haven’t written it yet.”

WTF, is she just playing with my head?

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Sorry for the long absence. It snowed. The car has been stuck in the drive for six days. I threw up for ten hours one night and have been nauseous since. My mother had four nurses coming to her home.

Wait, you say. What was that last one? “my mother had four nurses coming to her home this week.” What does that have to do with not blogging, you ask.

Apparently, my life’s fun radar, goes totally off when my mother has to have nurses coming to her apartment. It has something to do with the first phone call, when she said: “I just had the absolute worse day of my whole life.”

A child of an elderly parent automatically assumes: she broke her hip, her best friend died, a man broke in and stole her valuable jewelry (which includes $5.00 rings you get when you order from the back flap of an envelope), she was evicted from her apartment, I don’t know but all kinds of things flashed through my brain and none of those things included, “A nurse came to my apartment and checked my pills.”

Apparently, THAT is what gives my mother the worse day of her life. Never mind the depression era she lived through, breast cancer she survived, the car accident that put her in back pain for the rest of her life, the tremor that does not allow her to handwrite legibly, a nurse came and checked her pills! The nerve!

The doctor thought it was a good idea, after mom got out of the hospital and the rehab/nursing center to have nurses visit her. I concurred. She would have a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a nurse to oversee her new medications and take her protime level, at home, without her going out in the snow. My mother, after doing physical rehab in the facility, walked down the hallway of her apartment, without stopping to rest or panting. She also got into my car without help. She was stronger and more stable than she had been in three years.

But, do you know, that this week four nurses came out and each on separate days. It’s insulting, I tell you, and she will have none of it. Now, I wish some physical therapist would come out to my house to oversee my exercises. My left shoulder just does not feel like it is aligned right when I do my weights. I could use someone who knows what they are doing to watch me and correct me.

YEAHHH! See how I threw that in, just nonchalant like. I am doing my weights again. Mind you, I am at two pounds on some, but that will build up. Week one down!

Anyway, to sum up, anyone who wishes to report us, the doctor and me, for senior abuse, should call and do so as the torture of having nurses and therapists out to her apartment will last for two more weeks.

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