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I love the new advertisement for ?? is it WalMart?  It may not be the most successful ad, since I cannot remember what it is for, but I love it anyway.

We are all raised with an idea of what beauty is.  My mother tends to use the word pretty for all kinds of things.  “Doesn’t she have a pretty face?”  “That shirt is pretty.”  “There’s a pretty rock.”

Conversely, anything she does not like is ugly.  “That sausage tastes ugly.”  “That yard is ugly.”  Etc.

My idea of pretty is a bit off from my mothers.  I think that Whoppi Goldberg is one of the prettiest actors (I guess using actress is not PC.) around.  But, somehow judging say, Nicholas Cage, on a pretty scale is just wrong.  Now, if you want to talk Viggo Mortensen——.

I have painted portraits professionally for over twenty years now, and I think all faces are beautiful.  I love Whoppi’s smile.  It makes her beautiful.  Some people have beautiful eyes.  Some have beautiful wrinkles.  Honest! 

And, I love to watch that commercial because every one of those people is beautiful, and so are you!

P.S.  Right now, I’m looking in the mirror and reminding myself that I have always thought wrinkles were pretty.

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Recently, okay, not that long ago but in my mind it is well ‘lucid’ (which my relatives often say I am not.).   I bet the punctuation is way off in that sentence.  Please excuse me, my unknown future and wonderful agent.  Anyway, I remembered this post from Lucid Dreaming for Slackers ? Cranky Fitness.



I have very vibrant dreams, and occasionally hallucinations.  Last night Irritating little Chihuahua woke me up and, instead of her, I saw a black “other animal” (I said the dreams were vivid not the memory) sitting up and begging against the back of the couch.  He was a lot larger than the Chihuahua, who was by this time on the floor.  I gotta lay off the Melatonin.



We were having dinner with JRock’s girlfriend’s parents Saturday night and she had the DVD of Twilight. I’ll get to the point, in a minute.  You know that scene where she wakes up and the vampire guy is in her room and she blinks and he isn’t.  Like he wasn’t ever in her room, but he really was there all along?  Well, that is my life. 



It is my night actually.  Sometimes, a swift image of a person is there. At times, I wake up and see clumps of black things dancing around near the ceiling.   I am sure it is some medicine I am on, perhaps combined with Melatonin.  It really doesn’t scare me any, so I haven’t bothered reading the inserts to see what is doing it.  Remember, this is the woman who found a rare earthquake great fun. 



I did try the Lucid dreaming note taking for a few days but it takes time and I have enough to do right now.  My former violin teacher had dream diaries that covered years.  He swore by the method.  He said he had great control of his dreams and could direct them.  My goal would have been to be able to control some dreams, like to be able to fly more often in dreams.  That is cool when it happens! 


It would also be neat to control who is in my dreams.


So, what I want to know—my burning question is: 


Why do I keep dreaming about Nicholas Cage rather than Viggo Mortensen.  If I have to have a vivid dream guy dream, I want it to be Viggo.

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I have a poor memory, as I have stated before.  I can remember some things;  mostly, because I have written them down.  In college, I listened to lectures, recorded them, made notes, rewrote the notes for legibility and organization and then put them on index cards. 


Being an artist, I keep a sketch book.  It is my memory. I have piles of sketch books and it worries me that I cannot find a couple of them.  I have two studios, so I am sure they are around somewhere.  But, I like keeping my memory close. 


I once met an artist who took extra care to ship his sketchbooks when he moved.  He was worried they would get lost in the packing and confusion of a moving truck.  Unfortunately, the shipment did get lost and his sketchbooks were gone forever.  An actor once had his sketchbooks stolen from his truck.  I guard mine and, along with my uncle’s violin, they are what I would grab in a flood.


There is a silver lining to having a poor memory, however. 


For one thing, I can watch movies over again and enjoy them just like the first time.  The other day I watched “I Remember Mama” again.  Of course, it has been so many years since I have seen it that I do not think that is a big challenge that counts.  But, I can watch a movie I saw last year and “discover” it all over again.  It is not like I forget the little details either, I forget the movie: the ending, the middle, the characters.  I get the joy of discovering it all over again.  Of course, that does not account for the 386 times I have watched ConAir or The Rock.  Hey, Nicholas Cage is hot in both of them. 


I suppose it enables me to forget slights done to me too.  But, since I cannot remember, I am happy not knowing.

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Today, we were having a “Dennis Conversation.”


JRockGuitarMan and granddad were having a discussion. 


JRockGuitarMan is trying to describe a movie wherein Nicholas Cage is a hit man and then became the prey.


Granddad said something about it being on Starz tonight.


Whereupon, like an idiot, I quit minding my own business (For some reason I am always the one in charge of the remotes) and asked what channel that was, and went to it, only to see that No Country for Old Men is on tonight.


 “I didn’t know Nicholas Cage was in No Country for Old Men.” I say.


Granddad says, “He’s not.” then he continued to talk and I held up my hand to stop him because that can go on forever, and there really wasn’t any point. I realized what was happening right away.


It seems that none of the three of us was talking about the same thing and THAT is what a “Dennis conversation” is.


I have had many of these discussions with our friend, Dennis. How it is that he and I can talk for a half hour before discovering that neither of us are talking about the same thing, is beyond me.

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In the 80+ DVD movies I have, and I’m sure that is a small collection (we still have VHS’ too, and each boy has their own collection of DVD’s. But, in mine alone, out of eighty movies that range from Schindler’s List to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and the “feel good romp” of Mystic River, thirteen of these movies have Nicholas Cage in them. I told you this was an Extremely Biased Film Review. My passion for Nicholas Cage, and his acting knows very little bounds and has only recently been replaced by Viggo Mortensen, who I only have two DVD’s of.

There are some  actors who just have to act, even if the movie is a stinker. But, then again, in whose opinion?  So here are my thoughts on the Cage movies I own. Starting alphabetically and some in more depth than others:

8mm: Very good movie and performance by Cage. It is, however a dark and disturbing movie about an “obsessive search for the truth.” Cage handles it well and you walk away haunted. I highly recommend it.

Adaptation: Cage does a good job of becoming a weak, simpering, overweight fool twin. Why in God’s name he would want this is beyond me. This movie doesn’t deserve either Cage or Meryl Streep. It cons you into buying it because it was by the creator of Being John Malkovich, an excellent film. The best thing about Adaptation is the cover photo of Cage’s face on a broken flower pot.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin: Okay one of the top Chick-Flick, wish you were his co-star, movies of all times. And, he learned to play the Mandolin for it. It’s a great romantic story with a sexy lead. Men ask, why the heck is Nicholas Cage considered sexy? I don’t know guys, maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t hesitate to throw himself into everything he does. He’s not afraid to look foolish or dance or learn to play the Mandolin. I don’t want men fighting over me. I want a man who keeps living life to the fullest, without shame or fear of looking stupid, and Cage has got that down.  YUMMM!

City of Angels: One of my absolute favorite movies of all time. Talk about living life to the fullest.  There is a line in this movie about rather living a life with you than an eternity without you. Wouldn’t we all give anything to have that kind of love? In this movie, the Protagonist gives up immortality for the woman he loves. When you are watching this film you realize that maybe you haven’t been living life to the fullest, yourself.  Close your eyes and tell me what a pomegranite tastes like, but tell me with your sense of touch and sound and eyes, not your taste. Just watch it and you will understand.

Con Air: Why I had to buy this is unknown, because Starz plays it about every three months. It’s a movie that when nothing else is on, including Two and a Half Men, you can watch it over and over and over and over. And, I have. Cage looks fantastic in long curly hair and jeans. He hasn’t overdone the accent. You want him fighting for your friends and coming home to you. There are some great other actors in this: John Cusack, John Malkovich, and an awsome performance by Steve Buscemi.

The Family Man: This is a movie for when a group of friends are half watching. You won’t mind them talking during it. It’s good and funny. He goes from being a wealthy womanizing bachelor to a married man. He learns to love his kids and get more out of life than the almighty dollar. Just average stuff.

Guarding Tess: I have no idea why I like this, but I do. Shirley MacLane does an excellent job as a crudgy retired first lady; escaping her guards and giving Cage a hard time. He’s a reluctant body guard but when the chips are down, he’s there for her.

LORD OF WAR: Okay, notice the caps. This is my vote for Oscar winning performance and movie. I love this movie. I think this movie should be a must see for high school kids. It’s based on a real story of an actual illegal gun dealer, who was arrested a year after this was out. Cage is fantastic in it. The story is worth the watch. I don’t know why it didn’t get better reviews, but it deserved them.

 Matchstick Men: Billed as an “ingenious, wonderful movie.” Not to me. Cage’s take on an Obsessive Compulsive does not come close to Tony Shalub’s, in Monk.  But, then on the back it says he is “agoraphobe, a germaphone” so obviously the acting did not say anything clear to me. It’s an okay movie, when you are sick, have chicken soup and are too tired to read.

Red Rock West: Here’s a little known Cage movie that I fell in love with. He’s just so human in this movie.  It’s a great story about a guy who has one thing after another that literally brings him back to a town he would just as soon leave; and for his own safety he needs to leave. It will keep you guessing and entertain you too.

The Rock: Okay, if you get Starz, this is the other Cage movie that plays every three months. Sean Connery and Ed Harris are in it with him and they are a great team of actors. I love the opening scene where Cage, as a bored chemical weapons specialist, sits making a rube goldberg contraption to set fire to a toy Hula Dancer. I’ve watched The Rock a bazillion times (on Starz) and enjoy it every time.

The Weather Man: This one is so good that I barely remember what it is. That’s NOT a good sign, especially when Michael Caine is in it too. The billing, to get you to watch says it is part, American Beauty and part About Schmidt. Well, that says it all. It’s a waste of time movie. Must have been in the $5.00 bin. I think Cage mailed in his performance too.

Windtalkers: I thought about making this it’s own Blog. I do think that Cage deserved an Oscar for this movie. He plays damaged soldier, brave soldier, caring soldier, human soldier excellently. It’s all those things and more. Highly recommend!

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Wuw Who!! More Cloud Tags

Cloud tags, in our little Blogging circle, have become the new Muse. Can’t think what to write today? Computer ate your post? Thoroughly bummed out by having a fake Viagra Site swipe your Blog without crediting you?  Look at your cloud tags. They are a wealth of inspiration. And, downright funny sometimes.

I manage my mom’s rhyming poetry blog http://padairvanvleck.wordpress.com, so had to add Cloud Tags to her page. She hasn’t complained yet, about the cloud tages,  but it isn’t really something a Compulsive Obsessive would enjoy. I mean, all those different sizes of fonts and just random looking. But, they are so funny.

I mean, where else are you going to find “baby-Book-booze-cat-cherub” linked together in one line? It has been pointed out to me that my mind can go in very strange directions, but I look at this non-sentence and picture someone sitting, filling out a baby book and needing booze because they aren’t being as neat as they should be. Their cat sits on their book and the little cherub sleeps nearby.  Maybe it’s a picture to paint. Have to think about that.

I do know that my daughter’s baby books never got done, by me anyway.  I think Gram finished them when the girls were well grown. My problem was that I just knew I couldn’t be neat enough. I had a dozen little slips of paper detailing when they did what and funny things they said and photos and memorabilia. It’s just that the blank pages of the baby books terrified me. What if I made a mistake? Would the child be scarred for life? Would my mother hate me for sloppiness? At this point in my life, I wouldn’t care. Back then, I cared too much about what others think. I believe you lose some of that with age.

The child was actually scarred because she was the only one in her class without a baby book to show. No one was impressed with all the scraps of paper. My mother was probably happy because she loved filling in blanks in books. It was a happy ending.

Then there is the Coud tag line. Humor-Joy-liquor-love.  Now this is just my idea of a perfect evening. What more could you want? Oh, I know, Viggo. Yes, that would make the evening complete. Sorry, folks, it used to be Nicholas Cage but for some reason I could never remember his name and he keeps snakes. I don’t mind snakes. I’ve even held a few in my life, but I don’t want to live with them. Then he went and got married anyway. I may even have to rethink Viggo too though. I just found out he smokes. I may forgive him for it, however. How could you ever stay mad at someone with that voice and smile?

Moving right on: mother-Music-papa-Pascagula.  If that ain’t a Country Western Song waiting to be written, what is?  Mother played music while Papa ran to Pascagula. Or Mother slept with the Musician, while papa got lost in Pascagula. Oh, I know, you have to have a train. So, Mother played the musician while papa took the train to Pascagula.

Peace-petals-picnic-poem.  Images of hippies. 

This is kind of like reading old notes to yourself.  You find these notes a month later and go, “What the heck does that mean?” There is one in my computer right now that says, and I am not making this up: “Not if it is squid day.” Now, what the heck does that mean?  Please, if anyone knows, tell me. It is actually in notes from Master’s Daughters house when we were discussing things to blog about. And, that was the visit with the dippers of Jose Cuervo. Must have made sense at the time. It sure doesn’t anymore.

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