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I hate telephones. Good news is never delivered by telephone. It’s always bad news. Car wrecks in the middle of the night. Your kid did something at school that requires your attendance. And, when someone doesn’t have the guts to face you, they deliver their news by telephone.

Nineteen year old EMT has been coming home less and less. He is, sort-of, an adult at nineteen, even though he has not finished high school. He started late, due to home schooling, so he is set to graduate this May. Now, with less than three months of school to go, he announced, over the phone of course, that he is moving out.

Is he going to move in with a friend and party all weekend? No! Does he have his own pad where he can play loud music and drink all the energy drinks he wants? No! What he has is a family who lives near the Fire Department.

Okay, I know, I should be happy about this. It’s not drugs or alcohol, although I do think he is smoking again. Part of his reasoning is that he will be closer to the action, to respond to calls, and I am pretty sure the other part of his reason is a girl.

Yes, I know, the kid has a job now, and he is almost twenty. But, I would have been a lot happier if he would have waited until graduation. 

I would have been even happier if he would have delivered his news in person, and not over the telephone.

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It’s one of those days, when I will never finish anything.

I noticed I never posted Day 2 – Of our move from Wyoming, and it’s not happening today. Oh Well!

I watched about 10 minutes of news and turned off the tv. That’s actually a good thing.

I did two minutes on the treadmill. That’s NOT a good thing.

I read two more pages of Terry Pratchett’s The Color Of Magic. Okay, he’s funny and I really want to like it but couldn’t we just lose some of the made up words??

I posted mom’s daily poem for her on her blog. Padairvanvleck’s Weblog. I post her poems for her, send her copies of the comments and she is enjoying the comments a lot. She gets kind of lonely in her apartment so the blog helps a lot.

I did the dishes, all five of them. Pizza last night is so nice on the dirty dish front.

The dog finally got her butt up and went out and I have a stack of paperwork on the floor that is increasing in volume relative to the National Debt.

Did read a few blogs.Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom being one of my favorites, but who can think of 101 consecutive things. That’s a long term project.

And, that’s my morning. Hope yours is going well.

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