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I would love to have natural humor in my writing.

My humor is of the more dry kind.  Someone is having a conversation and I pop in with a blatently obvious observation that no one else will dare to say.

Okay, example:  I graduated from the School of the (Museum) of the Art Institute of Chicago.  You study all forms of art, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, etc.  We had attended a show of some performance art, where a young man is naked in a cage and trying to pleasure himself.  (It is the Art Institute); lots of naked, lots of angst.  The class was discussing the ‘purpose’ of the performance and what we learned from it.  I, one of the older students, opens my mouth and out pops, “That it’s harder to come in public than you think.”

To me, it was just one of those rules of nature that everyone should know, but the class spent the next five minutes ROFLOL.  (See, I’m not as old as you think.)

Often, when I say these things, I don’t even realize it’s going to be funny.  This makes it hard for me to write humor.  I’ve had a lot of ‘things’ going on in the last year; ill health of family members, ill health of pets, the financial situation, idiots, etc.  Not a lot seems funny to me and I have made a point of going back through my book and MAKING some funny.

I used to read my daughter’s blog, BRAINDEBRIS  at http://braindebris.wordpress.com/, for lessons in funny.  AND, AND, that girl has started blogging again.  That girl is funny in her sleep and it is just all so natural.  I also have a niece who has you in stitches all the time.  I have just discovered, from one of my other favorite blogs, EpBOT at http://www.epbot.com/, to the Bloggess’ blog:  http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/  This one goes to the top of my list, right alongside http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/  BECAUSE, everyone should have a 5 foot tall metal chicken.

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My kids tease me about being an old hippy. It is usually when they look around the house and wonder who is going to have to deal with my life. I do not dress in tie dye, or dance under the moon naked (Although that one sounds like much more fun than tie dyeing) but I do have my causes.

One of my causes is so simple that I do not understand the problem people have with it, and that is to try and always walk in another person’s shoes. Everyone deserves a chance; no matter what color, creed or sex, so if you will just try to imagine what it is like for someone else, you can be a bit more understanding. (She said, as she thought of her brother-in-law and saw the flaw in this argument.)

I have a perfectly intelligent friend, this is definitely NOT my brother-in-law, but a male friend, who is so totally unable to make a decision (come to think of it, that is the reason he gets along so well with husband). This guy is frozen by what music he likes (he must hear it for years to decide whether he likes it or not), and purchases are a major issue. He thinks about buying a couch, and after years of saying that he needs to buy a couch, his sister showed up at his door and took him out and he bought a couch.

His house actually looks like a single woman lives there because of this.

He is a nice guy. He has helped us out a lot and he does things for others. But, he just cannot understand that not everyone has the ability to help themselves. That, sometimes people just need a bit of a ‘leg up.’

I also know someone, male again, who has stated repeatedly that he cannot understand what another person is feeling. Needless to say, this hurts his relationships to no end. “But dear, think about how you would feel, if my nephew pushed you; physically pushed you.” Nope, nada, cannot understand.

So, next time you are walking down the street, instead of casting aspersions (a lot like fly fishing, I’m told), look at their situation and try to understand that we were not all given the same background or parents or circumstances to achieve what we/they hopefully can if you just give a bit of a ‘leg up.’

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