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When you have a child, who makes a 3.3 GPA, had his EMT license when a Junior in High School and is now taking college classes and high school classes, all while working in a nursing home two afternoons a week, just how dumb can they be?


Master’s Daughter gave EMT, for Christmas, a gift of Army Camo wear and MRE’s.  He was in heaven.  He and two friends had a “man’s night” here this month.  They stayed up all night and probably watched war movies, and they ate their MRE’s.


Fast forward a week.  It’s Saturday morning, and EMT is sitting in his room; glass of water at his side and a packet of electrolyte mix from the MRE.  He picks it up, reads it will taste like Gatoraide and dumps it in the glass and drinks it.  Within ten minutes he starts vomiting.


He was sick all yesterday, but slept last night and this morning admitted what he had done.  I asked if he had given any thought to the fact that an MRE, to balance electrolytes of a soldier carrying an eighty pound pack in the desert, just might possibly throw off the electrolytes of a kid sitting in his room in Brown County.


Nope, guess he didn’t think about that, at all.

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