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When you have been married for twenty years to someone who has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), I rather think it is NOT like a normal marriage.

After all, nothing is normal. My home is totally scent free. I spend hours poking bottles of shampoo and conditioner under his nose to see if he wheezes. One day, I will be arrested in Wal-Mart for killing my husband by scent.

Medicine is delivered in boxes and this man, who turns 57 this year looks like he is 90. When we go to a restaurant, they seat him with my mother. No one asks, but he is given a Senior discount. He sleeps with a Cpac and oxygen is just around the corner. He is bent, and sallow and coughs, sneezes and spits all day long.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing about spitting? Probably not! That “thing” would include not mentioning it as it grosses me out so completely that I try to avoid it at all costs. Somewhere, in my past life, I have apparently done something that Karmically gave me a husband who must spit to survive. Enough on THAT subject!!!! Gross!!

The one thing that I have noticed though, is that people change when they are ill. I think we all change a bit as life progresses; hence, the stupidity of marrying at seventeen, or perhaps ever. But, he has really changed and lately, not for the best.

We have all discussed it; we being the boys we raise and myself. It is a universal agreement that he is really acting strange.

First, there is his obsession with the yard these last two years, which I am convinced, will kill him. We own four acres, some woodland, but lots of grass. I mowed the first ten years of our marriage, no one mowed in Wyoming. Okay, he mowed our sand and sagebrush maybe twice a year. But, we are in Indiana again and he spent most of the summer mowing little patches of lawn each day. I guess, if it didn’t kill him, it’s good exercise.

His increasing weirdness also encompasses his moods. He has gone from easy going to a real pain in the behind. He gets on a ‘kick’ and drives everyone crazy, nagging, until it is done.

Gaffer came up with probably the best and saddest reason. He is facing his increasing disability and does not want to face it. It is better that he fights it than just gives in. In the meantime, the boys keep him busy with game night, every night. It has been a constant in their lives.

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Summer is almost here.  Tulips and daffodils are blooming and tomato starts, in the bay window, are two inches tall.

This means that I will soon be reminded that I have, yet again, overestimated my youth and energy.  I am still weight lifting and doing aerobics, and still stuck at 11 pounds lost, but I do hope I have the energy for the garden this year. 

I have a hard time throwing out the weaker plant starts.  I just cannot imagine me ever being able to chop up the Mandrake roots.   Since I do like to have extra plants, and thus extra produce, to take to the Seniors in mom’s apartment building, I planned on planting more this year anyway. 

No one is fond of mowing our 3.8 acre yard. A couple of areas of the yard are wooded, so we just leave those alone.  I think one winter day, when the ticks are hibernating (Do ticks hibernate?) I will put the teens to cleaning the woods.  That is, if they are ever home long enough. 

No longer a Teen, #1 is living in Santa Fe, temporarily and is 22 now.  Teen #2 will be 20 this June, and is always gone to the fire department or nursing schooling, or working.  Teen #3 is now best buddies with his girlfriend’s dad; whose house he goes to for extra tutoring and also to help around their property.  The latest project is a “man cave” in the barn; complete with comfy chairs and a television.

It is always a spur to tell them that they can use the wood they pick up for their fire pit, plus, them being volunteer firemen (and cadet) they realize the fire danger of an overgrown/deadwood woods.

Our drive is 400 feet long and I would love to build a Japanese style walking garden on the strip of land to the east of it. The area between house and pond, to the west, could be deck and terraced gardens; thus, eliminating most of the mowing. We would then be left with the area around my studio to mow. I would love to have that in square foot gardening plots.  Thus again, dreaming of a time when energy and aching bones was never a problem.

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