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I get very angry when I see the commercials telling people how we must “not let government come between us and our doctors.” 

I hope people realize that you already have two things standing between you and your doctors:  money and insurance companies.  The insurance companies are a profit organization, so do you really think that they are going to care that you need a $2,000 MRI?  Do you have the money to pay for a $2,000 MRI? 

What that means is, if you are older or have DNA at all similar to mine, that you are going to fall by the wayside.  I went with only a very tiny AARP insurance policy for several years and during that time, I developed heart problems.  My DNA is very faulty folks, but my problems are all controllable and treatable.  However, with my inadequate insurance, I almost died. 

You know, in this developed, advanced country.  With the “best medical care on earth.”  With insurance companies leading the way.  With government standing out of being between me and my doctor.  I had a doctor’s office tell me I was just suffering from stress for two years and, as soon as I paid the $1,000 off for my treadmill stress test, they just might order another test for me.  They even went so far as to call me up to come into their office one day and, me, fool that I am, driving there thinking “They’ve found out what is wrong with me.”  Only to be told that they did not want to see me for three months. 

Yes, they called me up to come in to tell me not to return for three months.  I was told that there was nothing wrong with me but stress and they did not want to see me in their office for three months; even though my blood pressure was 20 points different from one arm to the other, even though I was having heart palpitations and pain in my left arm, shoulder and jaw.  AND, they had the nerve to charge me $50 for the visit that I did not ask for.

Seven days later, I had emergency heart surgery.  I had a spasming artery and, you know what?  Their cardiologist had told me he thought I might have a spasming artery but added, “I only work here.”  In apology for the treatment I was not getting. 

St. Francis Hospital did not care that I did not have insurance.  They said they would work that out later, today was about saving my life, and they did.  Their doctor knew I did not have anywhere near adequate insurance but he ordered a Cardiac Catherization and when I woke up from it, I was admitted to the hospital and listening to the surgeon, who was out in the hall and on the phone rescheduling other patients to do my surgery.

Frankly, it is time that someone come between us and good medical care, and make sure we all receive same.

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