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Coming from a totally non-athletic family, the joy of skiing came to me later in life.  It took a while for me to get over my fear of speed and I never really did enjoy the sport for the sheer speed of it, especially after skiing “kegger week” out west. 


There’s nothing like a drunk college kid on skis to knock you down on a catwalk. 


What I love, and miss about skiing, is the snow and clear air, the woods and the shear joy of sliding around trees and maneuvering down the mountain. I especially like it early in the morning before the slopes are packed with people. I’m not in a hurry when I ski.  I want to enjoy every moment. 


I was just beginning to take moguls when I had probably the best laugh in my life. 


I fell!  I fell on a steep mogul run and I started sliding down, on my back, head first.  It was like being the ball in a pinball game.  There was no way I could get myself turned around, so I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. 

I was laughing so hard that people passing overhead, on the ski lift were yelling down, asking if I was okay, and I would just wave at them.  And, then they started laughing too.


I could just envision them, all laughing when they got off the ski lift at the top and the operator trying to figure out what was causing the mass hysteria.


Now, that is the way to enjoy skiing.


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